Best UTV Winches

Best UTV Winch

Once you’ve decided that you should mount a winch on your UTV, the risk for getting trapped in the mud is considerably lower. How to realize which size do you need? What kind of hardware do you need for mounting? The more you’re learning about it, the easier is going to be for you to select the winch for your UTV.

How to differentiate winches for UTV and models for ATV?

First thing first, you should know that there aren’t significant differences between the winches for ATV or UTV. It’s why you find models that aren’t models designed for side-by-side. The weight rating is the one to take into consideration when buying.

With UTV weighing more than the ATV’s, it makes sense that you need a winch with a high weight rating. The rule of thumb is to look for 4,000 lb. Range (it can also be higher than that).

A 3,500lb winch can also work in some situations, but you shouldn’t settle for anything lower than 3,000lb. Anything lower than that isn’t going to give the power you need.  Be even more careful when the UTV is heavyweight,  and look for more power than that.

The riding you do with your UTV also plays a big part in the winch you’re selecting. A winch with a low weight rating is a reliable option for operating a snowplow during the cold season. However, if mud riding is your thing, you need a winch rated at 4,000-4,500 lbs. at least to fight the mud’s suction ability.

Which cable should the winch have?

There are two main types of cable for winches: wire and synthetic.

  • Synthetic or wire

Even if the synthetic rope is lightweight and quite the rage at the moment, each of the types has ups and downs. For instance, the synthetic line is lightweight, durable, and doesn’t pose a risk for corrosion or snapping. On the other hand, it doesn’t present UV resistance, so storing may be an issue. With the wire cable, you gain more strength and durability but have to deal with the high risk for injuries in case of snapping.

  • The length

The length of the cable is also to consider, with the majority of UTV’s cables being 50’. Don’t think that the longer the wire, the better. The winch’s weight rating is related to the first layer of line. To use the entire power of the winch, you have to spool almost the whole length of the cable. When you think that 50′ isn’t going to do it, it’s wiser that you also take an extension with you.

  • The diameter of the rope

Some models may require a specific diameter for the line. Make sure you pay attention when buying a replacement, with larger diameter always being stronger than thinner models.

One last suggestion

You should pay attention to many things when selecting the winch for your UTV, especially since the market gives you so many options. You don’t want to get a winch; you need one that gives you the power you need for stepping out of the mud.

TOP 5 UTV Winches

   1. Extreme Bear Claw ATV/UTV Winch

IN all fairness, the price may seal for many, but the Extreme Max 5600.3072 Bear Claw ATV/UTV Winch is a lot more than just an affordable winch.

The unit comes with 45’ steel cable, mounting hardware, motor cable, battery cable, snatch block, and connectors. It has a high output of 3100lb, with low amp draw and high efficiency.

The dynamic braking systems give you control, whereas the gearbox is triple planetary. The triple planetary gearbox gives an extra pull and silent operation. The planetary gears distribute power evenly so that the strain for the equipment is lower. You also want a low risk of ripping.

The versatility of the unit is fantastic, with the 4-bolt mounting ensuring universal fit for all sorts of winch mounts.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the color-coded wiring and comprehensive installation instruction. The winch is made for extreme temperatures, handling water, sun, and muddy terrain. The oversized freespool control is easy to engage/disengage. The housing is sealed for better protection against the elements.

The hook is made of ¼’ zinc-plated steel and takes the use. The zinc-coated steel cotter pin and the clevis key ensure safe attachment and less risk for corrosion. The snatch block is made with powder-coated steel and lowers the amount of force needed for moving an object. The terminal posts are also corrosion resistant and super-conductive, for better power and reliable performance.

The handlebar switch completes the description, and the unit is compact and reliable for easy installation.


  • It provides enough power and reliable pulling power
  • It’s easy to mount on various models
  • It has a compact size and durability feel to it
  • It’s made with sturdy materials and takes the excess use


  • It doesn’t come with a remote
  • Some noticed water getting inside

Regardless of the minor issues, the winch is still a reliable, dependable, easy-to-mount option that leaves you more money for something else.


   2. Champion ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

Easy to operate and running smoothly, the Champion 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit is a valid option to use on your YTV.

It has a 4500-lb. Rated line pull, and it’s powered by a 1.6 horsepower DC motor. When we go through the number, we notice a line speed of 4.6 ft per minute with a full load, whereas the rate with no charge is 12.8ft per minute.

The kit includes everything you need for the setup, with instructions easy to follow. You get both the antenna and the wireless remote, the roller fairlead, the mounting channel, and the wiring kit. The latter comes with mini-rocker handlebar switch and contactor, easing out the winching.

The roller fairlead ensures smooth and safe pull, whereas the 38-ft. galvanized super-duty aircraft cable takes abrasive terrain with no risk for fraying. We also notice the three-stage planetary gear system for the winch.

You may operate the winch from anywhere since the wireless remote and antenna have a 50-ft radius.

The instructions on wiring are easy to follow, while the smart design of the winch includes the auto-off feature. Therefore, the remote powers off automatically when not in use, helping the UTV’s battery not to get drained for nothing.

The safety level is excellent, with the winch coming with dynamic braking of the drum, so you get the stopping power you need for every job. The clevis hook is sturdy, and the strap is helpful too.

The winch is compact and lightweight, and it’s excellent for your UTV.


  • It includes everything you need for mounting
  • The motor is active, and the winch runs smoothly
  • It’s safe and comes with auto-off feature
  • It’s compact and lightweight


  • The hardware included in the kit could be better
  • Some didn’t figure the remote out easily

Easy to operate, reliable, and lightweight, the winch is a compact solution to keep in mind for your UTV.


