Impact of Internships on Student Life

Internships plays a very crucial role in our professional development. How we get to know our carrier is always a hardened memory in our mid. We can not erase it ever. 

You will always remember how you dressed up on the very first day of your internship, who you met first every minor detail will stay intact in your mind without any kind of effort. Whenever you would be talking about your internships or professional life you would start from the day of your internship. 

You can choose various stations, cities for your internship. Planning your internship can be another thing and might be very beneficial if you have not started thinking about your professional carrier. You can opt for some international internships, they will expand your horizon. You can look for internships in Singapore, Australia and UAE. 

Whatever field or carrier you choose, you will have an impact of the very first days of that internship where you learnt what it is like when you are in an office. 

In this article I have tried to gather some information in relation to the impact of internship on various aspects of your life. It can be from personal development to professional. 

These impacts can vary because of some basic factors. For instance if you are starting for an internship in your summers then you might not be as serious as you will be at the end of your college degree. 

Similarly, if you are opting for an unpaid internship then you will only be focusing on learning or it is highly possible that you would be thinking of quitting because of lack of motivation. On the other hand if you would be having an paid internship then you might be cheerful in the beginning ready to absorb every inch of knowledge available at the office, and ultimately you would be able to find your interest. 

Impact on personal life and thoughts 

Internships are basically something only related to work and office but, it would be very insane to say that work and office life does not effect your personal life. 

Financial stability 

The very first thing that will come to your life when you would start your internship is the money. This will change your way of picking and buying things. Maybe you would start thinking as an independent person. 

You might start planning to live alone, start your own life. You would be planning your budget and vacations or investment you had to do in your college years. 


You start behaving as an independent being. You are confident of your decision when you are appreciated at your office. 

You feel your worth and that is what makes you confident about yourself. 

Self discipline 

You would be making a time table for yourself. Which you will be following very strictly. This habit will augment the sense of self discipline within you. 

This will help you a lot in your life. You will value your time and would understand the need of valuable time. You will be a mature person after this experience. 

Seeking respect 

You would be a respect seeking and respect giving individual. When you will be working in a office you will interact a number of people. You will be demanding respect at a personal level as well. 

More tolerance

After working in a hectic office. Where you will be working for 7 days a week. You will face a number of ups and downs. You might have to face some criticize you have not expected, this time from some strangers. 

All these events will increase your tolerance and you will be able to handle severe emotional conditions as well. 

Professional impact 


Internships bring knowledge and experience. You get to understand your field at a higher level. Not just at a theoretical ground. 

Your experience is the first evidence which will prove that you are capable for the job. May employers are only concerned with the experience. That is why, you will have to do an internship. Either it will be paid o unpaid you will be deciding it by depending upon your financial stability. 


Working in a company will expand your links. You will have to interact with them. you might start a new friendship. This can turn into a business partnership. 

These links can help you in getting a permanent job. You never know how these links can help you in your future life. 


There is a difference among practical and theoretical knowledge. In your books you are only told   about theories and laws. When you are in the field you learn the effect of those principles and laws. 

You learn the application of those theoretical knowledge and ideas you learnt in your school and college. Without going for an internship you will never be able to understand the applications. 

Future opportunities 

You would be prepared and set to start your permanent job. Your internship will prepare you for the next opportunities. This will be a fortunate step for you if you aspire to perform the best. 

Understanding your interest 

When you will be working in a field you will see different aspects of the same discipline. You will have to understand every aspect of your office. There will be various sections o a business or office which will be working in collaboration. 

You can select any of the section, which might suit you. You will be able to find your own interest. This will keep you from getting involved in any difficult task win which you were not feeling any interest.  


Your job decides about your future and your future is dependent upon your personality. Which is effected by the internship. 

It will bring various beneficial aspects in your life. You would feel the difference. This can effect your personal, academic and professional life. You must be very accepting, accept whatever you are given at that time. You must feel like a student because your only purpose will be learning.     

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