How to Choose Software Testing QA Service Provider to Outsource

Are you looking to outsource software testing? Incredible!

Looking for a professional Quality Assurance and Software Testing service provider to outsource your testing work can be challenging given the huge number of options there is out there. In this guide, we will help you with tips to evaluate and choose the best one.

Although software testing is crucial in almost every software development project, people tend to ignore it during the SDLC process.

Companies need to understand the benefits that come with outsourcing QA tasks.

Should You Outsourced Software Testing and Why?

Should You Outsourced Software Testing and Why?

It is important to understand that outsourcing of testing work helps companies to focus on other product areas and functions that can drive innovation and take the company to the next level.

Besides, service providers collaborate with experienced individuals who work professionally to provide excellent results. Outsourcing testing work to a provider that offers exceptional quality assurance and testing services is a sure bet to get a perfect product.

Also, more time and money is saved when the process is relied on at independent testing companies.

Overall, outsourcing your testing work can be beneficial to your company in many ways including:

  • Minimal in-house struggles
  • Exceptional results
  • Your testing work is under the hands of qualified personnel
  • Your software is thoroughly tested
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Saves time and money

Important Things to Know Before Outsourcing Your Software Testing Work

Things to Know before Outsourcing Software Testing work

As we have mentioned above, outsourcing the software testing activities to a qualified, independent testing provider can be beneficial to your business in many ways. However, you must have a good plan before doing so. Also, you need to know the kind of testing you need for your software.

As you can see, the process of choosing the best software testing and QA service provider can be hectic.

It gets better because, in this guide, we are going to talk about how to find the best of the best.

So without much ado, let’s get rolling.

1. Consider Industry Experience and Technical Know-how of the Company

New technologies and testing tools are coming up every day. In your bid to increase the ROI of your software development project, you need to outsource your testing work to a testing provider that is experienced, technically capable, and can work with the latest tools.

Well, it may not be easy to know the industry experience of the testing provider you are planning to choose but you can check the past projects the company has accomplished. This way, you will be able to tell whether it’s the right company for your testing activities or not.

Remember that having your testing work handled by a team of QA professionals who are knowledgeable with your business can add more value and get better results.

2. Check Whether the Testing Provider Follows a Testing Framework

 Every undertaking has its framework and best practices. For this reason, you must find out whether the software testing provider will follow a testing framework and best practice while working on your project.

Ideally, you want to choose a testing provider who has handled multiple projects like yours before and is experienced with a proven track record to complete projects and provide better results.

The company should have clear testing methodologies, automation tools and follow best practices when executing projects.

3. Don’t go Low

Yes, you want to save money and maximize profits, but choosing firms, vendors or outsourcing service providers with lower rates can be the worst thing to do for your project.

It has been observed that testing service providers offering lower rates for their services are those that work with inexperienced personnel and sometimes new hires.

That means that your tasks are handled by a team of people who lack prior experience in software testing and quality assurance and this can be detrimental to your software development project.

Well, it is tempting to pick a QA testing company that offers lower rates but the outcome wouldn’t be promising.

4. Understand the Engagement Models of the Testing Provider

Three things are crucial when planning to outsource QA and software testing:

First, you need to learn the business strategy, then the business model, and finally decide the geographical location before you decide the type of outsourcing you plan to execute.

Ideally, you have two options to choose from: total outsourcing or incremental outsourcing.

With incremental outsourcing, you break down the testing project into small manageable tasks and then outsource each task to your preferred service providers.

The best thing about incremental outsourcing is that you can decide to pick multiple testing companies.

With total outsourcing, you assign all the work to one service provider.

The best thing about total outsourcing is that it saves you money since the supplier takes the risk.

The only challenging thing about total outsourcing is that you must be careful before you pick a single testing company for all your work.

5. Understand What Needs to Be Outsourced

This perhaps should be the first thing to do before anything else. Know what to outsource first.

Write down the scope of your testing activities and the type of testing required, etc.

Usually, there are different types of testing work you can outsource namely:

  • Desktop, mobile, web application testing
  • API testing
  • Security checks, etc

You must also understand the platforms and target devices your software testing should be done on.

6. Communication

For the successful completion of projects, there must be open communication between the client and the provider. If a provider does not communicate the progress of the testing work as agreed, then your project will suffer a setback. You must choose a testing company that uses clear and open communication channels.

Final Words

Did these tips help you to know how to choose the best QA and software, the testing provider?

The main purpose of outsourcing software testing services is to save time and money while improving the quality of work.

While there are multiple testing providers out there, you must follow these tips to get the best one for your testing project.

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