Advanced Threat Protection Office 365 in the Cloud

Every business needs proper protection for their system, today. With so many threats and attack come from the online network, the protection can prevent any damage that affects the business, in the worst case those attacks can even destroy the business. Among many protection services you can find out there, advanced threat protection office 365 is known for its capabilities and useful features. We can even say that this service is the standard advanced threat protection that every company uses today.

What Can Microsoft Office 365 Do? 

The main task or capability of Office 365 is email filtering. It uses the cloud server to provide this service. And, with the cloud system like this, Office 365 can provide the best protection that you need. All of your emails will be filtered through this cloud system. So, when the email enters your network, you don’t need to worry about the threat.

The email in the cloud system will be scanned. When it finds malicious link, attachment or any shape of threat, this system will give you a warning. Your email administrator will be able to take action to prevent the attack from harming the entire system of your business. With early treatment, you can avoid bigger damage.

Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Abilities

There are several things that advanced threat protection office 365 can do for you to protect your message you send or receive.

–         Safe Attachments

As we mentioned before, ATP protects against many kinds of threat from the message. The threat is varying, from malware, viruses to the phishing attack, which is hard to detect manually. ATP will route the suspicious message or attachment you receive to a specific environment in their cloud server. At there, this security system will use many kinds of detection, analysis and diagnostic technique to find any harm in the message.

Microsoft also uses the latest technology on office 365 advanced threat protection for this detecting technique. Therefore, there is most of the harm message or phishing attack can’t get away from its detection. When it detects nothing and the message or attachment was found safe, it will send it to your network, where you can receive it in your email inbox.

–         Safe Links

The threat in the email often comes from the dangerous link embed in the message. Unlike the attachment that can be easily detected because it contains dangerous content, such as virus or malware, the link is quite difficult. Without clicking it or find out where it is ended, you won’t know where it is the dangerous link or safer one. Therefore, using the manual method is risky. Office 365 ATP has ATP Safe Links feature that helps you to detect these dangerous links. Then, this system will block those links and let the safe link can be accessed.

To use this feature, however, there are several things or requirements that you must fulfill. For personal usage, you must have an ATP license. You also need to be included in ATP Safe Links policies. Moreover, you also need the device you want to protect when you sign in to Office 365 ATP. For business purpose, you only need to have the organization-wide ATP license. And, you don’t need individual ATP license for it.

–         Anti-Phishing Policies

ATP Office 365 also has phishing protection features. ATP anti-phishing feature detects the message that has likability to be a phishing attack. Then, the ATP system will analyze and detect the message for finding out about the phishing threat that may be included in the message. Using several different scanning and analyzing technique, office 365 threat protection will keep the phishing message away from your network.

–         ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams

This feature protects your system from the threat that came from shared files. If your company uses the Microsoft-based network system and application, such as SharePoint, OneDrive and such, the ATP can provide the protection that you need. It can detect and identify the malicious files being transferred in your network system. Then, it blocks those malicious files to prevent any damage spread in your system. The detection and blocking process will be executed in the team sites and document libraries. So, it prevents the danger way before it reaches your main network.

–         Real-Time Reports

You also can find the monitoring features in this system. You can use the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center. This feature will give you real-time reports and insight into any changes or suspicious condition that is happening in your system. For example, if there is suspicious activity occurring in your system or attack being launched to your system, the real-time reports feature will tell you right away. Your security team can deal with it as soon as possible.

–         Threat Trackers

This unique widget will save you time and optimize your working performance in protecting your system against the threats and attacks. The user gets the information about the problem that attacks your system or the suspicious condition which can affect your whole business. It is similar to a real-time report. But, the widget design allows you to access it much easier.

–         Explorer

This feature is also called as Threat Explorer. This is other real-time reports feature that will identify any kind of threats, from office 365 ransomware protection to a phishing attack. The feature reports the data or suspicious activity on a specific time range. The default setting will give you the 7 days data report. But, you also can use it to find about the suspicious activity for the past 30 days.

–         Attack Simulator

This simulator helps you to train your employees. With this simulator, you can improve their awareness of a dangerous activity that enters your system. This simulator has many modes you can use and different kind of attack scenario.


Microsoft did a great job in creating office 365 advanced threat protection. With its capabilities and many features in it, plus the cloud-based operation system, it provides the best protection for your system.

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