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How apps make restaurants efficient

Over the past few years, mobile app development technology has seen a drastic growth. This drastic growth has made easily accessible to the end-users. Nowadays; technology is playing a lead role and as well as take the role of a…

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What are Demarc Extensions?

Demarcation points (demarc) are the area where cables, wires, and other equipment belonging to service providers and utility companies meet the infrastructure belonging to a building/property. Most demarcs house cables used by telecom/datacom companies (phone/Internet lines) that allow building networks…

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E-Hail Apps

The Pros and Cons of E-Hail Apps

In recent years, technology, innovation, and access to the internet have all modernized the transport industry. This has brought both advantages and disadvantages to customers and drivers. Uber, for example, has provoked dramatic changes to the old taxi industry, enabling…

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Social Networks

Which Social Networks Can Help You?

Why would anybody consider the possibility of paying for comments on Facebook? Or retweets on Twitter? Why would you want to take advantage of the chance to buy 50 Instagram likes on Insta4likes? These three social networks are leading the…

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