Air purifier vs humidifier vs dehumidifier

Ionic air purifier vs Hepa air purifiers

Even though the both devices clean the air from impurities, they do use different methods for clearing out the air. The more you know about each of them, the easier is going to be for you to decide which type of device you need for your home. No filter vs. filter An ionizer is sending

Air purifier vs ionizer

Both air purifiers and ionizers are made to eliminate various contaminants from your house. The filtration air purifier simply uses a different air-cleaning technology than the one used by ionizer. Let’s see the details for a better understanding. How does a filtration air purifier work? In the case of mechanical filtration purifiers, the air is

Air purifier vs humidifier for the baby

When it comes to babies, we all know that they’re the most precious human beings in the world so keeping them safe and sound is fundamental for all of us. No matter which type of parent you are, we all have to agree that we’re thinking of their best interest. Using an air purifier or

Air purifier vs dehumidifier

The air purifier is designed for circulating and filtering air. It’s able to trap dust, smoke and various allergens, leading to a fresher and healthier air in your home. You should use one no matter if you’re dealing with asthma or allergies as breathing a cleaner air is good for everyone’s lungs. The dehumidifier is

Air purifier vs. humidifier vs. dehumidifier

When we take a look at the air purifiers and dehumidifiers, we realize that they’re both made to reduce allergens in a room, making it more comfortable for anyone dealing with asthma and allergies. In the case of air purifier, the device circulates air through a filter, trapping air-born pollutants and irritants (smoke, dust, and

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