School Covid Prevention Measures

Changes Schools Should Make About Visitor Check-In When They Re-Open

Since the beginning of Covid-19, all schools have remained closed. But now they are about to re-open in the fall amid coronavirus chaos. All schools are required to implement the best practices for the safety of children and staff. In addition to the Covid-19 rules and regulations introduced by districts and states, the schools should

5G vs 4G: what is the difference?

The fifth-generation networking is almost here. The technology is expected to revolutionize mobile networking with its faster speeds and bring an end to congestion. This will create new economic opportunities all across the globe.    The fourth-generation networking made waves in the 2000s and made internet speeds 500 times faster than 3G. The development of

10 Strong Reasons Why Gadgets Should Be Banned in Schools

People constantly use technological inventions and children are no exception. One may see how schoolers get fixed on their gadgets in every school. Some folks claim it’s alright and children must be allowed to do what they want to secure their freedom of choice. Nonetheless, a school shouldn’t be a place where children don’t interact

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