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Small/Mini Drill Press

Small Drill Press

When you’re planning to work on small objects (circuitry or jewelry), the mini drill press is the perfect option. Compact and highly portable, a mini drill press comes with a surface/table which is the same as the supportive base area.

Even if you’re not going to be able to use a mini drill press for bigger jobs, the small drill press sure finds its efficiency on many other types of jobs.

Why use a small drill press in the first place?

The small drill press stands out with a compact design so you may install it practically wherever you need it. Lugging it around is a breeze so moving from one place to another or even travelling with it isn’t mission impossible at all.

This type of drill press comes with a big downside as it cannot handle the large objects. Its compact size is also its main limitation so you’re not going to be able to drill into large objects with a mini drill press.

First thing to consider when buying a mini drill press: do you really need it?

What to look for when buying a mini drill press?

Not all mini drill presses were created equal so you need to take some factors under consideration:

  • Size

A mini drill press has to be small so that you may easily use it in cluttered workroom or a really tight office, without undermining other jobs.

  • Portability

One of the main assets of mini drill presses is their portability. You know you get one if it’s easy to move around and take with you when travelling. When you’re buying online, the handling and shipping fees are also going to be lower than the fees on a larger drill press.

  • Tight swing

Keep in mind that a mini drill press is only going to be effective when working on smaller objects. It has a reduced working space so you’re not going to be able to complete your work on a larger item. Get a bigger drill press for those type of jobs.

  • Stability

Even if it’s small, a drill press has to be stable and not to tip over easily. It has to hold its position during bumping. in addition, you shouldn’t have any concerns about leaving too much clearance space around the mini drill press as it’s supposed to take tumbling too.

Some last tips for the road

There are many other things to consider when buying a small drill press. The speed adjustability, the power of the motor are also factors that count when selecting a small drill press.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when choosing a drill press, no matter its size:

  • The base has to be entirely flat for more precision
  • The framework has to be solid
  • Look for an iron made head as it takes better the drill
  • A stopper is always good to have so that you prevent drilling too deep
  • Always make sure that the chuck is tight

Having said that, the only thing left for you to do is to go out there and seek for the mini drill that fits your needs and your wallet.

TOP 12 Mini Drill Press

1). Designed to work as a drill press for cutting perpendicular holes, the Milescraft 1097 Tool Stand Drill Press for Rotary Tools is an affordable and dependable option to keep in mind when in need of a mini drill press.

The drill press comes with a sturdy metal head which is going to fit most Dremel style rotary tools. It comes with a spring loaded metal rack and also pinion gearing, which ensures smooth control when drilling.

The scale features depth stops, providing you accurate depth control and repeatability. The steel support column is going to fit the 6”x6” formed steel base plate. The drill press locks tool in horizontal position, allowing you a hands free polishing or sanding.

The aluminum base is pretty sturdy and the metal tube lets you drill objects up to 5inches high.

The drill press is easy to put together/take apart, according to your needs. It’s lightweight and really easy to fasten.

Here’s our list of pros:

  • It works with most Dremel style rotary tools
  • It ensures smooth control when drilling
  • It has an aluminum base and it’s easy to adjust
  • It’s easy to put it together/take it apart

The cons aren’t major:

  • The stability may be improved (as the base is rather light)
  • Some find the instruction difficult to follow

All in all, the mini drill press is a great addition to anyone performing small jobs and it’s quite a bang for your buck too.

2). Despite of what one may think, the Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press Work Station with Wrench is a good option to consider, especially if you’re going shopping on a tight budget.

The articulating drill press sure brings plenty of good things to the table. It’s able to perform perpendicular drills and angled holes in 15-degree increments, up to 90 degrees’ horizontal.

The drill press comes with tool holder which holds at 90-degree horizontal when you’re sanding, grinding some metal pieces or polishing metal objects.

It also comes with Flex Shaft Tool stand which is going to let you make some telescopic adjustment to any height (from 16 to 29 inches). It features Crow’s Nest which offers on-board storage for wrenches, drill bits and various Dremel accessories.

The drill press also comes with cord management clips for precise drilling, depth markings with depth stop. The metal base is sturdy and solid and features 4 clamping points so that you secure the station.

The plunge handle runs smooth and the drill press allows smooth and controlled movements. The adjustments are fairly easy to make and the risk for tipping or sliding is minor.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It’s a drill press, flex shaft holder and tool holder altogether
  • It has a sturdy and decent base
  • It comes with many good features
  • The adjustments are easy to make and it doesn’t tip/slide

We’re not really concern about the minor issues:

  • The precision could be better
  • It doesn’t have a durability feel to the build

Regardless of the minor problems, for the buck you’re paying, the mini drill press is a valid choice to consider when you’re not willing to pay more than $50 on a mini drill press.

