dash-i card reader by meenova

Why Go with the Dash-I Micro SD Reader- Everything to Know about the Smallest External Storage Device for iOS

dash-i card reader by meenova

The last thing you want when you’re on a vacation is to try to take a picture of your favorite spot only to realize you don’t have enough space on your iPhone. It has crossed your mind for sure that it would be nice to have another option for adding more of your videos or photos, without being connected to the “cloud”. As for the part you cannot share files that easy with your friends- that’s quite a downside when you come to think of it!

Luckily for all of us, you can get now a Micro SD card reader for iOS devices that is going to offer you amazing external storage which you’re going to be able to access from your iPhone, iPad (it also works for iPad Pro) and iPod Touch, as long as you’re also using the Lightning port. This card reader gives you space for all the music, video, photos and other files that you want to store. Sharing your files with your friends is going to be easier too.

Coming with a MicroUSB charging port, you can also charge your iPhone/iPad while you’re in the middle of your favorite TV series using the MicroUSB charging cable. This is a new feature when it comes to the mobile expandable storage.

Dash-I and Dash-I Plus are going to be MFi (Made for iPod/iPad/Phone) certified by Apple Inc. They’re compatible with all iOS releases, but you’re also going to be able to use them with all iPhone/iPad/iPad Touch as long as you’re also using the Lightning port.

What’s the story with the Dash-I Micro SD card?

Micro SD is one of the best choices when it comes to expandable storage. You may use it on most devices out there: tablets, digital cameras, computers. This is why Dash-I reader stands out as you can use it for all of your iOS devices. And when it’s all fill, you can simply get another. That’s easy.

The official Meenova video presentation:

What’s to say about its design?

The design is the first thing you notice about anything. Designing the Dash-I was no easy job which is why this Micro SD makes such a nice first impression.

Let’s see the main qualities to highlight about the design:

  • It’s very simple when it comes to form and functionality. The Micro SD it’s easy to use and its simplistic form sustains its performances
  • It’s small and compact- it’s very easy to take it with you wherever you go. it’s not bulky at all and doesn’t take much space either.
  • It’s highly portable as it comes with a silicone protective case. You can easily attach it to your key ring so you have it on you when you leave your home.
  • It has an elegant appearance, helping your mobile device look even better.

Coin sized and thin, Dash-I Plus gives you the chance to charge via the MicroUSB charging port- which helps it stand out from other options.

What are the functions of the Dash-I?

The secret to Dash-I is its software which helps it become the most performant expandable storage solution for iOS. It’s not only the design and form that helps it stand out, but also its functions.

  • Plug and play

You can insert the Micro SD into the computer’s built-in card reader (you can also use it on an external one), accessing it in a standard way. Insert the card into Dash-I, plugging it into your iPad/iPhone. You’re going to notice the Dash-I companion App is going to be launched. The interface is user-friendly and pretty intuitive so managing the storage on the card is quite easy. The same goes for all the other functions.

  • Take your music collection everywhere you go

Gone are the days when you were able to take with you only the very special music. With Dash-I you can practically take all songs that you like everywhere you go. it comes with a built-in Music Player that plays regular mp3 or mpa music. It also plays high-fidelity music in special formats (FLAC and APE). At the moment, the people at Dash-I are trying to create Dash-I as a full-featured music player which doesn’t just plays, but also organizes your music by albums, artists, playlists and so on.

  • Back your photos/videos up

You may easily store your favorite pics from the last vacation on the Micro SD using Dash-i. You get more free space on your phone and you no longer have to worry about deleting your beautiful memories.

  • There’s space for your movies as well

A 200GB Micro SD card is going to be able to store no less than 200 hours of full HD videos/movies. It’s enough space for your Shows or music concerts and more. The built-in video player takes a great variety of video formats: mp4, mov, rmv, mkv, avi, vob and more.

  • All files that you need

Dash-I works on all types of computing devices and various electronic devices as well: laptop/tablet, computer, digital camera, smart TV, voice recorder, mp3/video player, copy/fax machine. It does work on your iPhone/iPad so it’s one of a kind.

What’s its current status?

CADu0026amp; Board designs for Dash-I and Dash-I Plus are completed. The design for Dash-I has been approved by Apple and the product sample passed the lab-tests of Apple. The situation is similar for Dash-I Plus. Everything is just one step away from tooling. The basic features are completed, and there are some sophisticated features that go through development at the moment.

What are you going to be able to get?

There are going to be two options of Dash-i: Dash-I (it’s smaller and has no simultaneous charging) and Dash-I Plus (it’s larger and comes with simultaneous charging).

You’re going to be able to choose from three colors: silver, grey and gold. They match the three colors for iPhone/iPad. Each unit is going to come with a silicone protective case that you may attach to your carabiner or keyring. You may also choose the color for each unit as you’re going to be a part of a survey.

You may use Dash-I and Dash-I Plus with iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices as long as you’re also using a Lightning port. You cannot use them with Apple devices with older 30-pin ports. They’re not compatible with iPod Nano.

Any downsides of the Dash-I?

The delivery date estimate depends a lot on the time required to complete the remaining work: pilot production run, tooling and production per se. there may be a delay from various causes. The vendor delay in completing the component sourcing or tooling may cause some delay, but also Apple’s testing and approval process may step us back a bit.

Some features still need improvement and software project may take a bit longer than expected. There’s also a slight chance for some features not to be available in the App when Dash-I is going to be launched. However, the work is ongoing and you’re only one step away from getting all the storage space you need for your videos and more.

An independent video review by Everything Badass:

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