PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater

Review of PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater

Any RV owner knows that having the right equipment with you on the road can make the difference between a pleasant experience and a lousy one. When you like RV trips, you need to have a lot more than good food or an excellent mattress for your comfort. Having hot water whenever you need without getting goosebumps while waiting in the shower is precious for any RV enthusiast.

Are tankless water heaters a solid choice for an RV?

The high energy bills from the water heaters with tanks and environmentalists fighting for less energy consumption pushed people within the water heating industry to develop better energy-efficient systems.

Soon enough, tankless water heaters hit the market, and customers slowly began to trust the new water heater systems. Since they don’t have a tank, the tankless water heaters give hot water on demand. They use less fuel, so it’s evident that the energy bill is low. The water isn’t collected in a tank, so it doesn’t have time to cause corrosion of the system. Moreover, the tankless water heaters are less prone to corrosion and are more durable than the traditional water heater systems with tanks too.

When there’s no tank to fill in or to heat, it’s natural that you no longer have to take care of a tank too. Tankless water heaters don’t require maintenance, with flushing once a year being typical for most models out there. However, on the cause of hard water, you should install a water softener for sustaining the durability of the tankless water heater.

No matter how spacious your RV may be, you still want to get the best out of it. Tankless water heaters are compact and small, saving so much storage space in any application, and RVs aren’t an exception. Fitting a tankless water heater in an RV (especially the models for single point-of-use) is rarely tricky.

Do the tankless water heaters have any nitpicks? Of course, they do with the price of gas models throwing many RV owners off. Some models may also require installation by a professional plumber so that you don’t void the warranty, which can only increase the initial costs.

Be that as it may, tankless water heaters are worth every single penny. They lower your energy costs and are easy to fit in a less generous space of RV. Why not take the leap of faith?

How come PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater is a dependable option for an RV?

First of all, PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater is specially designed for RVs, tiny houses, trailers, cabins, and small households. It’s understandable why you consider it for your RV.

PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater is a four-season unit that gives hot water on demand endlessly, with a straightforward installation. It’s small and compact, needing half the space of a traditional tank. It’s also very light and weighs 1/3 of a ten-gallon tank.

Presenting the innovative VariFlame technology control system, PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater is an excellent option for your RV on any given day.

Which technical details count the most?

PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater is designed especially for RV, and its build, features, and performance recommend it for sure. It’s easy to install and vent through the sidewall, needing half the space of a ten-gallon tank. It also weighs only 1/3 of a regular ten-gallon tank.

The unit has no pilot light, so you’re not going to stress about it when running the water heater. It presents a stainless steel construction, taking the use for a long time.

One of the many things that make PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater stand out from its competitors is the VariFlame Control technology. It’s a patented technology that ensures endless hot water to your RV or small household. You don’t need to wait for the hot water nor to get chilly under the shower until hot water comes out. No matter if it’s only you using the hot water or several members of your family, PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater is reliable.

The tankless water heater has a modulating output, according to the water flow. When there’s less water going through the system, the flame will be smaller so that the risk for overheat is reduced. The water heater can set the amount of gas for the water flow and the incoming water temperature. The tankless water heater doesn’t overheat the water in warm weather and provides a consistent temperature. At the same time, it can produce hot water during cold months as well.

The maximum temperature is 88 above the temperature of incoming water. You can obtain the maximum at 1GPM and 1.5GPM, with the temp increasing up to 66 degrees.

When you have a shower in your RV, the maximum flow rate is probably around 1.5GPM, with the standard water temperature as high as 105 degrees. The heater can heat 1.5GPM flow by up to 66 degrees. Therefore, when the incoming water is at least 39 degrees, the water can get as high as 105 degrees at a 1.5GPM flow.

Many also appreciate that the unit doesn’t need a minimum water pressure. However, it still needs a gallon of water for filling the heater before it begins heating. When the water doesn’t move, nor it’s not in the heater, the unit will stop warming.

Under normal circumstances, PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater requires 1.5amps of power, and thee amps when the weather is cold. For continuous operation, you should consider both the 12V and the gas on, eliminating the risk for the burner to stop the fire. However, the electric elements will protect the system against the low temperatures.

Since it’s a unit to use all year round, you shouldn’t skip winterizing of the tankless water heater.

What is it that we like the most about the unit?

PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater brings several positive aspects to our attention, which doesn’t make the listing of the pros straightforward:


  • It’s designed for RVs, trailers, and tiny houses
  • You can use it all year round
  • It comes with patented VariFlow Technology
  • It adjusts the amount of gas to the incoming water temperature and water flow
  • It’s dependable and strong
  • It’s compact and doesn’t take much space

Are any of the flaws major?

The inherent downsides of PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater are minor and don’t undermine the value of the unit in any way:

  • It’s not a cheap unit
  • One may expect faster heating
  • You need to winterize it

Is it a keeper or not?

When traveling in your RV is life, no tankless water heater is going to be too pricey for your needs. Dependable and robust, PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater is one unit to easily fit in your RV, even if it may leave your wallet emptier than full.

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