3). Well-made and great for the small jobs, the Gino Development 01-0822 0-8500 rpm TruePower Precision Mini Drill Press is a valid mini drill press to remember when shopping.

The drill press comes with permanent magnet motor and you get to choose the speed thanks to the speed control feature on the drill press. However, the drill press runs smooth and quiet all the time.

The machine gives you 3 speed ranges so there’s plenty of possibilities when working (0-5000, 0-6500 or 0-8500RPM). It takes drills from 0.79 to 6mm diameter. It has a 6mm chuck capacity and comes with chuck key

The drill press is small and easy to install. It has a good stability despite its size and it’s reliable for many small jobs. It’s highly portable and finding its place is easy due to the small foot print.

The case iron base is smooth and flat and the risk for wobble is minor. it’s a compact mini drill press that may help you work on the fine adjustments of your small projects.

Here’s how the list of pros looks like:

  • It comes with permanent magnet motor
  • You may adjust the speed you’re working with
  • It runs smooth and quiet
  • It’s great for small projects

The flaws aren’t deal breakers:

  • The instruction manual is almost useless
  • The power is rather low

Stay focused on the goods which are so many and you’re going to obtain the image of a reliable, quiet and versatile small drill press that is going to help you complete the small jobs nice and easy every time.

4). One of the most popular choices out there, the WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press is always money well spent.

Reliable for all sorts of small projects, the drill press comes with adjustable speed so you get to work better on your job. You may choose from 740, 1100, 1530, 2100 and 3140 RPM. Even if it’s small, the drill press has enough power to drill through wood, plastics, metal and various materials. The max drill capacity is ½” in 1” thick cast iron.

The spindle is able to travel up to 2 inches and the drill press comes with locking linear depth stops which are easy to read. Thanks to them, you’re going to be able to complete repeatable and precise drilling jobs a lot better.

The drill press comes with 1/3HP induction motor which is able to give good power and ample torque. It’s a long lasting motor as it features ball bearings. It presents smooth and balanced performance, running quiet even at high speed.

The worktable is high adjustable and you may even bevel it up to 45 degrees left and right. The rigid frame is made of cast iron. The base has predrilled holes so that you may mount it onto a bench or workstand. This eases up the clamp mounting and vises for your jobs.

Simple, strong and fairly lightweight, the mini drill press is easy to put together and never lets you down on a small job.

Let’s take another look at the good things:

  • It comes with long lasting motor
  • There are 5 speeds to choose from
  • It has a cast iron frame and sturdy base
  • It’s small, portable and easy to put together

Don’t make a big deal out of the inherent flaws:

  • The handle knobs are a bit small
  • There is a bit of flex

Regardless of the minor problems, the mini drill press is portable, dependable and has a durability feel to it. Why not give it a try?

5). Robust and compact, the SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press Bench is definitely going to find its place in one’s workshop as it’s perfectly able to help you complete various small jobs.

The small drill press is going to help you drill accurate holes and it’s a great tool for any mechanic, woodworker, jeweler, DIYer or hobbyist. The mini drill press has a max drill capacity of 6mm and the maxim drill height is 7 -1/2”.

The adjustability of the drill press is fine and you may choose from 3 speeds. The motor has a good torque to it and doesn’t run loud either. You may work with 5000, 6500 or 8500 RPM. The speed control works just fine.

Easy to put together and to use, the mini drill is compact and portable. The accuracy of the spindle, quill and chuck is also important to mention. The depth gauge may be locked to set and the mini drill works pretty well.

The base is made with heavy cast iron and is well coated in oil. It has good stability, considering its small foot print. The risk for wobble is minor.

Let’s have a quick look at the qualities:

  • It’s robust, compact and dependable
  • The motor gives good power and runs quietly
  • The speed is adjustable
  • The base is solid and doesn’t wobble

The cons shouldn’t make you change your mind:

  • The stability may be improved
  • The craftsmanship could be better

As long as you’re focusing on the positives, as they’re so many, you shouldn’t sit on the fence when running into this model and get it for the small projects in your workshop.

6). Small and having just the right weight, the Small Benchtop Drill Press | DRL-300.00 is a great addition to any small workshop or any kind of workshop that needs to perform smaller projects as well.

The small foot print of the drill press makes it easy to store and to find its place when working. It’s a great choice for the drilling projects and can handle various projects, not only the small ones.

The speed is adjustable and you get to use a maximum of 8,500RPM. Even though some think that the drill press is better for the slower drilling, we think it doesn’t perform bad at all, most of the time.

