Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor

Review of Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor

All we hear around these days is how we can, and we should take care of our planet better. From trying to recycle everything to using less energy, our modern society revolves around one main thing: how to do better for our world.

When you use a lot of energy for some hot water, you’re raising your energy bill, and you’re also wasting vital energy. Luckily for you and all of us, some solutions give hot water without even emptying your pockets and damage the planet (not as much as traditional systems anyway!)

When did tankless water heaters become such a standard option?

Sensing the need for using less energy, people in the industry have struggled for years to come up with more energy-efficient systems to use in our homes. Tankless water heaters are a solution since they give hot water on demand, endlessly.

The tankless water heaters don’t use a tank; therefore, they don’t use energy for keeping the water hot. Using power only when you’re tapping the water, the tankless water heaters will reduce your energy bill from the first month.

There are many benefits related to the fact that there is no tank involved in the tankless systems. The water doesn’t get to stay and affect the system anymore. With calcium and magnesium raising the risk for corrosion, it’s evident that tankless water heaters don’t pose that kind of risk. However, it’s essential that you still use a water softener, especially if the water hardness is high in your area.

Lower risk for corrosion leads to another significant part of tankless water heaters: they’re more durable than the conventional tanks! If you take care of the tankless water heaters, it can last for at least 12 years (it differs from one manufacturer to another).

With no tank to corrode or to take care of, it also makes perfect sense that the tankless water heaters need less maintenance too. You may have to flush it once a year or service it from time to time, but it’s not as often as in the case of traditional water heaters with tanks.

If you currently have a traditional water heater with a tank, you know that finding a kind and generous space for it was quite the struggle. You’re not going to have to deal with the storage issue with the tankless water heater, though. Compact and small, tankless water heaters don’t need a lot of space and are great for anyone struggling with storage space.

Bells and whistles aside, tankless water heaters come with some downsides. The gas models may seem steep (electric models can get expensive too), especially when you add the installation costs. It’s because you may have to hire a professional licensed plumber for install unless you want to void the warranty. But, something’s gotta give when your energy bill decreases, and you get to save the planet too!

What can we say about Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor in a nutshell?

If there were just one word to describe Noritz tankless water heaters, power would be it. They’re not drawing attention with style or appearance (not that it counts), but they do make an impression with raw heat for high volume. Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor is no exception and ensures 199,900 BTUs and an astonishing 11.1GPM. This kind of power recommends it for heavy-duty use in large households and commercial applications.

Since it’s a condensing unit, Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor is going to give extreme heat while presenting high efficiency as well. Even when running in cold weather, the water heater is reliable and doesn’t stop heating that water. If you live in Alaska, the unit will easily sustain a sink, a dishwasher, and even a couple of showers at the same time. 

Which technical details stand behind the value?

Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor gives hot water no matter when you want it. It’s made to help you switch from a traditional tank water heater to a tankless water heater system in your home.

Heating water on demand, Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor is going to save you thousands of gallons of water throughout the year and cut down your energy bill too. It’s a high performant model that comes with a compact profile and smart technology for best performance.

Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor is a significant model within the high-efficiency water heaters and has a 0.91 energy factor. It has Energy Star certification, which tells a lot about its energy efficiency.

For a unit to be that powerful, the build and features should be impressive, and Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor doesn’t present any shortcomings in that area. The heat exchanger is made with commercial-grade K-Copper. It’s a material that is 25% thicker than all other types of copper.

The steel casing with polyester coating makes the unit rugged and durable, whereas the direct electronic ignition ensures safe and effortless operation. You get to control the temperature digitally, with temperature ranging from 100 to 140F degrees (five intervals and nine options). The remote control eases out the operation, with many appreciating the controller.

As we’ve mentioned already, the maximum output for the unit is an excellent 11,1 GPM, which makes the water heater surpass many opponents. When your application needs even more power than that, keep in mind that you may link two identical units. The Quick Connect feature allows you to connect two similar water heaters to work as one, which raises the capacity and improves redundancy.

Installation isn’t tricky, but remember to buy a valve kit for the correct install. The compact profile of the unit allows you to find a storage space quite easy.

The 199,900BTU is fantastic, and Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor is one hell of an option for a business or high water demand household. The unit is going to cut down the energy bill to half in no time.

As for warranty, great news! The unit comes with a 12-year warranty for the heat exchanger and a 5-year warranty for the parts.

Are there any good things to highlight?

Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor has excellent features and incredible power, but we should list the things we appreciate the most:

  • It’s strong and dependable
  • You can use it for commercial applications and large households
  • It can sustain 4-4.5 baths in Southern areas and three baths in Northern regions
  • You may connect two units thanks to the Quick Connect feature
  • The heat exchanger is made with commercial-grade K-copper
  • The water heater is durable and rugged
  • It’s compact and quite a power horse

Should you back down over the downsides?

We don’t consider the downsides deal breakers, but it’s wise to check them too:

  • It’s not a cheap unit
  • It’s not the subtlest tankless water heater
  • There may be some pressure issues at times

What’s our conclusion?

Whenever in need of a robust, reliable, and highly energy-efficient tankless water heater, Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor should be an option. That is especially when you need one for a commercial application.

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