Best ATV Winch

Best ATV Winch

If you’re the proud owner of an ATV, you know that the accessories you need for your ATV are many, with the winch being amongst the most important ones. Any hardcore off-roader is going to end up in a mud hole sooner or later. The ATV winch is going to be the best tool to use for getting back on track unless you want to spend the night in the middle of nowhere.

What’s the utility of ATV winch?

Briefly put, the ATV winch is going to use force for pulling the object (ATV in this case) toward another, with the help of a rope or cable. The lightest or the object that poses the least resistance is going to be moving when using the winch.

Imagine that your ATV gets stuck in a muddy area! You may secure the cable/rope from the winch to an object with a larger mass, acting as an anchor. You continue with engaging the winch, letting the strong motor to turn the drum. While the winch is drawing in the cable, your ATV starts moving toward the anchor. As long as everything is done right, it’s not going to take long until your ATV is out of the mud.

You may also use the winch for hauling various objects toward the ATV. It’s a great tool to have when one of your friends ends up in the mud. You may engage your winch for helping the friend in need, indeed.

What features to check when choosing your ATV winch?

With myriads of options on the market, it makes sense that you may become easily overwhelmed by the possibilities. Soon enough, you’re not going to be able to tell the difference and may end up with the wrong model for your ATV.

Here’s what to pay attention to when selecting the winch:

  • Rated line pull

It’s the first thing to check on the winch, as a model that is too small for your ATV isn’t going to help you get out of the mud. You don’t want it to be too big either, since it’s going to add more weight to the front/rear bumper, altering the balance of your ATV.

The rated line pull links to the maximum amount of force that the winch can take. You need to run some numbers for figuring out which one works best for your ATV.

  • The line speed

What speed do you want on your winch? Line speed is related to the gear train in the winch, with the worm and planetary being the most common kinds.

Planetary consists of several gears for quicker pull, but it gives more heat too. The worm is only using two speeds, which renders it to be slower and with lower temperature.

  • The type of cable

You can select between steel and synthetic cables, with both have them presenting ups and downs.

The steel winch cable is more comfortable to take care of, taking an impressive amount of heat. However, burrs from the wire may get into your skin.

The synthetic cable, on the other hand, is safer and lighter, but it needs more maintenance. It can weaken when rubbed over some sharp objects.

  • The solenoid

It’s how the solenoid is mounted that counts, with integrated or remoted being the main choices. The integrated solenoid is built-in into the winch, for increased protection, but it takes much space. You can mount the remote solenoid separately, which means more versatility.

One last suggestion

There are many choices to check when looking for an ATV winch, but as long as you’re patient enough, the selection process should run smoother. Just like your ATV.

TOP 5 ATV Winches

   1. Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit

Just because you go shopping on a fixed budget, it doesn’t mean that you should come back home empty-handed. The Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit isn’t only an affordable ATV winch, but also a pleasant surprise for the money.

It’s a sturdy unit that delivers a maximum power of 3000lb., rated line pull with 1 HP permanent magnet motor. The ATV/UTV winch kit contains almost everything you need for winching. You receive a mounting channel, a remote control, and a roller fairlead. You can mount the winch on the ATV or side by side with the mounting chain so that you use of the 1.3-horsepower (12-volt) DC permanent magnet moto.

The heavy-duty aircraft cable is 3/16-in galvanized and 46ft long. It’s a sturdy cable that has a low risk for fraying even when you use it in highly abrasive surface (mud, sand, or rocks). The dependable roller fairleads roll the robust cable onto the drum (1.5 by 3.2in), expanding the lifespan of the cable.

You’re going to enjoy fantastic control throughout winching thanks to the three-stage planetary gear system, the handlebar-mounted remote control, and the free-spooling clutch. Safety wasn’t compromised in any way, with the winch presenting a dynamic braking of the drum, giving you stopping power for every job. The gear reduction ratio is 171:1, and the winch gets a 4.3ft per minute speed with a full load. The rate with no charge is 8.9ft per minute.

Let’s not forget to mention the useful strap and the strong clevis hook, which only increase the performance of the unit. It runs relatively quiet, and it’s easy to install too.


  • It provides a maximum rated line pull of 3000lb
  • It comes with robust aircraft cable and strong latched clevis hook
  • The planetary gear is dependable, and you get incredible control over the power
  • It doesn’t run the load, and it’s excellent value for the money


  • The handlebar may look huge to some
  • There is some delay when running the unit

Beggars cannot be choosers and, for the buck you’re paying, you get a reliable, dependable, and valuable winch to use for your ATV.


   2. Superwinch 1120210 LT2000 12-Volt-ATV Winch

When you’re hunting low for a trustworthy, durable, easy to figure out and to use a winch, take a leap of faith with the Superwinch 1120210 LT2000 12-Volt, ATV Winch.

The winch comes with low-amperage and permanent magnet motor, with gear ration 153:1. It has a rated line pull of 2,000lbs and comes with pull-and-turn free spooling clutch. It’s a one-stage planetary for the winch, but the unit is sturdy.

You also receive a pulley block and D-shackle, which may compensate for the fact that the winch doesn’t come with roller fairlead.

Don’t let the appearance fool you since the winch is a versatile and robust unit that you can mount permanently or use as a portable winch. It comes with quick-connect wiring and mounting kits.

The winch runs strong, yet quietly, with a list of features that surprise for the price. The dynamic braking, the low-amp draw system, the built-in circuit breaker protection increases the overall value of the winch.

The unit comes with handlebar-mounted rocker switch, pull-and-turn free spooling clutch, and rugged latched hook with rope thimble.


