Where to Find the Best Fitness Apps and Tips Online

One of the biggest disadvantages of fitness trackers and online apps is the fact that they cannot cater to the wide span of needs a typical amateur athlete needs. There are not apps that measure the angle you score free throws in basketball but are there are multipurpose apps that can assist ordinary folk like you and me?

The simples answer is yes, there are. Finding them online is easy if you know what you are looking for. Settle on what are the functions you need: calories counter, pedometer, a motivating app or perhaps all of the above and choose one of the following 5 freeware apps we present you with.


Before you hit Google’s online store, you should check out another website owned by the same company. Try to find YouTube fitness channels that are intended for fitness beginners. There are so many YouTubers nowadays that you’ll find it easy selecting a friendly face from whom you’ll take exercise advice.

Whether you’re a runner or just want to lift more, channels such as Xhit Daily, Omar Isuf or Alan Thrall will help you realize your dream of staying fit. An Alternative to YouTube channels that also feature instructional videos is freeware apps.


An application available for free on Google Play tracks all sorts of metrics from your running (which you could have deduced from the app’s name). The standard data is all there: distance covered, average and max speed, relative pace, calories burned, the heart rate, pulse, etc.

Although it’s free, the app features a lot of extra functions like an audio motivator and feedback, the ability to connect with other people if you run like group, leaderboards to compare your results and data with other runners.

Owning a Wear OS smartwatch means that you can leave the smartphone at home because the app is compatible with it. As with all the free programs, there is the possibility to go pro and get rid of annoying ads.

Nike Training Club

Another app designed with runners in mind is Nike Training Club. However, this app is different from Runtastic in the sense that it provides the user with hundreds of workout plans that typically last from 15 to 45 minutes.

All you have to input are your desired fitness goals and the computer will do the rest of the work, calculating how much you have to run, swim or weightlift.

There is a myriad of explanatory photos and videos that demonstrate how to work out in a proper way to achieve the best results. Unlike other apps, all of these are available offline so there is no need to stream or download content.

Strong Lifts 5×5

The next app on our list is intended for seasoned bodybuilders who have muscle gain in mind. However, the interface is designed in such a way that beginners who wish to lose extra fat can use Strong Lifts 5×5 as well. As far as pros are concerns, it offers 45-minute training sessions three times a week, for maximum results.

It isolates the largest muscles and helps them grow overnight (rest is essential). In order to deliver on these goals, the app features calendars and plate calculators that can help bodybuilders program their training sessions to the last rep.

Map My Run

Back to running, Map My Run is an app for athletes who tend to get disoriented. Although this might be fun in an urban area, it is no jokes getting lost in the wilderness while jogging. The app helps you set the route and map your distance covered with a small map on the side.

Of course, all the standard functions like pace rate, customizable audio feedback on your runs, and various motivation tools are all there. In fact, Map My Run tracks more than 600 different activities.

Furthermore, an active online community means that you’ll never run alone and could count on peer support. If you go for the ad-free premium version, your training sessions will be analyzed more thoroughly, allowing for improved results. Like that, you can easily bring the best routine for your working out.

Since memorizing the same road that you use to run on can handle you the best aura to work out even more. No one can deny that the mapping of your activities can seem very challenging. Now thanks to the app, you will be able to rock the world o working out with the minimum costs in the market. The app is perfect according to many experts in the field for sure.


We save saved the best for the last. The Pedometer is an app as simple in design as it is useful. The app makes good use of the built-in pedometer to count your steps and much more.

Firstly, it informs you of how many steps you’ve taken during a set period, as well as the distance covered, calories burned, and the active time elapsed. The “trends ” section allows you to connect with other users and compare your respective activity history.

This should give you a pretty accurate estimate of how active you truly are, much better than those pseudomedical researches available online. Apart from connecting with other designated joggers in your area, you can organize challenges such as seeing who can walk the most in a single day.

Actually, watching the count of your steps from one time to another can handle you the best motivation for your entire working out journey. This is why you have to boost your perspective and seek the top number of steps that you have achieved yet. Rhea app can easily handle you the best support for that.

Having listed all these apps, we must say that the best way to find fitness tips online is YouTube tutorials. All the other free apps try to ape this “instructional” concept of assisting fitness goals by generating workout plans and analyzing data in a sensible way.

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