Marey Tankless Water Heater

Marey Tankless Water Heater Reviews

No matter if you live in a big house, an RV, or a small flat, you need to address so many things all the time. There are many aspects to take into consideration, from finding good insulating thermal curtains to installing the best heating systems for your home.

Any homeowner is going to talk about the best solutions for cutting down the spending. And one of the best additions you can make for your home is a tankless water heater.

Why should you consider tankless water heaters?

Anyone using already tankless water heaters is going to tell you about how great and energy-efficient the tankless water heaters are. Here are the main benefits to consider:

  • Money&costs

Even if the tankless water heaters may seem like a high investment, it’s going to worth in the long run. You no longer need to use electricity to keep the water in the tank heated, as there is no tank to use.

  • Energy efficient

There’s no more stored water when using a tankless water heater, so you no longer use electricity for heating the water. They give water on demand and don’t waste any energy when you’re not tapping the faucet.

  • Installation and maintenance

Most tankless water heaters have a compact profile and are small, allowing storing in small and narrow spaces. They don’t need regular maintenance as much as the traditional tanks, even though the risk for hard water damaging the system is never null.

Who is Marey?

It was a visionary entrepreneur from Puerto Rico (Mariano Reyes) who put the bases of Marey company back in 1955. He created the point of use shower water heater and never stopped developing innovations for sustaining the progress of Marey brand. Soon enough, the company became the market leader in Puerto Rico, and the expansion worldwide happened in time.

To this day, you can find various tankless water heaters, both gas, and electric, and spend some time finding the best size and model for your needs.

Top 5 Marey Tankless Water Heaters

   1. Marey Portable propane/gas tankless water heater

Anyone looking for a portable tankless water heater running on propane should check the Marey GA5PORT Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater.

Not only that the tankless water heater is portable and highly versatile, but it’s also very affordable, which can only seal the deal for some.

The tankless water heater is going to be a valid option for outdoor use when washing your pets or cleaning the windows. Thanks to its portable design and performance, the tankless water heater is a reliable choice for your RV or when camping. It heats water on demand, without even requiring an electrical connection. Should you live in an area with frequent power outages, the tankless water heater is one model to rely on. It only needs 2-D battery cells for turning on the pilot light.

The propane tankless water heater also features a gas hose with the regulator (CSA approved). You may easily attach it to a traditional liquid propane tank.

Lightweight, the unit is easy to carry around and highly portable. Its compact shape allows effortless storage as well.

The temperature gets as high as 115F degrees, with 1.5GPM power. For many, the unit is a DIY project.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It’s lightweight, compact and portable
  • It’s great for outdoor use
  • It doesn’t need electricity since it uses 2-D battery cells
  • It’s affordable and dependable

Don’t let the minor issues change your opinion on the water heater:

  • It’s designed for outdoor use
  • Controlling the temperature isn’t as easy as expected

The tankless water heater is always a robust model for portable applications outside your home.

   2. Marey Eco-Line- self-modulating tankless water heater 11kW

Should you instead go with an electric tankless water heater, the Marey ECO110 220V Self-Modulating, 11 kW is a great alternative to consider.

The unit can sustain two points of use at the same time in Southern areas where the incoming water temperature doesn’t get lower than 70F degrees. If you live in a cold region, expect the unit to handle just one sink at 1.3GPM.

The tankless water heater has a German design, and it features a stainless steel water channel and heating chamber. Smart Technology allows effortless adjustments on the LCD panel. You can set the wanted temperature, which is going to improve the electricity consumption.

You need a 60-amp breaker, and it’s wise to hire a professional plumber/electrician for safety and quality. It’s not complicated to install the unit, but you may void the warranty when doing it on your own.

The water never touches the heating element, which is why the tankless water heater (and all the other models with Smart technology) will not collect sediments.

The unit gives 28F degrees increase at 3.0GPM, and reaches 56F degrees at 1.5GPM. for getting the best out of it, and it’s wiser that you install it not farther than 40ft from the point of use.

All units within the ECO line are made with corrosion-resistant heating elements which prevent the hard water build-up caused by calcium and chlorine.

Let’s have a second look at the functional aspects:

  • It’s made with Smart Technology
  • It comes with corrosion-resistant heating elements
  • It’s dependable and durable
  • It’s easy to operate and works great in hot climates

The nitpicks aren’t major:

  • It’s not the best choice for cold regions
  • The installation isn’t cheap

Regardless of the minor problems, the tankless water heater is still a reliable option within the electric category.

   3. Marey Propane Gas Tankless water heater

Reliable, dependable, and long-lasting, the Marey GA10LP Power 10L 3.1 GPM Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater is yet another example of how Marey manufactures high units for an attractive price.

The tankless water heater is going to lower your electricity bill to 60% since it’s only heating the water on demand. It works with both propane and natural gas while producing 2.7GPM for a hot shower, with a maximum 115F degrees water temperature. It’s strong enough to sustain two and even three points of use simultaneously.

Thanks to its compact shape, it’s not going to be challenging to find the perfect spot for installation. It’s also specific for Marey tankless water heaters to ensure easy install and this one doesn’t make an exception.

