Community Waste Prevention Toolkit

INFORM’s Community Waste Prevention Toolkit is a resource that can help community leaders and grassroots environmental organizations across the US design and implement effective solid waste prevention programs in their towns and cities. The toolkit contains:

  • An Overview: What Is Waste Prevention? What Are Its Benefits?
  • A step-by-step guide to Implementing a Waste Prevention Program in Your Community, based on INFORM’s New York City Solid Waste Prevention Initiative
  • Collecting Information About Local Waste Prevention Policies and Practices: Eight key questions to consider when planning a waste prevention initiative in your community
  • A Model Executive Order mandating waste prevention purchasing and practices in local government offices and other public institutions: A Summary of New York City’s Mayoral Directive #96-2
  • Purchasing for Waste Prevention: Ten key strategies that local government offices and other public institutions can implement to improve the efficiency, environmental performance, and economics of their operations
  • Trash Busters: Case Studies of Government-Sponsored Waste Prevention Programs
  • Fact sheets on minimizing waste and pollution from five important waste streams: batteries; carpeting; computers; construction, renovation, and demolition materials; and toner cartridges.

The Community Waste Prevention Toolkit is a work in progress. INFORM is compiling additional information to be included in the future. We encourage individuals and groups from around the country to contact us about successful waste prevention programs in their communities.

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