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Three Realistic Games to Look Inside Everyday Things

Have you ever wondered about the internal construction of things that you see in your everyday life? Do you have an idea of what hides inside your car, smartphone, computer, or a microwave oven? You might have also seen your kids disassembling and old video player or grandma’s clock.

Human body and mind are always full of energy. We all must admit that not all our energies are spent for some positive and productive assignments. Sometimes even after a long day, we are still fully awake late at night. This is what we all must worry about.

Our life is full of such instances when we assumed ourselves to be tired but when on a bed we are awake. The only reason for such an unpredictable incident is the energy left in our minds which we did not invest anywhere.

These thoughts can eat you up, generated by your left out energies. What I feel is every single person out there must invest that energy for some healthy activity. You can do some exercise, yoga can be an option. In case you want some really productive and beneficial results you must try some games and sports.

Games are essential for a healthy mind and body. We all know that we are running because of our hormonal systems.

The hormonal  secretion in our bodies are directly related with our mood swings. Games and specially real life games are actually a game changer for your health.

Your mind will get sharper when you would plot different plans. Teamwork would increase your sense of responsibility and reliability.

Today, even if we plan to play games and participate in different sports, we are still unable to get some players and teammates. Our colleagues and friends are not always free. Sometimes conveyance comes out as an issue. In such scenarios, you can not force anyone to get out and play with you after regular periods.

The only solution left not for physical health but only for mental strength, is real life games. You can construct and destroy various miniatures. This will give you a real life experience.

Our friends from IndieGames.Download selected 3 simulators that will help you to look inside real devices, gadgets, and vehicles. They provide the simplest, cheapest, and safest ways to fulfill your exploration needs. Let’s take a closer look.

Disassembly 3D


This title offers the broadest range of destroyable objects amongst all games on the market. Disassembly 3D has an elementary gameplay idea. You just have to choose anything from the list and then try to detach all the details in the correct order to disassemble it completely. All items and components are rendered in high-resolution with an incredible amount of detail.

The library includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, household equipment, cars, buildings, and even civil or military aircraft. The roster is rapidly growing due to Steam Workshop support. This feature lets every player upload their own 3D models to the game to share them with the community.

The latest version of Disassembly 3D enables you not only to take things apart step by step but to do it fast with several types of explosives. You will enjoy the picturesque blasts of TNT and nuclear bombs for sure!

Car Mechanic Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator offers you to spend some time in the role of a real vehicle repairer. You start in your dad’s professional garage with a few hundred bucks and a nice idea to refurbish destroyed cars from the local scrapyard.

The motor pool includes only real brands and models, including American and European classics, sports cars, SUVs, and even supercars like Aston Martin Vulcan and Pagani Zonda

Car simulators are one of the best aspect. It can help you in selecting your dream car. You would be able to understand a lot of car functions.

Whenever you would go out for buying your own car your knowledge about cars would help you a lot. Not only for buying cars but even for spare parts. You would be familiar with their structure and designs.

The 2019 version of the game that we tested at IndieGames.Download totals around 100 cars with thousands of details. All 3D models of vehicles are licensed by manufacturers, so you may be sure about the credibility of the default blueprints and implement your dreams without huge investments.

PC Building Simulator

This game will make your heart warmer if you have tried constructing a desktop PC at least once. It’s an unforgettable feeling to the very last screw and the first launch! PC Building Simulator is your chance to experience that once again.

If you wanted to be a technician then you can try it for quenching your thirst. You can feel how much effort does it take to make a PC.

Similarly to Car Mechanic Simulator, developers of the game tried to recreate everyday routines of a private custom PC assembler. You have to get up early, check out your mail to receive orders, shop components online, then unbox and put them together.

All components in PC Building Simulator are licensed by manufacturers, including such famous ones as NVIDIA, SanDisk, AMD, Intel, Cooler Master, Western Digital, ZOTAC, and dozens of others. You can try to mix them up freely in the Free Build mode.


At least one of these excellent simulators will satisfy your engineering interest and grab your attention for long hours. Maybe they will even help you to make a life-changing decision and try a new job. Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially since it’s so easy to do it virtually.

Not only your interests would increase but your mental powers would also augment. May be some day you would get a chance to fulfill your dreams regarding such simulations you would be an apt.

Last thing you must make sure before trying any of these simulations and games is your  interest if you feel like you are just going with the flow and actually you are not into this then take a break and stop.

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