A Secret to Keep Your Children Under Control

A Secret to Keep Your Children Under Control

Do you want to keep your children under control and do it remotely and stealthily? Well, there is a secret that you have to discover. This is none other than FlexiSpy, the best phone tracker app for spying on your kids.

The FlexiSpy app is very simple, easy, and convenient to use as this is compatible with almost all popular operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

FlexiSpy has lots of useful features to help parents monitor and control their kids’ activities.

Call Recording and Interception

You will find it easier to understand what is happening if you are part of the conversation. One function of FlexiSpy allows parents to keep tabs on their children’s calls. In fact, this is one of the very few programs that let you listen to all outgoing and incoming calls in real time.

This particular function is not like call recording as it will only provide you recordings of conversations that already took place. This function is often used if you don’t have online access to the device in real time. You can listen to the recordings at the program’s dashboard any time later on.

Detect Phone Surroundings

If you wish to listen to a target phone’s surrounding and there are no outgoing or incoming calls, don’t worry. FlexiSpy also has a special feature which gives you clues about the location of your kid. If you like to know the surrounding of the phone of your child, you have to make a call from your FlexiSpy account. After the process of installation, you have to enter the number of the phone you will listen from.

The target phone’s owner will never know that you are listening on them. There will be no ringing or notifications. This way, you can eavesdrop on the conversations of your children in real time.

Check Messages

It is understandable for parents to want to know the content of the sent and received messages of their children. You are probably worried about the party your child will attend or the new friends she got. With the SMS tracking feature, you can access the content of all their messages.

FlexiSpy has one unique feature known as Spoof SMS. It means that you can send text messages to all contacts from target phone address book. This feature can be used on rare occasions.

Clear SMS History

If you don’t want your child to receive messages with inappropriate and suspicious content, you can just turn on the feature that will delete messages with specific keywords. The target device’s user won’t see the deleted messages. They won’t even know that the messages were sent.

Monitor Chat and Messenger Activity

Phones today are being used to keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues on different social media platforms. If you are worried about the activity of your kids in social networks such as Facebook, you can install FlexiSpy as this has a powerful feature that lets you access social media and other messengers. It is now easy to spy on WhatsApp or Skype. You can see the messages’ content as well as the profile photos and other useful information.

Keep your kids’ under control with FlexiSpy and eliminate all your worries.

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