Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater, 6 KW

Review of Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater

We have to admit it: even if our wallet is generous, we sure like to keep it full. It’s especially by the end of the month when we pay the utility bills. Some of you may have stepped up their game and already know some tips for cutting down the energy bills. Others may need some teaching, and tankless water heaters are one solution to learn about.

Could the tankless water heaters be the perfect choice for your application?

The traditional water heating systems with tanks would use tanks for collecting water and a lot of energy to keep it hot. It’s the first and most significant aspect to highlight the tankless water heaters since they don’t use any tank. They don’t need the energy to keep the water hot since they don’t need a tank for collecting. They’re on point water heating systems. It means that they only require energy when you’re actually using the hot water.

It doesn’t take to be rocket science to realize that no tank, less energy, and a lot less water (up to thousands of gallons of water in a year!) cut down your utility bill. In addition, you don’t need to worry about taking care of a tank or protect it against corrosion. A tankless water heater needs only flushing once a year and maybe a water softener in case the hardness of the water in your area is quite high.

One thing that people also like a lot about the tankless water heaters is that they need less space (no tank, remember?). Unless we’re talking about the commercial-grade units, tankless water heaters are small, compact, and easy to fit in most of the time.

Is it clear for you know why tankless water heaters are slowly replacing the traditional water heaters with tanks?

How to describe Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use in a couple of words?

There are many things to appreciate on tankless water heaters, with a wide range of power being one significant to mention. You can have on-point units and stronger models that sustain a medium to a large household.

Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use is one great point-of-use unit that gives endless hot water on-demand for a single sink. You can use it for handwashing applications, and it’s a perfect option for wet bars, bathrooms, remote-use applications, and recreational vehicles.

Ecosmart POU 6 Point view side

Durable, compact, and fitting in a narrow space just fine, Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use is always a sure buy for many single points of use projects.

Which technical details caught our attention?

Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use is a part of the EcoSmart point-of-use series, and it gives on-demand and endless hot water. It’s dependable for a single sink for handwashing, standing out as a reliable model for many applications. It’s non-thermostatic and comes with a digital display informing you of the output temperature. The digital display is easy to read and quite helpful.

Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use is a reliable model to install under the sink, providing a maximum flow rate of 1GPM. It comes with a 0.5GPM sink aerator for better performance.

It’s a flow-controlled tankless water heater, which means that the temperature will adjust to the flow rate. For instance, at 72F degree inlet temperature, Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use may heat 1GPM to 105F degrees. It may very well heat one hand sink with 0.5GPM with 105F degrees, even if the inlet temperature is as low as 42F degrees. Bear in mind that you cannot control the temperature per se. However, you’ll be able to adjust it automatically by the flow rate. The more heat you need, the less flow rate for the water you should have.

Thanks to its compact and narrow profile, the unit is elementary to install under the sink. All of the models within the Point of Use collection are perfect for doctor’s office, wet bars, RVs, bathroom sinks, and strip malls.

Before buying and installing the unit, you should check to see if the water heater matches the demand and electrical requirements. Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use needs a minimum 100map electrical panel, with a 40-amp single pole breaker connected to 10 AWG wire. As for plumbing connections, Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use needs ½” NPT. Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use is going to give 6kW of power at 220V.

Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use saves you energy, water, and all other materials needed for the installation of traditional water heaters with tanks. You don’t need to wait for hot water to come. Plus, the unit also runs with low water pressure, which is why it’s reliable in RVs, gas stations, or anywhere where the flow rate of water is rather low.

The unit is compact, but it has a rugged build, and it’s made with high-quality materials. The heat exchanger is made with stainless steel, whereas the heating elements are made with brass and copper. Unlike other water heaters that require custom-made cartridges or even whole exchanger replacements, Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use is easy to replace in the field.

Compact, lightweight (it weighs less than 4lb!), and dependable, Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use impresses with the performance and tiny package. The price may seal the deal for many too. It’s ETL listed and even comes with a limited 1-year warranty.

Are many positive aspects that we like?

When you’re looking for a small and compact on-point tankless water heater, Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use is a solid choice for sure. Here’s what to expect in terms of positive aspects:

  • It’s compact, small, and lightweight
  • It’s lightweight and easy to install
  • It comes with digital display for temperature
  • It only needs low flow for running
  • You may adjust the temperature by controlling the flow rate
  • It’s dependable for under the sink use
  • It’s great for RVs, doctor’s office, gas stations, and so on
  • It comes with stainless steel heat exchanger
  • The heating elements are made with brass and copper
  • It includes sink aerator
  • It comes with a warranty
  • It’s reliable for cold weather
  • The incoming water can be as low as 42F degrees
  • The price is great

Are the downsides deal breakers?

We’re not concerned about the minor problems, especially since we know why we’re buying it in the first place:

  • It cannot sustain a shower
  • The instruction isn’t easy to follow
  • You should get professional help for installation if you don’t want to void the warranty

Could it be your next addition to your RV?

Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use is quite the jack of all trades if you’re looking for a tankless water heater to install under the sink. It’s dependable, only needs low pressure for the water for running, and has a digital display for the temperature. You can even control the temperature (sort to speak) by adjusting the water flow. However, Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use is an excellent bang for your back anytime!

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