EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 tankless heater review

Review of EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 Electric Tankless Heater

No matter if your house is small or big, the chances are that you don’t like the looks of your energy bill nine times out of ten. Whether that is the TV that is on 24/7 or the hot water that you use all the time, one thing is sure: you pay too much for the energy bill.

What if it was some water heater that can reduce your energy bill?

Why do people appreciate tankless water heaters?

The first thing that you’ll notice about a tankless water heater is that is doesn’t have a tank. It gives hot water on demand and has no tank for collecting the water. The tankless water heater only uses fuel when you’re tapping the hot water. It doesn’t need fuel for keeping the water hot since it has no tank.

Less fuel leads to lower energy costs, which is the main reason for people switching to tankless water heaters.

Since it has no tank, the tankless water heater doesn’t require many gallons of water either. You may not feel that’s much, but tankless water heaters can save you thousands of gallons of water in a year.

Another thing people like about tankless water heaters is that they don’t need much storage space. Most models are small and compact, only requiring 1/3 of an area that a traditional tank would need. Finding the right place for your tankless water heater isn’t complicated for sure.

Since there’s no tank to deal with, it’s evident that tankless water heaters need less maintenance than conventional water heater systems with tanks. Water isn’t collected in a tank anymore, so it doesn’t stay in the order; it only runs through it. Therefore, magnesium and calcium in the water don’t have time to affect the pipes and the unit, rending the tankless water heaters to be more resistant to corrosion.

Hard water is a concern in many regions. Therefore, it’s better that you also install a water softener with your tankless water heater for keeping minerals under control. It’s at least you can do when it comes to taking care of the tankless water heaters. Most models also require flushing once a year, and you shouldn’t skip it. It expands the durability of your unit. 

Many modern models come with smart features (Wi-FI ability is one) and display troubleshooting codes for your information. Don’t ignore the codes and service the unit when it happens.

When it comes to installation, tankless water heaters win again. Modern units are designed to allow straightforward installation. However, it’s better that you check the warranty since you may void it if you’re not hiring a licensed plumber.

Bells and whistles aside, tankless water heaters come with their own set of issues. Some models come with steep prices (especially the gas units), especially when adding the installation costs. Even so, tankless water heaters are highly energy-efficient and will reduce your energy bill right from the beginning. They’re a wise investment to make for your household and business as well.

How to describe EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 in a couple of words?

It goes without saying that the size of your wallet always has the final word when shopping. The more bucks you’re willing to spend, the more you should expect from the water heater when it comes to building, durability, and performance.

Having said that, EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240, Stainless Steel may seem expensive at a glance, but you need to check the details for understanding why the water heater is worth every single penny.

The robust feeling of EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 is one of the first things that you will notice, and the unit is made to take the use for a reasonable amount of time. It has a pleasant and slim profile, which makes it look elegant and subtle in any décor. Even if the water heater will show, it’s still going to be a pretty picture to look at.

However, EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 is more than meets the eye since it’s sturdy and heats water faster than you’d think. The build, the features, and the performance turn it into a wise investment of your money anytime.

What technical details count?

Even if looks are rarely necessary, EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 stands out with its slim profile and elegant appearance. It’s quite a beautiful unit that looks nice in any home, no matter where you mount it. The metallic colors and the slim design sure make it a looker within its category.

But you’re not buying a water heater for its looks, and EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 doesn’t disappoint in terms of performance either. It features long-lasting heating elements (three) that work flawlessly for a long time. By the way, replacing the heating elements isn’t difficult at all.

When trying to understand the reason for the unit’s performance, remember that it comes with a copper heat exchanger with brass top. It’s why the tankless water heater gives hot water almost instantly. Should the temperature of the water is low, the flow rate will be high and the other way around.

It’s not challenging to operate the unit since it features a digital temperature display and control knob. You may set the temperature using the 1degree increments. Therefore, you may easily set the temperature you want at a time. There are no complicated buttons or functions to confuse you while operating the unit.

The sophisticated computer-controlled micro-processing temperature control also gives the reliable performance of the unit. It’s what gives you hot water in the best outlet setting.

EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 is a powerful unit with a maximum of 6.0 GPM power. It can easily sustain two bathrooms; it’s a solid choice for a medium-sized household. During the colder months, the unit may need more power to heat the water, which may impact the energy bill.

Safety wasn’t skipped with EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240, either. The tankless water heater presents scald prevention, expanding its lifespan. The build is rugged, and the unit is ready to take a beat for quite some time. It’s made of stainless steel and looks so rugged.

The square shape of the unit and the profile design lets you mount it close to the wall. It’s a great tankless water heater to use when you only have a narrow space for fitting it in.

What parts do we like most about the unit?

EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 brings plenty of good things to the table, and you should take a look at the pros before you go shopping:

  • It has a slim profile and an elegant appearance
  • It has copper heat exchanger with brass top
  • It allows mount close to the wall
  • Operating the unit is straightforward
  • The water heater is rugged and feels durable
  • It heats water fast
  • It’s dependable for a medium-sized household
  • It has scald prevention
  • It features three heating chambers

Are the downsides major?

We know that EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 isn’t perfect, but its flaws aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • Do check the manual instruction before installation so that you don’t make any mistakes
  • It’s not a cheap water heater

What’s our final take?

Dependable, sturdy, and amazingly elegant, EEMAX GIDDS-1030381 HA027240 is both a looker and a keeper. It makes a great impression with its slim profile and looks, and it is a solid performer in terms of heating water consistently for the whole house at a decent cost. Why not give it a try?

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