Security Cameras working through Glass

Can Security Cameras Work Through Glass?

We’re pretty tempted to install a security camera in the window facing outside for securing the front door or backyard. We also think that mounting a security camera indoor, looking through the window may be a good idea too. But does your security camera work through window glass or any kind of glass?

What problems should you expect when you place the cameras inside, looking through a window panel or glass? Is your infrared camera still going to see through a window or glass? Let’s take a closer look at the problem related to glass and the solutions to try.

What are the common issues when using a security camera behind a glass window?

If you’re going to use an infrared security camera behind/through a glass window at night, you should be aware that one problem is the window glare. This is going to cause images whiteout or your videos even getting washed out by the overexposure of lights at night, so getting details is going to be more difficult.

security camera behind a glass window issuesAnother common problem when placing the security camera behind glass/glass window is the one related to the motion detection&motion-triggered recording. The risk for the motion detection not to work through glass isn’t null.

IR reflectatTruth be told, infrared security cameras present high risk to wash out the picture, when placed behind window glass panels in low light or at night. Chances are you’re not going to be able to see things very clear.

Tips: you may prevent glare on your surveillance camera if it’s looking through the window. Here’s how:

  • Turn off/disable IR lights and the status lights at night. This actually reduces the IR security camera window reflection, helping you see through the glass window screen or glass.
  • Use a suction cup mount, sticking it to the window facing outside. This kind of suction cup also features a magnetic screw mount that lets you attach it to the outdoor cams.
  • Get the camera lens really close against the glass when you’re placing it behind the glass window.
  • Install a motion-activated or automated external lights for lightening up the backyard/front door. It’s going to give enough illumination for your security cameras to see various details.

Is motion detection/ recording still effective through glass/behind glass window?

The security camera/systems may come with one of the two main types of motion sensors.  One is measuring changes in pixels, triggering alerts. It relies on software algorithm. The other one sets off motion alarms as it identifies body heat and infrared energy. It’s known as PIR (passive Infrared motion sensor).

camera motion detection

In the case of security cameras with motion sensor that measures changes in pixels, the camera is going to identify movement and even record through the glass window/glass.

On the other hand, the PIR motion sensor security camera isn’t dependable and may not even work at all through window/glass. Most glasses installed are insulated so they diminish the heat coming through the glass. It’s great for the temperature inside the house, but it compromises the motion detection.

Tips: you may still help the camera record and identify movement through glass. Here are some solutions:

  • Place the camera outside. You can mount it on the window ledge or on the wall. Install it under an overhang or a soffit.
  • Go with motion sensor security cameras that identifies motion by measuring changes in pixels, placing them in the window. Use them only for daytime monitoring.

How to use security cameras through glass/glass window?

Using a night vision security camera through glass isn’t impossible, but you need to take some aspects under consideration. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Get different IR illuminators for infrared night vision security cameras. Place the IR illuminators outside.
  • Disable the IR light at night so that you diminish the IP security camera glare
  • Use wall/window mounts for your security cameras that are going to face out through the window glass
  • Go with window mount security camera
  • You should leave the window open a bit when installing your infrared wireless security camera in the window
  • The room where your camera is in should be darker than the outside at night.
  • Place your camera really close against the glass/window
  • Try to install the cameras elsewhere. Overhang, ledge, exterior wall, soffit are good choices to keep in mind,
  • The security cameras need to be installed out of reach. You want to keep the risk for snatching as minimal as you can.

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