Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw, 180-250V

Review of Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw, 180-250V Compatible

If you don’t have a tankless water heater in your home already, the joke is on you. Some people still go with traditional water heaters with tanks, but it’s time to lower your energy bill and to start caring for the environment a bit more.

Why did tankless water heaters become so popular?

The fundamental aspect of tankless water heaters is that they don’t use the tank or any energy for collecting and keeping the water hot. They only heat the water when you need it, cutting down the electricity you pay. In addition, you will also use up to thousands of gallons less water.

Even though tankless water heaters are highly energy efficient and able to reduce your energy bill, they bring many more good things into the picture. For instance, they only have a low risk for corrosion and are more durable than the traditional systems with tanks. They require less maintenance, with flushing and water softener being the main ways to take care of ta tankless water heater.

One of the things we don’t like about the traditional water heating systems with tanks is the space they need for installation. Most tankless water heaters are small and compact and only need 1/3 of the area a traditional tank would require.

Whether you get an electric or a gas model, tankless water heaters will always help you use less energy and water. Modern units are DIY projects and come with features that can only make you wonder: how come you didn’t use one already?

What’s to say about Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw in a nutshell?

Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw is going to impress most with the fantastic value and price, becoming a reliable unit for less than $300. It’s an electric tankless water heater that gives water on demand endlessly. Even if the price may seal the deal for most, the water heater doesn’t disappoint when it comes to strength and performance.

The unit will give you enough hot water, but also versatility and features for smoother operations. Its black profile isn’t subtle, but it’s in the right way since the water heater looks elegant and beautiful in any décor.

Let’s talk about the technical details!

Whether it’s the affordable price or the attractive appearance that gets your attention on Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw, remember that the water heater is more than meets the eye. Truth be told, the price is the selling point, but it’s the value and performance for the price that convinced us at the end of the day.

Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw doesn’t just give hot water; it provides hot water at 4GPM at 46F degrees increase and 3GPM at 52F degrees increase. The unit can go as high as 126F degrees, whereas the minimum is 86F degrees.

The heating capacity for the unit is 87,372BTUs, and the minimum water flow for activating the water heater is 0.85GPM. The water pressure range is 0-87PSI. Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw will only use energy when heating the water and doesn’t need for pre-heating.

In order to get the best out of it, it’s better that you connect the water heater to 1 or 3minimum 50A circuit breaker. It’s better that you check the manual for the explicit instruction, though.

The build of the water heater sustains its performance and value. The unit is leakage proof, so you shouldn’t worry about water leaking at any point. Should the temperature get too high, the water heater will stay safe. An over-heat protection function at 153F degrees will make sure that the unit doesn’t get affected by the high temperature.

Operating the unit should be a breeze since the water heater comes with a touchable control panel. The control panel is easy to read and responsive, allowing you to set the temperature you want between 86F degrees to 126F degrees. For those of you who use Celsius degrees, it’s good to know that the unit allows you to select your ideal temperature and heat unit measurement (Fahrenheit or Celsius). It’s the micro-computer control that gives the functions to the water heater.

Compact and with a slim profile, the water heater doesn’t pose any problems in terms of location. And once you find its place, it will look elegant and exciting in any décor.

Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw is designed for indoor residential applications exclusively. For getting the best out of the unit, it’s better that you provide appropriate contact with a water source. Try your best not ever to expose the appliance to water externally. The electrical specifications depend on the voltage level that you apply. Anyway, the water heater is 180-250V compatible, which renders it to be quite versatile in terms of installation.

As for installation per se, be aware that the unit only allows wall-mount.

Due to its safety features, the water heater is ETL listed, and NFS approved. The manufacturer stands by its products and provides a 5-year unlimited warranty. Should you ever need a replacement, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service for professional help.

What do we like the most about Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw?

Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw isn’t the most impressive unit within the electric tankless water heaters. But it’s a keeper for anyone looking for a reliable water heater when shopping on a tight budget.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It’s compact and easy to install
  • It has a slim profile and an elegant appearance
  • It gives hot water at 4GPM
  • It has a good built, and it’s leakage proof
  • It’s over-heat protected at 153F degrees
  • It heats water fast
  • You can select the temperature between 86 to 126 F degrees
  • The unit allows you to use Celsius or Fahrenheit as heat unit
  • It includes a dependable micro-computer control
  • The digital control panel is easy to read and responsive
  • It’s made for indoor residential applications
  • It’s 180-250V compatible
  • It’s NFS approved and ETL listed
  • It comes with a 5-year unlimited warranty
  • It has a fantastic value for the price

Are the downsides significant in any way?

The shortcomings aren’t significant, and you shouldn’t change your mind over them. However, it’s always a good idea to know what to expect:

  • The housing is plastic
  • The instruction could be better
  • The mounting bracket could use an improvement

Is the unit a keeper or not?

Not only that, Hyperikon Tankless Water Heater Electric 27kw is affordable and looks elegant, but it’s also easy to operate and dependable. It looks great in any décor and gives hot water almost instantly. More than anything else, it’s quite a bang for your buck, which can only seal the deal for some.

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