   3. SuperATV Black Ops ATV / UTV Winch

The SuperATV 3500 lb. Black Ops ATV / UTV Winch is 100% guaranteed to work on a machine-specific mounting plate, fitting many bumpers and winch mounts with 3.0″x4.87″ mounting bolt design.

The unit comes with wireless remote control with auto shut/off, with the remote receiver being water-resistant.

The power for the winch is good (3500lb), whereas the 50′ synthetic rope takes excess to use for a long time. The wireless remote control is dependable, and you should use the break to use for holding spool on inclines. It’s weatherproof sealed so that you can use the winch on all sorts of weather. The solenoid is also water-resistant sealed, whereas the remote receiver box ensures reliable performance.

The unit is sturdy and rough, taking use in most unforgiving environments. The synthetic rope handles the 3500lbs of force, and it’s easy to manage thanks to its flexibility. It uses a primary aluminum hawse fairlead that eliminates the risk of snagging. The synthetic rope is safe and lightweight, with no chance of rusting.

There’s a permanent magnet 1.2hp motor running the unit, which uses long-lasting, heavy gauge wiring. You may both the dash and the handlebar mount for the wired rocker switch.

Not only that the remote control is wireless, but it also comes with an auto-shutoff feature so that it doesn’t run the power out of the vehicle when not in use.


  • The remote receiver is water-resistant
  • The synthetic rope is lightweight and doesn’t rust
  • The aluminum hawse fairlead eliminates the risk of snagging
  • The unit is reliable and dependable


  • The diagram isn’t easy to follow
  • The remote could be better

Even if the unit isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s still a reliable, durable, dependable, and versatile winch to mount on your UTV.


   4. WARN Vantage 4000 Winch

Many good things WARN 89040 Vantage 4000 Winch brings to the table, with the entirely sealed motor and drive train to maintain the elements out is the most important one.

The winch comes with three-stage planetary gear train which ensures smooth and dependable operation. The planetary gear train is reliable, whereas the strong permanent magnet motor provides fast and exceptional pulling power.

The list of features continues with the handlebar-mounted mini rocker switch and the corded remote control.

It’s an excellent option for the side by side owners that look for dependable and robust pulling power. The unit gives 4000 pounds pulling capacity, with the 55ft. Wire rope taking the heavy-duty use. It’s a 7/32in wire rope that spools on the roller fairlead just fine. It’s a new design for the powder-coated hawse fairlead which lowers the risk for rope wear.

The sturdy composite end housing gives the unit a durability feel, whereas the mechanical spring brake ensures you great control.

Even though it’s not fundamental for winches, this unit has a particular exterior styling and robust design. It’s not just rough and tough, but it also looks that way too. It has a corrosion-resistant finish, which also makes it an aesthetic detail. The clutch lever doesn’t make an exception, as it looks fantastic and blocks corrosion too. It comes with better complete winch sealing, keeping the elements away from the inside of the unit.


  • It’s sturdy and rough and has a great look
  • It comes with rugged wire rope
  • The motor is active, and the pulling power is amazing
  • It has a durable feel and provides excellent performance


  • Some expected it to run quieter
  • The hooks may be different than pictured, according to some

All things considered, the winch is a reliable, sturdy, nice-looking choice for many UTV owners so you should take the plunge with it.


   5. Superwinch Terra Winch

The Superwinch 1125220 Terra 25 2500lb Winch comes with a robust and low amp draw and sealed 1.3 HP permanent magnet motor. It comes with mechanical load holding and dynamic brake, for safer use.

The winch comes with a strong and durable steel wire rope, which gives you plenty of lengths (50′). It’s a 3/16″ thick rope, whereas the free spooling clutch presents ergonomic cam action.

The planetary gear is made of steel, and it’s big, and the circuit breaker is protected, presenting weather sealed solenoid contact.

It’s a 4-way roller fairlead comes with a strong latched hook with a thimble, allowing multiple operation switching options.

The winch is made to match most four-bolt pattern winch mount, and this unit is going to fit almost any power sports vehicle.

The rubberized remote switch comes with 10-ft extension cable, easing out the operation from a safe distance.

The winch is relatively quiet and robust.


  • It comes with sealed and reliable 1.3hp permanent magnet motor
  • It has protected circuit breaker
  • It features strong latched hook with thimble
  • It’s safe, versatile, and runs quietly


  • The instruction isn’t easy to follow by all
  • Some think that the cable could be better

All in all, the winch is reliable, secure, and dependable to use on your UTV.


FAQs on UTV winches

Q: What size should your winch be?

A: When you’re selecting the winch for your UTV, the rated pulling capacity is fundamental. It has to be 1.5 times, and even two times the weight you have to pull. You need to add the weight of your vehicle (loaded with your gear)  and multiply the number by 1.5. This way, you’re going to obtain the minimum winch pulling capacity. It’s not going to be challenging to identify the right size for your winch once you have that number.

Q: Is there a common size for the winches used on UTV?

A: You should find a winch with at least 4,000-pound capacity or even more significant than that. A 4,000-pound size is a good minimum for side x sides UTVs. If riding in the mud is your cup of tea, it means your UTV sits on the heavyweight side of models. Therefore, you should go with at least 4,500-pound capacity, so that you have enough power to escape from mud.

Q:  Does the winch mounting plate matter when selecting one for your UTV?

A: It’s essential that you also know how you’re going to mount the winch on your UTV, with many models not having a frame for mounting a winch. You must have a winch mounting plate too, with most brands being universal. You should always make sure that the mounting plate is made for your UTV, and it matches the rated pulling line capacity of the winch.

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