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Stop Instagramming These Locations Right Away

Everyone loves travelling and clicking pictures and keep them as a memory. Clicking such pictures has become very easy with the use of mobile phones. Now everyone has a high-quality camera in their pockets. People all over the world are clicks and upload such pictures to gain likes. 

Noticing this trend, research was done to check which are the places Instagrammed by people the most. The main aim was to stop people from clicking the same clichéd pictures every time. People do so to gain likes on Instagram. But according to a survey, the followers usually skip these kinds of pictures. Now the question arises, best way to buy Instagram likes.  The answer is very simple. Get good content which is original and in public demand. 

The research also shows that people usually click pictures of these landmarks from the same three angles. So here are some of the places which have become overrated and one should stop posting pictures of these locations. 

The Paris Eiffel Tower

At the top of the list is the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Over four million pictures of this Tower is found on Instagram. Though the different angles have made it go against the trend, unlike the other locations. Earlier Eiffel Tower was criticised for its design, but it has now become a recognized location. 

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The Burj Khalifa of Dubai holds the record of the tallest building in the world. Due to this reason, it is one of the famous locations for visitors and a favourite for Instagram pictures.  

Times Square of New York City

You get millions of pictures of this particular location. The Time Square of New York is an intersection of Manhattan and the Broadway Theatre District. This location is among the most Instagrammed location.

Taj Mahal, India

Somewhere around eight million people visit Taj Mahal every year. And millions of people click pictures of Taj Mahal from the same angle every year. 

The Buckingham Palace, London

More than half a million people uploaded pictures on Instagram of The Buckingham Palace. This may arise in the coming years because more than thirty million people visit London every year. 

Japan’s The Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower of Japan also holds an interesting place in the most Instagrammed locations. The magnificent sight draws in more visitors every year, and the number of pictures is increasing along with it. 

There are several other places which have now become overrated because of the numbers of pictures uploaded every year. These numbers are increasing day by day with the increase in visitors. People upload these pictures only to likes which they can get anyhow. One can buy Instagram followers Greedier Social Media from trusted sites and increase your likes easy and fast. 

However if you talk about other methods to get Instagram followers and likes. The other methods of getting likes are to be regular and upload good contents which are in public demand. Let’s talk about what sort of content and methods we discussed. Follow below mentioned tips to get Instagram likes and followers:

Share quality images 

A thorough planning and dedication Is actually required for being a successful instagrammer. You need to put an exceptional effort to get noticed on the Instagram. Therefore, ensure that you always post quality images with interesting captions. You can also buy Instagram likes but make sure you are producing content that is unique and attract people to your platform. Hence, to get likes make sure you are on the right way of posting images.

Get most out of the social media templates 

You may find your content unique and appealing. However, it could be possible that your content looks boring to readers. Therefore, you can’t overlook this issue. Make sure that your content is appealing and people are actually coming back to your page. this is where social media templates come. Social media templates are ready made solution to make your content appealing and creative. As a result, the traffic to your page will actually increase and you will have target audience on your profile.

Be smart about captions

Your caption dictates how much people are going to get attracted towards your content. Make your captions  appealing and unique. Don’t repeat your captions. Make sure your captions always have meaning in them. Don’t make a mistake of just explaining your picture. Make sure to create a story on it and engage your target audience. Focus on relating stories to your real life. When you have real life stories in your captions it attracts audience towards your content. 

Use hashtags smartly 

Hashtags plays an important role to engage audience on Instagram other than any social medi forum. They enable you to find a target audience for your page. the more your content is going to attract people, the more you will have likes and eventually by the help of hashtags you will be able to spread your content to more people. Therefore, use hashtags smartly and try to research on hashtags that are most trending within your topic. Like if you talk about acne on your Instagram, you may find #fightacne as the most tending hashtag.

Don’t forget to tag location 

When you tag your location in your Instagram post, it helps your viewers to see from where are you posting this picture. Hence, geo tagging your Instagram post are important. Moreover, it is easy to tag your location. When you post your picture, you will see an option from where you can add your location. So, don’t forget to tag your location.

Run a giveaway 

If you are a regular Instagram user, you will see how many giveaways are on going. If you would ask about the significance of such giveaways. Let me inform you. Running giveaways and contests helps you a lot in getting slot of followers and likes. When you offer a lot of things in giveaways and set some rules to get people participate in it, you will be able to get a lot of likes and followers to your profile.

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