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Why Is the Replacement of RO Water Filters Important

You’ve been advised to replace your water filter, and for some reason, it doesn’t strike you as a good idea.

Perhaps, because it’d cost you some more cash, and you don’t have any spare cash for non-essentials, right?

Let me run you through the benefits of heeding to the advice and actually replacing the water filter:

First off, you install a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter in your home because you need to drink clean water (don’t we all?). Taking care of the water filter is one important thing we often take for granted, and the truth is, lack of proper care of the water filters cause more harm than good to our body systems.

Due to wear and tear, your RO water filter would need replacement of some of its components.

How Does an RO Water Filter Work?

Good question.

If you paid any attention to the Biology teacher, you would understand the basic mechanism of osmosis; involving the movement of water molecules from a region of higher water concentration to that of lower water concentration using a semi-permeable membrane.

Well, just as the name suggests, reverse osmosis filters work in the exact opposite way as osmosis but coupled with a little more pressure. This way, most dissolved salts are removed from your water.

dirty ro water filters
Dirty Reverse Osmosis water filters

What happens to the contaminants that do not pass through?

The water filtration process involves the use of cartridges. After prolonged usage, these cartridges get clogged up with contaminants. See why it’s necessary to change the cartridge on a periodic basis? This way, you can be sure that the water you end up drinking is actually clean water.

What if I don’t replace the water filter?

To be frank, that’s a pretty bad idea. Unless you got some real superpower water filters such as the ISpring’s excellent RO system, be ready to face some challenges with your RO system. Most of the challenges come as a result of a clogged water filter.

replacing ro water filterSome of these challenges are:

Lowered quality and quantity of water

Installing an RO water filter should mean having access to clean water. However, failure to maintain it means a denial of this benefit. In fact, your water’s low quality would be evident in its appearance, taste, and odor. Chemicals such as fluorine and chlorine wouldn’t be filtered so well- leading to bad odor. Reverse osmosis filters allow tiny molecules of water to pass through the tiny holes in the filter. When clogged up, the tiny holes become tinnier; implying a smaller quantity of filtered water.

Longer production time

If you are the observant type, you would notice a significant increase in the time required to produce a particular amount of filtered water. This still drives from the fact that the filters get blocked over time.

Increased energy consumption

RO filters work on electricity. When functioning optimally, they are very energy efficient. But, the reverse is the case if not maintained. Clogged up filters implies longer production time, higher use of electricity leading to an increase in your electricity bill, and of course, some additional strain on your pocket.

Is RO for You?

In spite of the few disadvantages of the RO system, it is still important to establish if the reverse osmosis filtration method suits you.

Try weighing the advantages of an efficient RO system such as access to clean water at cheaper rates; against disadvantages such as bad odor, higher electricity consumption and so on. The advantages sure outweigh the disadvantages!

Wrapping up

Truly refreshing water is healthy and tastes just as it should. With an RO water filter that’s adequately maintained, you have no fears about your water quality.

Spending a few bucks on the upkeep of your filter, and availing yourself of the benefits, is totally worth it!

In closing, here’s a video from US Water Systems with a complete filter replacement and sanitation procedure:

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