14 Reasons Why Investing in App Development Can Boost Your Start-Up

The rapid growth of technologies allows us to do almost anything on a laptop or a smartphone. With the help of the right resources, we can even build a rocket! However, this is only a small thing because mobile platforms are also rising. You have probably visited the App Store or Play Market at least once, and the amount of applications is overwhelming. There are millions of games, educational stuff, finance, programs for work as well as choices on how to spend your spare time. Today we will figure out app development cost, tendencies, and reasons why you need one for your business.

Why do you need an application? 

First, mobile app creation is an extremely powerful tool to reach target audience literally in seconds. The second major component of the dish is that everybody has a smartphone (about 5 billion people), i.e. the market will not stop growing. There are many other advantages, so let us discuss 14 key reasons why your business needs an application. If you are still thinking about whether to create an app or not, just try to disprove at least three ideas.

  1. The business application brings comfort to your customers because they can reach you from anywhere and at any time. There is no need to wait until the webpage is loading because everything is here under a finger.
  2. Adjustable configuration prevents spending a lot of time on development – just include the most important things during web app development, cover it in an attractive box and here it goes.
  3. The marketing aspect is probably one of the most money-consuming processes inside any company. It can predict whether the product will be successful or not even on the stage of gathering ideas. Afterward, a mobile application can deliver direct marketing campaigns right to consumers.
  4. Being trendy in the modern environment is a crucial challenge for everybody who wants to achieve something. An online presence will establish this opportunity for your business, so treat it wisely. 
  5. You can develop an app for business processes optimization to ease the workflow and provide employees with convenient communication channel free of spam and distractions, for inner management, file exchange, statistics, tasks, etc.
  6. What makes a company trustworthy? – Good product and genius marketing. Do not waste this train ticket, because applications will be the third thing on this list soon.
  7. Easy maintenance is probably the weakest point of massive webpages with tons of tabs, content, ads or articles on them. Business applications are not oversaturated with unnecessary stuff. 
  8. Applications make it much easier to keep in touch with people and the main advantage is that you do not need to waste money on unpredictable advertisements like CPA or CPC.
  9. Trends change fast, but you will always keep them under the radar and stay flexible at any moment. You can create an update in a week or two and provide a better option for the market.
  10. Mobile app development cost is a saving innovation in terms of developing and further utilization of business needs.
  11. Studies show that mobile applications will become the mainstream of communication in the B2B and B2C segment, which is effective for existing businesses as well as for startup projects.
  12. This is a perfect choice if you want to catch more attention on the market. People used to receive favorable offers after app installation or a friend’s invitation, push notifications with discounts, news, etc. Make use of it too. 
  13. Analyzing the data from the app, you can easily track which features people like and which ones should be changed, how many time users spend inside the app, what do they like or dislike in general. Besides, an average app development cost for specialized services is relatively low. Constant improving has never made any harm to anyone, isn’t it?
  14. As the continuation of the previous point – cloud updates prevent clients from deleting the app due to the awkward user interface or slow performance.

Some notes about app development tendencies

Okay, now we know about the advantages of mobile applications. Have you already came up with a sphere where to begin? The following niches will not let you down for 100% percent.

IoT and wearables. 

As you may have noticed, more and more things become connected to our devices. It includes toys, smart house appliances, led, household machines and so on. You can connect your vacuum cleaner or washing machine and turn it on even before you come home. Isn’t it convenient and time-saving implementation of apps? For sure.

AR and VR development. 

They are both also a perfect example of the future of our smartphones. In most cases your iPhone is more powerful than a laptop, so why not use it? We have seen some amazing presentations of upcoming games and further pretty impressive apps. Experts predict that this innovation will conquer the bigger part of the current market. Besides, it opens doors to a completely different dimension for science projects.

Mobile purchasing. 

Mobile payments are extremely popular nowadays – you do not need to take a wallet when you are going for coffee. This method is likely to replace credit cards completely in three or five years. Mobile app development cost estimate is about $250000 – 500000, at least large companies spend a lot of money. But in general, the average price of an app is $2000 – 250000 while the profit of the banking sphere is unbelievable.

Cloud applications and file shares. 

It is not always comfortable to store a lot of information and data on your smartphone. With such apps, you can upload it to the cloud, free storage place but still be able to access files from anywhere and from any device.

Local services. 

Food delivery, taxi services, stores, cafes – all of them should have a personal application to share news, bonuses or promote new products within current customers. In this case, a user will never forget about you, which is a wonderful benefit for customer awareness topics.

Business development. 

Ten years ago having a webpage was obligatory for any business. However, according to numerous researches, people tend to spend more time on their phones rather than laptops. You can create a convenient, user-friendly application in order not to lose the connection between your business and customers.

Streaming services. 

Could you predict that streaming platforms such as Netflix will be of such success as they are? If the service is not optimized for a smartphone, it will not work out, so keep this in mind.

Bottom line

Every niche has a large audience that equals large profits and brands with apps have a significant advantage over companies, which does not have their application. In this case, the question of how much does app development cost is miserable opposite the benefits you receive.

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