The mini drill press has a good build and just the right for better stability. The base is flat and made of cast iron, taking the use for quite some time.

Small and great for various projects, the mini drill press is a solid option for many.

The list of good thinks looks as follows:

  • It comes with a sturdy metal build
  • The base is solid and made of cast iron
  • The speed is adjustable
  • It has a good weight to it

The flaws don’t undermine its overall value:

  • Some find it difficult to control the speed, but this has to do a lot with your skills in the workshop
  • The motor doesn’t give a lot of torque

Compact, small, reliable and sturdy, the mini drill press is one good option to have in mind, even though it may shine especially in slower drilling jobs.

7). The SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press may be exactly what your workshop was missing so far.

The mini drill press comes with a powerful 3.2-amp motor and a Laser 2×2 beam system which is going to improve the accuracy of holes’ alignment.

The speed is variable and you may set it up to 3,050 RPM, selecting one of the 5 speeds that the drill press works at. You may also have 0-45 degrees left and right tilting work surface, so that it’s easier for you to work on various projects.

The design of the drill press is smart and it also includes an adjustable depth stop for precise measurements and repetitive drilling. It comes with 1/2inch keyed chuck and a bump-off switch for safer use.

The cast iron base has a good build to it and seem to be able to take the intense use for quite some time. It has a good stability and you shouldn’t stress about sliding.

The drill press is well made and has a durability feel to it. Putting it together isn’t difficult and accommodating it in your workshop.

Some good things are worth to be highlighted:

  • The drill press comes with strong motor
  • It gives 5 speeds to choose from
  • It has a good build and a durable feel to it
  • It comes with 2×2 laser beam system for better precision

The downsides are completing the picture:

  • It has a rather rough finish
  • The depth-stop feature isn’t reliable

Fair and square, the drill press is going to help you a lot in your workshop and you should trust its performance and build. At the end of the day, is a wise investment of your money.

8). The WEN 4210 Drill Press with Laser, 10-Inch brings plenty of good things to the table and it’s never a good idea to skip it when shopping.

The mini drill press comes with a long lasting 3.2-amp motor which ensures plenty of torque and power. The motor features ball bearings which expand its life span. Despite its strength, it runs pretty quietly. In addition, you may adjust the speed according to the specific job. You may use 5 speeds, ranging from 600 to 3100RPM.

The spindle travel of 2-1/2” is easy to read and the drill press also features locking linear depth stop for repeatable and precise drilling. The worktable bevels 45 degree right and left, ensuring better angles and results.

The base comes with predrilled holes so you may easily mount it onto a bench or your work stand. It also features LED work light so that it’s easier to see exactly what you’re doing.

The drill press comes with X-pattern Class II 1mW laser locks so you may have better accuracy on the jobs.

Easy to put together, the drill press presents Zero wobble and is both reliable and accurate.

Listing the best parts about it:

  • It features a strong and durable motor that runs quiet
  • You may select 1 from the 5 speeds
  • It doesn’t wobble and it’s reliable
  • It’s loaded with good features

The negatives aren’t going to make us change our mind:

  • Some find the directions a bit difficult to follow
  • The handle grips are a tad small and not very comfortable

Even if the mini drill press isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s still a solid, accurate, dependable and well-made drill press that is worth every single penny.

9). If you’re an entry level or you’re looking for a small drill press for your small auto shop, the Genesis GDP1005A 10″ 5-Speed 4.1 Amp Drill Press with 5/8″ Chuck may be the missing piece from your puzzle, sort to speak.

The drill press comes with a 4.1amp induction motor which is able to give plenty of torque and power. Its maximum speed is 3070RPM, but you may choose one of the 5 speed settings, according to a specific job. 620, 1150, 1630, 2180 or 3070 are the speeds that you may choose on your projects.

The tool also comes with easy to access pulley housing, which eases the speed adjustments.

The drill press comes with 5/8” chuck for larger bits. The table has a good build and it even rotates 360 degrees. You may even get more precision on the job as it also tilts 0-45 degrees.

Another feature that improves the overall value of this drill press is the table height adjustment. Not only that you may set it at different heights, but the rack-and-pinion system is actually really easy to use.

The list of features continues with the spindle which is easy to lock down in position. The depth stop feature is always good to have, giving you better precision on the jobs.

When you’re working on small details, there’s no such thing as too much light. Therefore, we’re pretty sure that you’re going to find the built-in light more than useful on completing your projects.

Easy to put together, the drill press has a small foot print so finding its place isn’t going to be challenging. It also comes with 2 holes so you may bolt it to the table.

All in all, the drill press has a good build and it’s reliable.

