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Vollebak Graphene Jacket – The Wearable Nanotech is Here

Informinc’s Review of the Vollebak Graphene Jacket

Even if its price may be the big and main downside, it’s only a matter of time until you’re going to realize that the Vollebak Graphene Jacket is worth every single penny.

Why graphene?

Graphene is the thinnest form of graphite- and you know this one from your pencils. It’s bidimensional and its single layer of carbon atoms presents impressive abilities that are going to change for good medicine, aerospace engineering and everything in between.

If you add enough layers of it, it can stop bullets. It can also change the color of your hair- without the damaging effects. It may even turn the walls of your house in huge fire detectors.

In a nutshell, graphene is both strong and stretchy. If a spider web coated with graphene would catch a falling plane, the web wouldn’t break.

Why take a look at the Vollebak Graphene Jacket?

The new Vollebak Jacket is made of graphene so it puts on all of graphene’s magical properties: it absorbs heat and warms you up in time, it repels bacteria, conducting electricity and dissipating the excess moisture from your body.

Waterproof, the Graphene jacket is able to send warmth to cold spots, charging up heat stores. On top of everything else, Graphene is the strongest material at the moment so this jacket is in for the very long run.

The best part about the jacket is the material and graphene is the most conductive material on the planet. This isn’t the only ability of Graphene though, as this astonishing material is both strong and lightweight at the same time. However, this isn’t the easiest material to produce at scale and still is a challenging material to work with. Hence, the high price on the Vollebak graphene jacket (and everything else made with this special material).

The novelty of the design

Only one side of the jacket is actually made with graphene. This way, you’re able to see the improvement that graphene brings to the gear. The other side doesn’t disappoint either, as it’s made with stretch and high-strength nylon. No matter which size you wear, you’re still going to be happy with your buy.

If you’re going to wear the jacket facing inward, the graphene is going to warm you up as it conducts heat from warmer parts of your body, transferring it to colder areas. This way, it balances the temperature of your skin. The closer it is to your skin, the more effective it gets.

When you put on a Graphene jacket you’re going to be able to give up on mid-layers or base layers as you want graphene to conduct the most heat. In addition, the special material is going to create less humidity than a regular heat-conduction membrane.

The detailed look

Protecting you against water and wind, the Vollebak Graphene jacket could easily fall in the category of high-end jackets. Except for the part where it’s not just an expensive jacket, but also one that is simply loaded with the extra features. It has a reversible design that improves breathability, an adjustable draw cord in the waist area and entirely taped seam. In addition, the jacket comes with two reversible and laser-cut pockets that are going to keep your hand dry the whole time.

  • Reversible heat charging

You’re going to get the best results when wearing the graphene on the inside. The waterproof is better, the humidity is lower and the heat-conducting is more effective.

Wearing the graphene facing out isn’t a mistake or a total loss either. On a colder, yet sunny day, wearing the graphene out is going to let the exposed membrane to absorb heat. When you think it’s ready, you only need to turn it inside-out, letting the graphene layer to spread the heat all over your body.

Unlike any other waterproof jackets, sweating in this one isn’t going to be a tragedy. The graphene also presents “bacteriostatic” abilities, which means it doesn’t let bacteria grow, while blocking the unpleasant smells.

Not only that this jacket is able to conduct the heat from your body around itself for evening your skin temperature, but it may also store an endless amount of heat, working in the end just like a radiator.

  • The build

The jacket is made with a seam-less design and the pieces are lacer cut for minimizing the risk for waste (remember that this material is really difficult to obtain?). The pieces are thermally sealed later on.

As the graphene conducts electricity, the design had to tune the power down for safer use.

  • The extras

On top of everything else, the graphene is hypoallergenic, anti-static and even certified as non-toxic. So wearing the jacket isn’t going to pose any allergy risk for the allergy-prone customer.

The downsides?

The high price is the main pet peeve when it comes to the Vollebak Graphene Jacket. As it’s a new model, you’re not going to be able to choose from many styles so you’re going to have to settle with the current design.

Even though the jacket has a futuristic and modern feel to it, it’s not going to be the no. 1 choice for the fashion runaways. But that’s not a complete loss as its amazing abilities are going to overcome this issue.

The short list of pros and cons:

Even though the best parts about it are pretty obvious, summing it all for the pros and cons is going please most out there.

Here are the pros:

  • It warms you up and evens your skin’s temperature
  • It protects you against water and wind
  • It doesn’t let bacteria grow
  • It eliminates unpleasant smell
  • It’s reversible and heat charging
  • It has a seam-less build

The cons aren’t major:

  • It has a rather high price
  • It doesn’t come in many style options

What’s our final take?

If you’re looking for the jacket that warms you up, literally, and helps you stay warm and dry throughout a pouring day, this jacket is going to be the winning option. Even if it feels like you’re paying an arm and a leg for it, the jacket is still going to worth every single penny.

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