how to troubleshoot sump pump issue

Sump Pump Issues – Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Guide

Sump pumps are crucial in many households, as they keep the basement dry in case of heavy rains and prevent waterfloods. However, even the best sump pumps can develop problems in time and repairs will be necessary. Sump pump issues If you use a sump pump in your home, you probably know that proper maintenance

Toilet leaking at base

Even if it’s not a significant problem, discovering that the toilet is leaking at the base is no good news. Toilets leak for many reasons and you shouldn’t stress a lot if you have a leaky toilet. More often than not, you don’t even need to hire a professional plumber to see why your toilet

Washing machine drainage options

The electric bill isn’t the only concern when you use a washing machine. You also need to consider the drainage options to remove the used water from the washing machine. Taking the drain hose over the sink won’t do! If drainage isn’t adequate, you will have many problems with your hands. Luckily, you have many

Sump pump cover

Sump pumps are made to eliminate excess water in your home. There are several types to choose from, and they all ensure that the water remains below a pre-set level. This way, mold and moisture don’t develop nor damage your basement and even the entire house. Even if pumps are excellent in eliminating water from

How to fix gurgling toilet

Many homeowners don’t make a fuss over a gurgling toilet, but that’s not a wise thing to do. More severe plumbing problems could be the underlying causes of the toilet bubbles. Like with anything else in life, you need to solve the reason and alleviate the symptom. Using some ear drops at night will help

Fix air in water lines

Coming back home after a long day at work and taking a hot shower is something most of us want. We will not enjoy having irregular water flow in the faucet while trying to have a hot shower. It’s more annoying when you don’t have all appliances run simultaneously. Air in the water lines is

How to install a drain pump for a basement sink

Water clogging is not a fun thing to deal with and most of us have dealt with it until now. Debris or material stuck in the line and stopped the water from properly flowing to the drain. A drain pump is necessary for a smooth water flow and to drain the water from inflated tubs

How to install a french drain

As a homeowner with a lovely little garden to enjoy, you must already know that regular maintenance is necessary. Drainage problems are relatively common and installing a french drain is an excellent solution. If you’re a family handyman, you can solve the drainage problem with a french drain. It’s not the most complicated DIY job,

How to fix a leaky shutoff valve

Plumbing issues can give you headaches, especially when you know nothing about them. For instance, if you deal with a leaky water shutoff valve, you need to start by learning a thing or two about toilets and faucets. For one, residential toilets and faucets come with shut-off valves (“angle stops”). They are behind the toilets,

How to replace spigot

Water spigots are some outdoor facilities exposed to the elements and extreme temperatures. A leaky outdoor faucet isn’t the end of the world and replacing the outdoor faucet isn’t the most challenging plumbing task. If you’re determined to replace an outdoor spigot on your own, you can save some money from not hiring the plumber.

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