Top Sources to Prepare for Microsoft MS-900 : Exam-Labs with Its Practice Tests Are Here!

Fundamental skills in every technical role are important in helping you find your place inthis field. They guide you to understand the basic requirements of a specific area, especially if you are completely new in the industry. Learning this primaryknowledge help you develop your interest in the specific realmand acquire qualification skills for the next level. This is why Microsoft has added the Fundamentals category in its certification program. Microsoft MS-900 is one of the exams associated with this level. This test focuses on the basics of Microsoft 365.

Before we help you understand this exam and provide you with the prep resources that you can use to pass it, we want you to know some facts aboutthe latest Microsoft certifications.Just before the end of 2018, the company introduced the changes that affected its program. Through its new tests, Microsoft made it possible for the professionals to pursue skills that help them excel in their roles. Now thecandidates cangetthe certificates that are in three separate categories. You can earn a credential in any of these role-based ones:

  • Fundamentals;
  • Associate;
  • Expert

Once yousuccessfully pass the tests, you will have a chance to earn a certification that will be role-based as well. Let’s know more about the Microsoft MS-900 exam and the category it is from.

Microsoft MS-900 Exam: All You Need to Know

The Microsoft MS-900 exam is one of those tests aimed at obtainingthe certification from the Fundamentals category. It specifically leads to the Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals credential. The candidates can pass it as a precedent to the Cloud-based and technology exams, such as Windows 10, AIP (Azure Information Protection), Office 365, and Microsoft Intune.

This certification exam is intended for theindividualswho want to prove their fundamentalknowledge based on the considerations and benefits that come with the adoption of Cloud services. It also verifies their knowledge of adopting the SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud model. You will also need to know a thing or two about the options available and the benefits that you can get from implementingMicrosoft 365 Cloud service offerings.

The Microsoft MS-900 test comes with 40 to 60 questions. You will have 60-90 minutes to finish all of them. The exam questions may cover different formats, including short answer, review screen, multiplechoice, best answer, drag and drop, and active screen. You may also get fill-in-the-blank, hot areas, and case study. The certification test is available in English and Japanese. The marks you get in the exam shouldn’t be less than 700. This is the required passing score for all Microsoft tests, except for the Microsoft Office ones. The MS-900 exam costs $99.

Exhausting the following topics using thorough study methods is the key to helping you attain the necessary mastery in experience and understanding. Here they are:

  • Cloud concepts;
  • Core services and concepts for Microsoft 365;
  • Security, privacy, compliance, as well as trust in Microsoft 365;
  • Support and pricing for Microsoft 365.

Your fundamental skills in Microsoft 365 will help you land job roles, such as a Solutions Specialist, an IT Consultant, a Service Operations Analyst, and a Microsoft 365 Specialist.

Microsoft MS-900 Exam:Top Sources + Resources

As much as Microsoft MS-900 tests basic skills, this doesn’t mean that it is going to be an easy exam to pass. The technical nature of the Microsoft testsmakes them tough compared to the non-technical ones. Thus, there is a need for an approach that helps master every key concept and skill. You can attain this if you understand what resources can give you maximum support. What are these top studymaterials for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam? Find out below.

  1. Microsoft

The official Microsoft website is quite resourceful. You will need to go through it to understand how to register for the test, what topics must be covered, and what courses to take for Microsoft MS-900. Here you will learn how to access the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals instructor-led training. Another useful exam resource is the downloadable guide for your effective preparation process.

  1. Microsoft Press Store

You can find the Exam Ref and other eBooks on this platform. Books are powerful materials for self-study. They are designed to guide the candidates through the necessarytopics, work with practical labs, and practice with questions. A study guide is mostly useful when used as a complementary to training courses, hands-on labs, and practice tests.

  1. Exam-Labs

Laying the right foundation for career success is critical. The Exam-Labs website enhances your chances of passing the certification test and gives you an understanding of what is required to be successful in your career. The knowledge obtained by practicing with the MS-900 exam dumps is something you need. Beyond your test, this knowledge will help you in performing your duties at work. Through the exam si,ulator, you can repeat the questions until you get the concepts well. This enables what you learn to stay in your memory for a long time.Also,the Exam-Labs video tutorials are additional study materials you need to try out. There is a premium study bundle combining both video courses and practice tests. Using these two tools, you can easily attain the passing score. What is more, free braindumps will make your preparation process interesting, fun, and looking to somethingspecial.


Starting a totally new career or an IT path can be confusing. But with the Microsoft MS-900 test, you can easily discover what you want to pursue. The exam places you on a great foundation that will help you determine your preferred role. The role you settle on will define yournext step. Once you’ve met the exam expectations, you will be in a position to know the path you want to follow. If you are also switching your career, say, from a non-technical one to IT, this entry-leveltest will help you find a good start. To succeed in your career, you have to begin from somewhere. These starting points often determine how you move upwards. Start learning fundamental skills right now and be on your way to a great IT career!

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