Vaping ban

Indoor Vaping Bans

At a specific point in the past, there was no ban on smoking cigars or cigarettes. In fact, it was allowed almost anywhere. From hospitals to offices, indoors and outdoors, it just didn’t matter where, particularly on the television. However, later it was established that the cast-off smoke by smokers was as dangerous as direct

psychometric testing

Using Psychometric Tests to Make Hiring Easy

Did you know that more than 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK are using the psychometric tests at the moment? It only makes sense that you start using it too, but it’s best that you learn to walk before you run. Scroll down for the basic information on psychometric- it’s going

Types of Employee Schedules

Ever wondered what a state of the art Hubstaff employee scheduling software can do for your business? Have you also heard the phrase “ever busy with no results”? Sucks right? But it could happen to you if you are so obsessed with time put into every project rather than the actual output and desirable outcomes

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