The Secret to a Great Cloud Computing Career Unveiled: Garner Microsoft Azure Training and Certification

The recent years have seen a paradigm shift in computing to cloud computing. This gives us an amazing internet-based computing model that provides shared computer processing and data to devices on demand. Cloud computing makes it hassle free to transfer information with minimal effort by facilitating universal access to a shared pool of computing resources. Cloud computing offers enterprises and users the ability to process and store data in third party storage centers. This alleviates businesses from having to squander an exorbitant amount on erecting and maintaining IT infrastructure. A demand for skilled cloud professionals has skyrocketed to unprecedented heights with more and more organizations jumping on the cloud bandwagon.

Why MS Azure?

Microsoft training is a surefire way for a candidate to be seen as a viable contender and boosts their chances of getting hired in the domain of cloud computing. The market has seen a surge in the demand for Microsoft Azure certified aspirants, opening a sea of doors for them. As Microsoft has it, more than a thousand people sign up for Azure daily on average, factoring into a mammoth 365,000 new companies adopting Azure every year. In fact, MS azure takes the lion’s share of the Fortune 500 companies, with over 57% using the platform. Microsoft’s commercial cloud revenue has also reached an all-time high with MS Azure, increasing by over 104%. Here are a few astounding figures to convince you of the prowess of Microsoft Azure:

  • With 88% companies adopting the public cloud and a whopping 13% already running a wide range of virtual machines in the public cloud, it leaves no reason as to why you shouldn’t garner Microsoft Azure training.
  • Azure is catching up to its peers at an alarming rate, gaining a lion’s share in the industry. In fact, Azure’s database has come at par with that of AWS, and more and more customer discussions have moved from Hyper-V to Azure, as per a survey conducted by an Architect in Microsoft consulting services, David Ziembicki.
  • Futuristic cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure are making great waves in the IT sector, trumping the average growth rate in the industry as a whole. Microsoft Azure is growing faster than all cloud services providers, with an astounding 154% YOY growth rate.

Comprehending how to apply cloud computing skills opens up a wave of new opportunities for you, such as jobs, career paths, and much more. More than 38% of all jobs in the IT sector will be cloud-based by 2021, so there has never been a better time to garner Azure training and hone your cloud skills. Certification is the industry approved way of validating your Azure expertise, and regardless of where you are in your career path, there is something for everyone. Avail offers that combine industry-recognized Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certifications with Azure trainings to expand your career horizons.

Become More Visible to Your Organization

As you gain the pertinent skills to develop and maintain solutions that can help improve privacy, security, and scalability, and lower the overall costs, you prove to your employers and your prospective recruiters how you are leveraging the ever-growing collection of integrated cloud services in Azure. Become more valuable to your organization, more involved with gauging technology at your work, and gain a higher visibility in your job by building your cloud skills for career growth.

In addition, certification makes individuals Microsoft professionals, promising great opportunities for career advancement. With IT professionals in high demand in the industry, employers are giving preference to people with more formal Azure trainings and certifications. It could be a game changer for you, helping you stay ahead of your peers. You can qualify for jobs with certifications as criteria for hiring and promotion. As a certified professional with Microsoft Azure, expect higher salary packages and bonuses. The credentials of certification that you can include in your resume can pave the way for new heights of success.

Not to mention, if you are already a part of an organization, expect up to a 20 percent increase in salary after gleaning a Microsoft certification. Even if you are not looking to switch, you can enjoy better opportunities at your existing workplace. Most organizations recognize earning a certificate as a bonus or an achievement and offer a better pay scale to accommodate for the added skills and acumen that the certified employee will bring to the table. When certified employees are entrusted with supervising their coworkers and handling complex cloud computing procedures, the chance of growth definitely boosts manifolds. After receiving professional certifications and trainings, you are given a Microsoft Badge, helping you share your certification with your network and unlocking your salary potential.

Why is Formal Azure Training Important for Earning Microsoft Certification?

The past years have witnessed vast changes in the Microsoft Azure certification. The new certification has a somewhat modular structure and links to indispensable skills in infrastructure windows server. With something as potent and intricate as Microsoft Azure, formal training will help your employees learn the implementation of applications in any business environment. Formal training is necessary to keep you abreast of the latest development and skillsets in demand.  With seemingly incessant updates to software and the fast-evolving IT industry, it has become extremely tough to keep pace with the shifting needs of the industry and it can be rather costly for your business to look for new talent. However, whether you want to update an expired certification or are seeking for employee certification for the first time, earning Microsoft Azure certification will acquaint you with the latest Microsoft technologies.

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