You can even control the temperature on the water heater. Also if the unit doesn’t come with vent pipes, it’s still a right pipe. It uses a 2-D cell battery for venting and ignition, eliminating the need for electrical connection. Keep it in mind if you deal with power outages from time to time.

Since it’s a water pressure activated water heater, it shouldn’t be placed more than 50ft away from the point of use.

Let’s take a second look at the functional aspects:

  • It works on both propane and gas
  • It can serve two and even three points of use at the same time
  • It uses 2-D cell batteries for ignition
  • It’s dependable and versatile

The inherent downsides shouldn’t stress you out:

  • It needs a lot of flow rate to start heating
  • You have to buy the vent pipes separately

It’s not a perfect tankless water heater, but there’s no such thing as far as we know. If your mind is set on a propane/gas tankless water heater that is dependable, strong, and versatile, this one is always a safe choice.

   4. Marey under the sink electric tankless water heater

Many are going to find the compact and square body of the Marey Power Pak Plus Tankless Electric Water Heater the best option for the storage space in their households. However,  the tankless water heater brings plenty of other good things to the table.

The unit lets you control energy consumption, adjusting it to your home’s electric ability. It’s easy to handle and to operate the water heater, with simple adjustments to make for your convenience.

It’s great to use under the sink, for one point of use installation. The tankless water heater only needs very low water pressure for running, saving as much as 60% on electricity bills. The build of the unit expands its durability, with the filter on the water inlet, reducing the risk for sediments to damage the water heater.

You’ll also appreciate the versatility of the unit, which allows wiring to 10Amp, 20 Amp, 30 Amp, and 40Amp breaker. Be aware that when you wire it to a smaller breaker, you can only use it as a point of use for endless hot water in a small house or an apartment. The tankless water heater is strong enough to handle 1-2 points of use at the same time, but it depends a lot on the flow rate and the incoming water temperature.

You can use the unit for 1-2 bathroom house in a warm region, whereas in colder areas may only serve a single point of use.

We’ve shortened the right things to the following:

  • It’s easy to operate and to install
  • It’s reliable to place under the sink
  • It’s versatile, compact, and easy to find a storage place for it
  • It features filter on the water inlet

Don’t make a tragedy out of the minor problems:

  • The instruction is rather poor
  • Its performance relates to the water pressure a lot

Long story short, the tankless water heater is a solid choice for under the sink install, and it ticks most boxes in terms of performance, builds, and overall value.

   5. Marey Natural gas tankless water heater-outdoor

Honestly, the price of Marey GA30ONG Natural Gas tankless Water Heater may throw some people off, but the unit is one significant investment to make for any household.

The Marey GA300NG is a natural gas unit that gives hot water no matter when you need it. Its design is well thought out, and the unit features an outer shell of anti-UV painting. It also includes an anti-frozen protection feature which is going to ensure performance even in cold weather.

The tankless water heater comes with a copper ball valve and a shut-off valve for safer use. Installing and operating the unit should go straightforward.

The build is impressive, and water heater is a dependable option for outdoor install. It has a whopping IPX4 waterproof grade, and it’s CSA certified. It’s an environmentally friendly model since it presents a patented low NOx emission reducing burner.

The tankless water heater works flawlessly, and its impressive specs seal the deal for many.

Let’s check the positive aspects once more:

  • It comes with smart design and anti-UV painting
  • It has anti-frozen protection function
  • It presents IPX 4 waterproof level
  • It’s sturdy and dependable for a household

The negatives are minor, to say the least:

  • It does need a lot of gas when heating the water
  • It’s not a cheap model

Even if the tankless water heater isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s still one robust, dependable and reliable unit. Many are impressed by the features, build, and overall value.

FAQs about Marey tankless water heaters

Q: Are Marey tankless water heaters expensive?

A: Marey gas tankless water heaters are more affordable than their opponents (Noritz, Rinnai, or Navien). You can find suitable models for less than $2,000.

The installation is also cheaper since they’re less sophisticated units than their competitors.

Q: Are Marey tankless water heaters difficult to install?

A: Most Marey tankless water heaters are lightweight, so carrying them around and installing is straightforward. It’s easy to find the replaceable elements, which only makes them more versatile.

As there is no tank to take care of, taking care of Marey tankless water heaters is also easy. Flushing may be needed every year, with some models not even requiring maintenance for more than a year.

Q: How durable are Marey tankless water heaters?

A: A standard tank heater should last for five to 15 years, whereas a tankless water heater may last from 20 to 35 or more. It’s because the tankless water heaters only run when you need hot water. Marey provides a 5-year warranty for the gas tankless water heaters, but they can last a lot longer than that.

Q: Are Marey tankless water heaters environmentally friendly?

A: Marey is focused on creating environmentally friendly products, which is why it’s always developing eco-friendly, affordable, and unique tankless water heaters. They’re interested in reducing global warming and CO2 emissions on the planet.

Q: Does Marey also manufactures portable models?

A: Not only that Marey designs and manufactures portable tankless water heaters, but it also gives some of the most affordable and reliable options on the market. Some of the Marey portable tankless water heaters are quite popular, as they’re dependable and reliable without even emptying your pockets.

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