Permanent or Replacement Filters: Which One is Right for You?

Air Purifiers play a crucial role in keeping your home environment clean and fresh. Before you purchase an air purifier, you have to consider many factors, including which type of air filter you want for your home.

The efficiency and performance of your HVAC system depend primarily on the air filter inside. A quality filter will effectively remove any contaminants from your surrounding air without disrupting the unit’s airflow.

Whether you go for a permanent filter or a replacement filter will depend on your personal preferences and lifestyle. We will help you decide which system will suit your home better to make an informed choice.

Permanent Filters

Air filters fill up with particles such as dust, pet dander, and other allergens. If your purifier has a permanent filter, you don’t have to replace it every time it fills up. When it’s time to clean, some air purifiers notify you in some way, while others have to be checked manually.

To maintain the efficiency of your air purifier, you have to remove the permanent filter from the unit, wash it, dry it, and reinstall it.

How frequently the filter will need cleaning depends on your indoor environment. But it usually lasts two to three months before you have to wash again.

Permanent filters are a good option for:

● Pet owners who have plenty of pet dander in the air
● People living in areas with high pollen levels
● Children who are prone to allergies.

Replacement Filters

Replacement filters, also known as Trap and Toss filters, need to be replaced every time one fills up with dust. While it may be a dull job, filter replacement usually only takes a few minutes.

By starting fresh and installing a new filter once a month, you can ensure that the filtered allergens are far away from your clean indoor environment.

Replacement filters are suitable for:

● People with busy lifestyles
● People willing to stock up filters for quick replacement

Air Filter

Permanent or Replacement Filters: Which One is Right for You?

For maintaining a healthy indoor environment, an HVAC system should have the right filter to work efficiently at all times.

Therefore, you have to consider the following factors to decide which filter is right for you and your home:

Initial Cost

The upfront cost of air purifiers with permanent filters isn’t similar to those with replacement filters. The majority of purifiers with permanent filters cost more.

On the other hand, many air purifiers with replaceable filters come with impressively low price tags. However, the initial cost is not the only reason to choose a filter, as there are other things to consider as well.

Filter Efficiency

The filtering efficiency of HVAC units is rated by minimum efficiency reporting value or MERV. A higher MERV rating means that the filter is more effective at capturing particles from the air without compromising the airflow.

Replacement filters usually offer MERV 12 or more, while permanent filters average around MERV 4. Hence, in terms of filter efficiency, replacement filters ensure better filtration and a fresh start with every new filter.


Although replacement filters offer better filtration, they have higher maintenance costs due to frequent filter replacements. In some units, the replacements end up costing the same as the purifier.

On the other hand, permanent filters are lighter on the wallet. That said, their maintenance requires manual effort. However, if your filter will need frequent cleaning, it is more convenient to use a permanent filter and clean it when the need occurs.


Dirty air filters significantly reduce the performance of your air purifier and the indoor air quality. Hence, it is necessary to keep the filter clean at all times.

Replacement filters don’t require cleaning, which makes them ideal for busy lifestyles. However, if your filter might get clogged up frequently, a permanent filter is the best option for you.

Whichever filter you choose, make sure you take good care of it, and it will take care of you.

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