Furnace Wont Turn Off

Furnace Won’t Turn Off – 6 Possible Causes

When the furnace doesn’t turn off, you have a frustrating and worrisome problem. Fortunately, the problem isn’t always severe and doesn’t mean you should call in certified HVAC technicians. We all like the warmth the furnace can provide in a house in the cold months. When the furnace keeps on operating, its warmth can become

How Often Should the Furnace Cycle

How Often Should the Furnace Cycle?

Furnaces represent some of the most popular heating appliances for homeowners in the US. These reliable appliances heat numerous homes within our country and it’s understandable why many people will find the information below extremely handy. If you’re a responsible homeowner, you probably know that your furnace shouldn’t operate continuously when powered on. It works

Gas Smell From the Furnace

Gas Smell From the Furnace? Here’s What to Do

Natural gas is crucial in many households as it helps us heat the house and cooking. At the same time, natural gas is highly flammable and dangerous to inhale. Sensing gas from your furnace is not expected unless the unit is defective. When you sense a smell of faint gas close to the furnace when

Furnace leaking gas

Furnace Leaking Gas? Here’s What to Do

The American Gas Association states that more than 74 million natural gas clients are in the United States. While a fantastic source for keeping warm for cooking, and numerous other applications, natural gas is highly flammable, and gas leaks pose a high risk of fire and explosion. When gas is leaking, several signs will reveal

Furnace constantly running

Furnace Constantly Running? Here’s What to Do

The last thing you want in winter is to wake up in the middle of the night because it’s cold inside. Most homes have furnaces as heating systems, so most of you relate to this scenario, especially if your furnace is a few years old. What about when your furnace runs continuously even after reaching

Electric Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air

Electric Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air? – 9 Fixes

More often than not, furnaces will develop problems when we least expect them. If you have an electric furnace that no longer blows hot air, you must look into it until a certified HVAC technician comes for further servicing. What makes an electric furnace not blow hot air anymore As there can be several reasons

Furnace Won't Stay Running

Fix a Furnace That Won’t Stay Running

Even if we like the snow, one thing we don’t like in the winter is a cold house. Most houses have furnaces as central heating systems as they are reliable and effective. However, most furnaces will develop issues at some point, incredibly when close to their end life. If your furnace tries to start and

How to Clean the Furnace Ignitor

Gas furnaces need a system to ignite the gas; otherwise, the combustion process won’t occur. The type of furnace ignitor depends on the age of your furnace, as old models come with traditional pilot lights, whereas new models feature a spark ignitor or a hot surface ignitor. Why is the furnace ignitor important? For a

Furnace blower motor noise

Furnace Blower Motor Noise – How to Deal with It

The furnace blower motor can produce various noises when it starts. Sometimes, the noises indicate serious problems, whereas sometimes, they mean nothing to worry about. More often than not, a loose belt or screw can make the blower motor loud when starting. At the same time, a severe issue, such as a cracked heat exchanger,

furnace shuts off before reaching the temperature

Does Furnace Shut Off Before Reaching the Temperature?

If you have a furnace heating your house, you have probably experienced one or two problems with it. One of the most common problems with furnaces is when they shut off before it reaches the desired temperature. It’s a serious issue that requires proper diagnosis and fixing. When not addressed on time, the such issue

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