How to Recover Deleted or Lost Photos from Your Mobile Device

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Photos from Your Mobile Device

One click, and you suddenly notice that all your precious photos, the memories of the best part of your life have gone. The first feeling that you might have is panic. It is clear: in most cases, the situations cannot be reproduced.

Don`t get desperate though. There are many ways to recover deleted photos from any device. Let us check the most efficient of them.

You Can Try a Recovery Procedure from an SD Card

In most cases, users store their photos on SD cards. These cards are widely applied to mobile devices and cameras by users to extend the device storage space.

Therefore, the very first effort to recover your photos will be without any specific photo recovery software directly from your SD card.

Here is the instruction on how to do it if you use a Mac:

  • Insert the card into the card reader of your computer;
  • Start your preferred antivirus software. Scan the SD card.
  • Make sure all the malicious programs were detected and eliminated.

This alone might allow you to see the photos again. It can be that a virus was prohibiting you from seeing them.

If you use a PC, the procedure changes:

  • Click Start. Move to Run – cmd – Enter.
  • In the popup window, type: attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.*. Hit Enter. Replace E assigned as the SD card name.
  • The recovery process will start. After everything is completed, check if you can see the photos.

While we hope that these simple procedures have helped you to recover your valuable files, it happens sometimes that the best photo recovery software for Mac & Windows is needed. Let us have a look at the recovery options in such a case.

Disk Drill, the Best Free Photo Recovery Tool

Sometimes, you have no option but to use special software to recover deleted photos from Android. In such a case, you would like free software. However, it shall have all the needed functionality.

Such a tool exists. It is Disk Drill. One of the main benefits of the tool is that it works on any device, any OS. Don`t worry about the formats, the tool recovers all possible file formats, including those about which you have never heard.

You can download a free version of Disk Drill directly from their official website. Once you are over with the download, connect your SD card or another device from which the files have vanished. Now, you are ready to perform the recovery procedure. Follow instructions to perform the scan, and save the recovered photos in a location different from where they were stored initially.

This is a tool whose popularity is growing exponentially. It offers a number of benefits that cannot be found in the same set if you take any other recovery software:

  • It can recover deleted photos from a phone or any other device;
  • Disk Drill is absolutely free if you don`t want the upgrades available in a paid version;
  • Its free version comes with all the required tools for a complete recovery functionality.

While there are some limitations, a free version of Disk Drill is more than sufficient for individual needs. However, if you believe that you need more, you can always upgrade your tool to its paid version and enjoy unlimited volumes available for recovery and some more advanced features.

Disk Drill is one of the most frequently downloaded recovery tools, and it is a clear sign that users entrust it with their most valuable information.

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