artificial intelligence and web design

AI and the Future of Web Design

Just like many technologies, the internet has come a very long way since its birth. Back in the day, the internet was coded using HTML, and while this provided us with the core basics we needed to surf and access the information we needed, it was far from pretty. Fast-forward a quarter of a century

what is 3d printing and how it works

What Is 3D Printing? How Does It Work?

Aside from drones and Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing is one of the most exciting technological innovations of our times. With countless applications across various fields and industries, it is no surprise that 3D printers have been making waves in the technology scene. From hospitals to factories and learning institutions, everyone is lining up to get

benefits of virtual reality for industry

Benefits and Use Cases of Virtual Reality: VR is Not Just for Games

Virtual reality is eventually finding its way into an extensive range of applications and isn’t just meant for game development and design services anymore. Sure, VR has made a dent in gaming; its actual value is in the industrial and commercial environment. Light-weight goggles, improved graphics, and better software with low cost make VR ubiquitous

thunderbolt 3 ports on mac laptop

Thunderbolt 3 Explained

Thunderbolt 3 is the latest version of thunderbolt developed by Intel. It is hardware interface that shares USB-C type connector with USB. It has the same design like USB-C connector. Thunderbolt 3 allows to speed up the connection up to 40GBps and it double the speed from the previous versions of thunderbolt, display port 1.2

How Digital Technology Changed Education for the Last Years

Technology is of huge importance for humankind. It’s a sign of our progress and we widely use it in every sphere. Amongst the common spheres is education. Digital technology has strongly affected our life for the last years. Every next year brings some innovations and discoveries, which help to live easier and with comfort. Undoubtedly,

Key Differences Between Cobots and Traditional Robots

In the last few years, automation in the manufacturing industry led to the transformation of industrial floors. Tasks that were initially performed by people are now left to the machines. This has resulted in increased efficiency, reduced production costs, and reduction of work-related injuries. The rapid developments in the manufacturing industry have led to the

5G vs 4G: What is the Difference?

The fifth-generation networking is almost here. The technology is expected to revolutionize mobile networking with its faster speeds and bring an end to congestion. This will create new economic opportunities all across the globe.    The fourth-generation networking made waves in the 2000s and made internet speeds 500 times faster than 3G. The development of 4G

Drone Multicopter

Pros and Cons of Drones

We live in 21st century and here we have got a lot of new things to try, when we here the term drone, the first thing which comes to our mind is the military and spy. It is not the case always there is a wide range of tasks which can be done through using

How Wearables are Transforming the Healthcare Industry?

Gone are those days when fitness is limited to clinical suggestions and prescriptions. Internet of Things (IoT) technology has really evolved almost every major industry, including healthcare. From smart sensors to drones, we have seen some great innovations. All thanks to IoT tech-savvy devices.  Wearables technology has various crucial factors that can shape the healthcare

Custom App vs. App Builders

Custom App vs. App Builders: How Much You Have To Compromise

Mobile Applications are gaining momentum at an unprecedented rate. No matter whether you own a small retail shop or multiple stores, there is always scope for further penetrating the market and giving users an enriched tool to interface with your business. Mobile applications are not just a means to amplify sales, but they are instrumental

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