  • The unit features a low-amp draw sealed magnetic motor
  • It presents several features that ensure safe and durable performance
  • It comes with dynamic braking and built-in circuit breaker protection
  • It’s easy to mount or to use a portable unit


  • The cable isn’t the best quality
  • It doesn’t come with a remote

Even if the winch isn’t all roses and rainbows, it still manages to surprise with the comprehensive list of features, power, reliable performance, and overall value for the price.


   3. Bravex Electric 12V-Waterproof Winch

Even if the price may seal the deal for many, the Bravex Electric 12V 3500lb/1591kg Single Line Waterproof Winch is a lot more than just an affordable ATV winch.

The winch is versatile and you can use it for your ATV, UTV, plows, and more. It features a durable motor drive that ensures a robust and steady pull. The unit is very well made with all metal gearing for long-lasting performance. It comes with a strong, smooth, and dependable three-stage planetary geartrain and highly sensitive remote control.

The waterproof and exclusive brake design allows fantastic control, but also comes with anti-sediment protection, which only makes it more durable. The winch includes extra wide and thick steel wire rope (aviation grade steel) which takes the long-time use. The Clutch Ergonomic freespool control lets you engage/disengage the clutch effortlessly.

The 4-way roller fairlead is going to guide the rope onto the drum efficiently, whereas the Rocker switch increases the versatility of the unit. You can control the winch with the switch too, not only with the remote control.

The 3500lb power and the waterproof build, turn the winch into an excellent choice for any fixed budget.

The unit is easy to install and comes nicely packed. You also get a set of bolts, along with the steel rope, the wired remote switch, and the wireless remote control.

The winch comes with sealed solenoid and pre-wired. The marking on the cables are clear and the unit has a durability feel to it.


  • It provides constant and robust pull
  • It features tight, smooth, and dependable three-stage planetary gear train
  • The remote control is highly sensitive
  • The cable is made with aviation-grade steel, and the unit is durable


  • Be careful when winding the wire, as the risk for clumping isn’t null
  • The bolts that come along with the unit are weak, but you can easily find better ones

The good outweighs the bad by far and the winch is a solid choice to consider, especially considering the price.


   4. KFI Products A3000 ATV Winch Kit

No matter if you’re plowing snow or trying to get your ATV out from deep mud, the KFI Products A3000 ATV Winch Kit is one dependable model to work.

You may easily equip your ATV, UTV or SxS with the winch, so that you eliminate any stress when in an emergency situation.

It’s a compact winch that is very well made and seems to be ready to take up a beat. It presents high quality cast aluminum and long-lasting steel elements and water-resistant seals keeping the elements away from the unit. The standard four-hole mounting design makes installation a breeze.

The all-metal turn clutch is heavy-duty, sustaining the performance of the winch. The mini-rocker switch allows you straightforward control, whereas the bracket mountable on the ATV’s handlebar is easy to adjust.

The heavy-duty electric contactor is going to protect the electrical system of your ATV, switching the power distribution of the winch.

The winch is reliable and doesn’t run loud, and its force takes you out even from the deepest mud holes.


  • It’s compact and strong
  • It can get you out of the deep mud holes
  • It comes with cast aluminum and durable steel elements
  • It presents water-resistant seals for protection against the elements


  • It’s not waterproof
  • Some doubt its force

Regardless of the minor problems, the winch should be on your shopping list next time you’re buying equipment for your ATV.


   5. Superwinch-LT3000-ATV12-VDC winch 3,000lbs

Specially designed for ATV, the Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC winch 3,000lbs is always a good buy. Since it has a rated line pull of 3,000 pounds, the winch comes with roller fairlead and mounting plate that take excess use.

The unit includes a sealed low amperage permanent magnet motor that runs reasonably quietly. It’s a compact and versatile winch that you can use for many applications. The engine is protected by a circuit breaker, for better durability.

The entirely metal three-stage planetary gear train is rugged, whereas the 3/16″ wire rope is durable and 50ft long. The four-way roller fairlead is also tough, and the wired handheld remote comes with 12’ ergonomic clutch (free-spooling).

The winch comes with both handlebar-mounted rocker switch and handheld remote, for better versatility. The mechanical and dynamic brake takes the excessive use, with the 100% automatic load-holding reducing the risk for wire rope slippage. The solenoid is sealed and the circuit breaker provides safe and electromagnetic power in all sorts of weather.

The rubberized remote switch has 12’ lead, which ensures safe distances and positioning between you and the winch while in use.

The instruction for installation are easy to follow, and the winch is easy to use altogether. You may install it on the ATV, UTV, or Side-by-Side.


  • It’s well made especially for ATV
  • It comes with low amp permanent magnet motor
  • The clutch is free-spooling
  • The brake is automatic


  • It’s not an universal fit for the winch
  • The circuit breaker isn’t insulated, according to some

All in all, the winch is going to take the use for a reasonable amount of time, and it’s worth every single penny. Why not take the plunge?


FAQs on ATV winches

Q: Do you really must buy a winch for your ATV?

A: A winch isn’t going to make your ATV run faster, so it’s not fundamental per se. However, should you ever find stuck in a muddy place, the winch is essential for keep on moving. A good winch can also get some branches out of the way, and you should get it only if you want to keep on moving J

Q: Can a portable winch work on an ATV?

A: The portable winch is a sizable electric winch that you may secure to the back or the front of your ATV. The portable winch can work for an ATV, especially if you go along with friends that share the same type of ATV.

Q: Is it mandatory for the winch to be waterproof?

A: First thing first, you should know that you’re going to have to pay the extra buck for a waterproof winch. If you’re not typically riding the muddy and slippery slopes, a waterproof winch isn’t fundamental to get. Look for water-resistant features, nevertheless, since you want the winch to able to take a couple of splashes as well.


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