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Smacircle S1 – The Best New Option to Move through the City

Informinc’s Review of the Smacirle S1

If you’re commuting or simply want to get in town faster and easier than ever before, Smacircle S1 may be the best thing for you.

What’s to say about Smacirle S1 in a nutshell?

Smacircle S1 is a lightweight and compact eBike that is easy to fold in just 5 steps for faster transportation. You may pack it into its small backpack, carrying it around.

The eBike comes with both iOS and Android apps and is the Silver winner at Edison Awards 2018. It’s one of the most outstanding thinking projects related to innovated transportation.

Made with high quality waterproof materials, it comes with sturdy rolling wheels and its trolley backpack fits not only the eBike, but also your belongings.

Let’s have a closer look

There are many things to highlight about Smacircle1 so let’s take it step by step:

  • The design

Unlike its competitors, Smacircle S1 stands out with its one-of-a-kind and modern design. It’s a clean and compact design which explains why the eBike takes so little space. In addition, it’s a unisex design, winning right from the start with its versatility.

  • The frame

Smacircle S1 has a premium carbon fiber frame which explains why it’s both lightweight and strong. The eBike is able to handle weight up to 220lbs/110kg. The power and the lightweight build turn Smacircle S1 into the ideal option for public transportation.

  • The foldability

smacircle s1 folding in 5 stepsAnother essential feature for Smacircle S1 is the possibility to fold it. It only takes 5 steps for folding it and put it away or carrying it in the backpack.

  • The size

Most eBikes out there sit on the heavy and bulky side, needing plenty of space for storage. Smacircle S1 is 19in long and fits a standard sized backpack. If that’s not an option for you, you can always carry it by holding onto the saddle.

What’s to say about the electrical part?

Smacircle S1 is no ordinary bike so scroll down for better understanding:

  • The motor

You may cruise through the town at 12mph at up to 10%slope. The eBike is powered by a 240W motor which helps you ride on the uneven sidewalks or ride in the raining days. The eBike is waterproof so you should worry only about getting a waterproof jacket. No, there’s no peddling required when using Smacircle S1.

  • The brakes

Unlike the regular brakes that stop the bike through friction, Smacircle S1 comes with embedded electronic brakes. This means you’re going to stop safer and faster every time. You only need to press on the brake button placed on the handlebars, stopping the motor.

  • The safety lights

You shouldn’t worry about not being visible on the streets at night. The eBike features front and side lights beside the saddle, making you easier to notice by pedestrians and cars.

man riding the smacircle s1 on the road

Tires and everything in between

There are many features that help the Smacircle S1 stand out from the crowd:

  • The tires

Smacircle S1 comes with custom solid damping tires. They’re made to take the intense use and you definitely don’t need to worry about punctures or inflating the tires. They’re smooth, making the rides breeze even on uneven roads.

  • The saddleu0026amp; the handlebars

The S1 comes with an ergonomically designed saddle which is both comfortable and soft, improving your long rides. As for the handlebars, they’re easy to adjust according to your specific needs.

  • Mobile phone holder

This is no typical bike and Smacircle S1 features a mobile phone holder so you easier follow your route. Therefore, you’re not going to get lost while riding the S1.

  • Built-in USB charger

When you’re riding the S1, you don’t just ride your eBike, but you can also charge your devices thanks to the built-in USB charger.

  • Built-in Samsung Li-Io battery

The Smacircle S1 uses a high quality Samsung battery which is going to help you ride for 12 miles until you need to recharge. You only need to plug into the wall, giving it 2.5-3 hours for a complete charge.

The Li battery is high capacity and has a compact design. It’s durable and is the perfect choice for the Smacircle S1. It takes temperatures ranging from -4 to 122F degrees. Its 600 times as charging cycle is really impressive.

The design of the eBike is smart and the battery is protected by the seat, which minimizes the risk for overheating even when sitting on the battery.

As long as you’re following the included instruction manual, you shouldn’t worry about your safety when using the battery.

The extras?

The list of features is really long and we have to complete it with the following:

  • The intuitive App

Smacircle S1 comes with a specific mobile app which is going to let you lock and unlock your eBike. Through the app, you’re also going to be able to adjust the speed, light and keep an eye on the battery life. The app tracks your average and max speeds during your rides. Attaching your phone to the handlebars is really easy to do too.

  • The security lock

Locking and unlocking the eBike is fool proof. The S1 eBike is going to connect automatically to your mobile phone as you’re getting within the range. Once the security lock is activated, the accelerator is going to get deactivated. Thanks to the security lock, you’re the only one who can unlock/ride the S1.

  • No need for a license

As the Smacircles S1 doesn’t get faster than 20mph, you’re not going to need a driver’s license for riding it.

The conclusion

Easy to ride, legal for anyone and packed with so many features, the Smacircle S1 is the best choice for commuting in a hi-tech society. As long as you’re open to new gadgets, there’s no reason for which you shouldn’t try it. Except for the price- which may be a deal breaker for many.


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