Best Dog Camera Treat Dispenser and Why You Must Use It

After learning the best treat dispensers, you also need to learn the benefits of treat throwing a camera. This product is useful to make sure that your dogs are happy while you are gone for a few hours.

The Benefits of Treat Dispenser 

They will not get bored and lonely because it seems that you always get close to them. Moreover, you can keep them full because you always feed them on time with the automatic feeding system. 

Your sound can be good training for the doggy to listen to you. The fun part is that you can still praise them by giving treats. Now, distance is not a problem anymore because you can get close to your beloved pet anytime. It is useful in case you are not allowed to bring pets.

They will get not anxious because you are gone because they always listen to your voice. You will also be happy with the device because you can take great photos and videos where you can share it on social media accounts.   

It is impossible to pet your lovely doggy all the time. There is a time where you let them do whatever they want. The best dog camera treat dispenser is a device that helps you to make the puppies play happily when you are not with them. Let’s take a look at the list of the dog camera treat dispenser you can use at home. 

Furbo Dog Camera and Speaker 

This is a high-tech device along with sophisticated features to help you and beloved pets. The device is supported by a treat tossing device. You just have to fill the device with their favorite treat and control it by using the Furbo app.

The treats will pop up and let the puppy catch it. Furbo is also designed with a barking alert feature. Just like the name, the feature helps to identify the barking. The system is connected to your smartphone so you know what is going on. You may also talk to him or her via the app.

There is even a live streaming video feature so you can monitor their activity, especially when you are not at home. You may want to know how dog camera with treat dispenser work, right? It’s simple! You just need to plug the dispenser to a power outlet by using a USB cord.

Then, download the Furbo app and connect your Wi-Fi. That’s it! You are ready to use the device to keep your puppies happy and you don’t need to worry to leave them for a couple of hours. 


If you get confused about how to choose an interactive dog camera with a treat dispenser, you can learn from this review. PetChatz is an interactive treat dispenser so you can communicate with your beloved pets although you are not at home.

This device works more than just an ordinary dispenser in which it is supported by everything that your dog loves them. Besides a two-way video chats feature, your pet will get a treat from the dispenser.

Moreover, it helps your dog to remain calm along with calming aromatherapy so they don’t get confused and bark all day long. Even, they can even have some fun brain games. The point is that the device will not make them get bored while they are home alone.    

Petzi Wi-Fi Camera and Treat Dispenser 

Petzi is a suitable treat dispenser for modern house owners and dog lovers. The great thing about this product is its Wi-Fi feature that allows you to connect with your lovely pets. How to use a dog camera treat giver device is easy.

You just need to download the app from iOS or Android and control the dispenser. By using this app, you can say hello to the doggy and the high-quality audio produces clear sound just like your original voice.

When the dog gets closer to the device, you can use the camera to see them. Even, you can even play with them by giving treats from a big smile-shaped launcher.

The camera also works to capture candid photos and you can share the result to your social media accounts instantly. Don’t forget to fill the device with treats and you are ready to go while playing with the dogs.      

Pawbo Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera

Pawbo is also a great treat dispenser with complete features. The built-in microphone helps you to listen to their barks as well as talk to them even if you are not close to the dogs. The high-quality life pet camera allows you to control and monitor your beloved pet while you are doing something outside the house.

Even, you will not lose the precious moments because the camera will record and capture them for you. Indeed, you can give treats to your doggy anywhere you want from your mobile device. The treats will pop up from the device and let them catch it.

One thing you should know is that the system is compatible with iOS 8 or later and Android 4.0.3 or later. For those who love to share anything including pets to social media, this product is a good option because you can capture photos and share them instantly with your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The idea is how this device makes the dogs happy and not feel lonely while you are going outside. 

Petcube Bites Pet Camera 

This device helps you to schedule the treats so your dogs don’t lose their treats although you are not at home. The special thing is that you can fill a variety of treats on the device including dry and crunchy dog treats. It is also suitable for cat lovers who want to give treats regularly.

The Petcube app allows you to control and monitor the condition of the pets only from your phone. Let say, you can talk with them by using a two-way audio system and let them barks to replay you.

Another great thing is that you can use the Cloud-based video storage where you can record a short video and save it so you can watch it anytime you want.     

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