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Online certification software help to develop the workforce you need with the use of artificial intelligence. It provides custom eLearning solutions, corporate training and workforce development through online courses on leadership, analytics, data science and professional skills. These are softwares that help in developing and implementing online courses, which when completed, will result in the candidates earning a certification through their company and can be authenticated online.  They help to build badges and certificate programs by uploading contents using hyperlinks of YouTube videos, files and blogs.

Certification software creates a platform that specializes in administering certification exams. The number of certification exams, administered, has increased significantly over the past few years due to several reasons where the employers want to limit the risks on newly hired employees and demand certifications as part of their initial recruitment process. The companies have trimmed internal sales staff and are focusing on leaning more on channel partners.

The first step is to create and build easy to use web-based forms that include simple MCQ’s and MCA’s as well as complex case studies with the use of images and videos and simulators that test hands-on software skills. It is self-sufficient to create a section-based grading system like time limits and cut-offs. These applications are rigged with deep analytics which consider a number of metrics to evaluate and determine the progress of an individual over a given period of time. This results in powerful custom recommendations which can help the learner in taking better decisions and making amendments for effective understanding. Machine learning, recommender systems, multimedia technologies, UI design and application development, these softwares combine the best of all worlds to bring to you, what you can call a knowledge retreat.

Secondly, this platform offers various payment modes for hassle less, convenient payment of certification fees through various online channels. Also, all the heavy lifting with regards to the certificate delivery and authentication is carried out online, right inside the candidate’s browser window, as they receive the certificate in the form of a unique online link, which can be verified using the same. White label the certificates with your brand’s logo, to allow the candidate to connect to your company, throughout the process. You can also run different discount offers/campaigns, to boost up sales, and increase the number of certifications. This exclusive line-up of features supplements your organization’s seller capabilities while sky-rocketing your conversions.

Then comes the role of monitoring. One can use remote proctoring software that comes handy with certification softwares to live monitor the screen of the candidates. They authenticate user and student identity then supervise the tests in real time. They generate audio-visual alerts automatically based on the behavior of a student and also records the entire session, providing complete transparency. The commitment of learners is essential to create reliable online educational environments. This adds a new solution, with the aim of enhancing online learning experiences in companies and universities, through effective control of evaluations, identity verification, report analysis and fraud detection, using authentication facial and digital signature and guarantees the integrity of online learning institutions and companies, with regard to the processes of training and certification of their collaborators, and even to the employee selection processes.

Lastly, it offers certificate distribution, management and verification. The system helps you customize your designs and layouts for the certificates with custom data and QR codes. This also includes the advance technique of authentication and verification of these certificates both online and offline through QR codes and verification links.  For each candidate registered with the platform, a unique id or key is generated automatically, once the candidate has fulfilled the eligibility criteria to attain the certificate. That particular id will be exclusive to the user, and will be imprinted on the certificate as well. When the certificate needs to be verified, or cross-checked, a request sent to the URL, containing the unique id, will return the name and publicly available information of the user, along with the officially issued certificate.

By combining the power of artificial intelligence and data science, these feature rich applications can be productive teachers, mentors, guides and virtual study partners. Certification software offers personalized growth and progress report for a self-paced learning path so that the employees can access and develop their skills on such platforms in such a time that does not harm their jobs at the workplace. It saves both the employer and the employees from logistical difficulties.

The system automates the process of taking a certification exam through self-registration and auto-scheduling. They generate, dynamically, the certificates in forms of PDF upon completion and then mapped to one or multiple exams in a complete automated process without consuming any resources by the host company. It further allows the training department to run real-time reports for updated status on successful certifications.

The software has some unmatched benefits as it

  • Builds self-serving programs to recruit employees and verify their understanding for the company at low costs and increased efficiency and flexibility.
  • Generates revenue for authors and publishers by making audio-visual and written content attractive and provide certifications for sale in public domain.
  • Increases the efficiency of those who are employed and helps in getting jobs for those who are unemployed through educative skills and leadership training programs.
  • Provides the channel partners to have a basic and comprehensive understanding the working of different services and products.
  • Easily converts pre-existing offline training programs into online certification courses at a low maintenance cost and 24/7 technical help.
  • Accesses to a feedback system that takes care of the functioning and reliability of the software.
  • Uses mobile-friendly designs so that one can use any device to author or take tests online.
  • Provides customizations by using companies’ logos to give it a familiar look and personalized touch

The certification software provides immense inbound growth to companies on social and commercial channels. With the extensive use of such softwares, companies can now make their employees proficient at work without constraints. The system is proving to be one of the greatest marketing and business strategies.

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