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Small Drill Press

Small/Mini Drill Press

When you’re planning to work on small objects (circuitry or jewelry), the mini drill press is the perfect option. Compact and highly portable, a mini drill press comes with a surface/table which is the same as the supportive base area. Even if you’re not going to be able to use a mini drill press for bigger jobs, the small drill press sure finds its efficiency on many other types of jobs. Why use a small drill press in the first place? The small drill press stands out with a compact design so you may install it practically wherever you need…

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technologies will change digital marketing

Technologies That Can Change Digital Marketing

As any digital marketer would know, jumping on the latest techno-bandwagon might spell trouble for the brand they are handling. For instance, imagine if you invested time and money on apps like Vine and YikYak for long-term digital marketing plans only for the apps to shut down, then all your strategies would have been wasted. However, there are technological trends that has the potential to change society at large. How it affects society may be slow, but it deserves a marketer’s attention nonetheless. Here are some of the growing trends in technology that will shape your digital marketing strategies in…

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best solar bug zapper reviews

Best Solar Bug Zappers

We all know that bugs can really be annoying, but luckily for all of us there are plenty of solutions that can make our life a lot easier. One choice to take a look at as it’s both effective and affordable is the solar powered bug zappers. What are the solar powered bug zappers? The solar powered bug zappers use electricity converted from sunlight, through the photo voltaic cells in the device. The electricity is going to kill the bugs, keeping them at distance. Most of the models out there come with solar panel/cell on top so that it gets…

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evolution of coffee makers

Coffee Maker Technologies – Past and Future

Coffee Maker Technologies - From the Ancient Age Until Present Times It was around 1615 when Europeans started to drink coffee as Venetian traders got it from the Ottoman Turks. As interesting as this may sound, the equipment used back then for making coffee was rather simple. How did/do the Turks make their coffee? Some things never change and that’s the case for how the Turks are making their coffee. Until this very day they’re still using the same methods as back in the 1645. You only need to boil together some finely ground coffee with water and sugar in…

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hardwood finishes

Flooring Finishes Explained

Real wood flooring is a timeless product that has been popular throughout multiple centuries. But why is wood such a popular option in the current generation where manufacturers have invested time and money into creating brand new flooring options. Wood flooring is a huge part of interior design and new manufacturing techniques have allowed products such as engineered wood flooring to be created, which has allowed wood flooring to become more affordable. There is a large variation of flooring finishes and species available, which can often lead to consumers becoming confused. Therefore, it is important to understand the different flooring…

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home made bug zapper

DIY Bug Zappers- Everything You Need to Know

A bug zapper, aka “electrical discharge insect repellent system” has become quite a popular method to eliminate the annoying biting and flying insects. In order to be efficient, they need to accomplish 2 different functions. On the one hand, a bug zapper has to lure insects in some way, and on the other hand, it also needs to put out enough electricity to kill the insects. Even though they may come with all sorts of bells and whistles, they’ve been around since the ‘30s and haven’t changed that much in terms of design. Are DIY bug zappers safe to use…

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is bose home speaker 500 any good?

Bose Home Speaker 500- The Smart Speaker We All Need

Informinc's Review of the Bose Home Speaker 500 One of the best thing about the amazing development of hi-tech comes from the possibilities it gives us to improve our home and lifestyle. We all want these days to turn our house into a smart one, where we’re always just one click of a button from improving our comfort. A smart home speaker should be on your shopping list and with Bose Home Speaker 500 many things around the house are going to get a lot easier. What is the Bose Home Speaker 500? The new Bose Home Speaker 500 is…

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Small Shop Vac Reviews

Best Small Shop Vac

The small shop vacs are great and powerful vacuums that take most sophisticated clean up jobs as they’re wet-dry vacs. Portable and easy to use, they’re especially designed for the workshops and they’re going to leave any floor entirely spill-free. The ideal small shop vac comes with a 3 gallon tank and impresses with its performance. However, when you go shopping there are plenty of other things to look at in a good small shop vac. What to check on a small shop vac? Small shop VACs weren’t created equal and there are some things to take under consideration when…

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Hitachi C10FL review

Hitachi C10FL Table Saw – Is It a Keeper or Not?

Informinc's Review of the Hitachi C10FL Table Saw Whenever you’re in need of a reliable and powerful table saw, don’t hesitate to take a look at the Hitachi C10FL. The table saw makes a nice first impression with its professional look, but it’s a lot more than meets the eye. As a matter of fact, the table saw brings plenty of good things to the table and you should consider it when shopping for a new table saw. What are the features of the Hitachi C10FL? Even though the professional appearance is the first thing that strikes you, the table…

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best bug zapper reviews

The Best Bug Zappers in 2018

Truth be told, the number of people that dig staying around bugs is really thin and most of us have tried all sorts of ways to get rid of the annoying insects. Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of options nowadays which are eliminating a great number of the bugs coming too close to us. The downside comes from the fact that there are several types of bug zappers and therefore, choosing just one method becomes a bit challenging. Fear not as we give you a hint or two for selection the best bug zapper for your needs.…

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Security Cameras working through Glass

Can Security Cameras Work Through Glass?

We’re pretty tempted to install a security camera in the window facing outside for securing the front door or backyard. We also think that mounting a security camera indoor, looking through the window may be a good idea too. But does your security camera work through window glass or any kind of glass? What problems should you expect when you place the cameras inside, looking through a window panel or glass? Is your infrared camera still going to see through a window or glass? Let’s take a closer look at the problem related to glass and the solutions to try.…

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Outdoor Speakers With Bass Reviews

Best Outdoor Speakers With Bass

Installing an outdoor TV becomes useless if you’re not using the right set of outdoor speakers. First thing to pay attention before even thinking about buying some outdoor speakers is the level of noise in your backyard. Do you have loud neighbors? Are there any pets or kids making plenty of noise all day long? The minute you make an idea about the level of noise outside your home, you may continue. And this doesn’t mean buying, but doing a bit of research about the features and qualities that good outdoor speakers should come with. What to look for in…

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