Gas Furnace Troubleshooting

Furnace Blower Fan Keeps Running

Furnace Blower Fan Keeps On Running

You know that your furnace is appropriately working if it begins to run when the house’s temperature is lower than the set temperature in the thermostat. A furnace blower fan will push the heated air through the house until the set temperature is achieved again. Sometimes, the furnace blower fan doesn’t stop running, and it

Is the furnace’s exhaust supposed to get hot

Is the furnace’s exhaust supposed to get hot?

Your gas furnace uses propane or natural gas for fueling, and older models come with exhaust running throughout the house and then straight through the roof. As the chimney isn’t exactly easy to reach, most homeowners have no idea how hot it can get. The plan for combustion air and flue gas vent systems are

Heat Exchanger cracked On Gas Furnace

Is The Heat Exchanger On Your Gas Furnace Cracked?

Gas furnaces stop and run all the time, so they come with complicated mechanisms and components so that they don’t wear out after a year of use. One of the parts that are crucial for the furnace’s operation is the heat exchanger. A damaged heat exchanger doesn’t just affect the proper operation of the furnace

troubleshoot furnace problems caused by thermostat

Troubleshooting Furnace Problems Generated by Thermostats

Complicated devices come with complicated mechanisms and even more complicated problems. Troubleshooting a furnace isn’t always straightforward, especially if you’re not the DIY type of homeowner. Plenty of things and components in the furnace can develop problems, and they all vary in terms of complexity and fixing. Dirty furnace filters, cracked heating elements, no gas

Why Doesn’t My Furnace Heat Enough

Why Doesn’t My Furnace Heat Enough?

Furnaces are excellent devices that keep our houses’ temperature comfortable, no matter how hot or cold it gets outside. They come with intricate mechanisms and are highly sophisticated, so troubleshooting is quite challenging most of the time. As furnaces have to run and stop continuously, they are exposed to intense wear, so issues may always

Furnace High Limit Switch Keeps Tripping

Furnace High Limit Switch Keeps Tripping

Furnaces are reliable and sophisticated devices that come with many features for the most accurate performance. They go through a lot of stress and wear as they’re supposed to run and stop all the time, which makes the risk for issues, both minor and significant, always present/ Not every time your furnace is troubleshooting, you

Furnace Pressure Switch Stuck Open

Furnace Pressure Switch Stuck Open – How to Troubleshoot

If there’s one thing that modern technology has taught us, it eases our lives tremendously. However, the more complicated the modern devices easing out our lives are, the more challenging repair and fixes will be. It’s the case of furnaces that come with a long list of best performance features and incredible accuracy. However, furnaces

how to tell furnace ignitor went bad

How to Check If Furnace Ignitor Is Bad

Furnaces are complicated and tricky to address devices. They come with features that provide accurate and reliable performance for a fair amount of time, but they take a lot of wear, so the problem’s risk is never null. One of the components that affect the furnace’s proper functioning right away (you won’t be able to

troubleshoot furnace short cycling

Furnace Is Short Cycling – How to Troubleshoot

Many things can go wrong around the house without even you knowing it (until it’s too late), but your furnace isn’t one. A malfunctioning furnace is easy to notice, especially when it’s malfunctioning in the middle of a night in the winter. Furnaces are complicated machines with many electronic components that ensure accurate performance but

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