Let’s highlight the main good things:

  • It comes with strong motor and adjustable speed
  • It has a solid build and seems to be durable
  • It has built-in light
  • It rotates and tilts 0-45 degrees

We’re not worry at all because of the minor problems:

  • It’s not very quiet
  • There is a bit of wobble on the high speed

Regardless of the inherent issues, the drill press is going to be a solid addition to anyone looking to complete various small jobs around the workshop.

10). There are many good things attached to the Shop Fox W1667 1/2 HP 8-1/2-Inch Bench-Top Oscillating Drill Press and you should take the leap of faith with it.

The drill press comes with drill chuck and spindle travel. It’s a better option for the dedicated customer and it may be too much for some weekend project around your home.

The tool is a solid option for the average DIYer, especially if you’re not really aiming for the highest precision or don’t need the strongest motor out there.

The drill press comes with a good motor that is going to work just fine on soft metals or wood. The tool even comes with depth stop so that you don’t make any mistakes during your project (not when it comes to depth, anyway).

The 7”x7” working table provides good stability and the base is flat and good for completing your small projects. In addition, the table tilts so you’re going to be able to use it for sanding some surfaces as well.

It’s important to mention that you may use the drill press as a drum sander as well.

Easy to set it up, the drill press has a solid build and it’s going to be a wise investment to your workshop.

Here are the things we really like:

  • You may use it as a drum sander
  • The work table tilts for sanding jobs
  • The motor is durable and gives plenty of torque
  • It’s good for wood and soft metals

We’re not making a tragedy out of the minor issues:

  • There is some vibration involved
  • The paint may flake off after a while, but this has nothing to do with the performance

Reliable for plenty of jobs around the house, the drill press is going to help you complete plenty of jobs and it’s not going to empty your pockets either.

11). If we had to describe the WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press with just one word, reliability would be it. The drill press is truly a winner and you should definitely take the leap of faith of it.

As you don’t want to take a stab in the dark, it’s better that you check the detailed look as well. First thing to mention is the strong motor (2/3HP induction motor) which is able to give ample torque and great power. You can also use the speed you need for a job, as it ranged from 580 to 3200RPMS. The mechanical adjustable speed is going to give similar torque throughout the whole range. Does it seem too much? Well, this is the time to mention that the drill press features a LED read out display speed so you always know how fast/slow you’re going.

The list of features continues with the spindle travel of 3-1/8” with locking liner depth stop for better precision and repeatable drilling.

As for the X-pattern lase, some find it useful on various jobs.

The cast iron worktable comes with racku0026amp;pinion height adjustments and you may even bevel it up to 45 degrees, both left and right. The base features predrilled holes so you may easily mount it according to your needs. The slotted table lets you use mounting clamps and vises for better mounting.

The drill press comes with table roller extension (up to 17”), laser, 5/8” keyed chuck and keys/tools for assembly.  The power cord is long, flexible and beefy.

Loaded with good things, the drill press is a sure buy any given day.

Here are our pros:

  • It comes with a durable and strong 5amp induction motor
  • The speed is adjustable
  • It features onboard work light and LDED speed readout
  • It includes table roller extension

The cons are definitely unable to undermine its value in any way:

  • Most find the laser useless
  • The paint is rather cheap

Checking so many boxes in terms of build, performance, features and reliability, the drill press is definite “yes” and you should take the plunge with it asap.

12). The more you’re willing to pay for your drill press, the more you should expect when it comes to performance or durability of the tool. It’s the case of the General International 75-010 M1 Power Products Bench-Top Drill Press which is quite far from being a cheap tool, but it doesn’t disappoint in terms of performance or life span.

The drill press comes with a strong motor which gives a 3000Max RPM, helping you accomplish a great variety of projects. The tool comes with a speed dial for adjusting the speed. You may tweak and refine the motor’s performance, even if you’re working with different materials. When you’re in workshop, chances are you’re going to have to deal with various surfaces which differ in terms of density. You need as much control as possible for obtaining best results, every single time.

The drill press presents impressive flexibility as it features a spring loaded hand lever for controlling the speed. This type of setup results into a tactical sense of control as you go.

The high-quality bearings and the built-in pointer are adding up on the list of features. The forced opening line interrupter switch is going to force the machine to restart in case of circuit interruption or power failure.

The build doesn’t disappoint and the drill press comes with a solid build. The case iron head, base and table are going to take the use for a long time.

Let’s go over the qualities once again:

  • It comes with a strong and long lasting motor
  • It features adjustable spindle tension return spring
  • The speed is adjustable
  • It has a strong build and a durability feel to it

The minor issues are few:

  • It’s a tad loud
  • Some parts are a bit stiff

The good outweighs the bad and the drill press is going to be a good addition for the long run.

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