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How to Close your Amazon Account Permanently

Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world. It has dedicated websites in at least 16 countries but ships to almost every destination worldwide. If you are in a country where Amazon operates, chances are high that you primarily use the platform to do your online shopping. A large chunk of the online shopping audience states that Amazon is their shipper of choice.

Sadly, there are times when you have a falling out. It may be due to the fact that your purchase history and other information stored by the online retailer is being misused. It can also be because you want to clear your purchase history and create a new account. Deleting your Amazon account is the only way to have your saved information including the history of what you’ve bought scrubbed from the company’s servers.

If you are looking to delete your account, here’s how to do it:

Deleting your account permanently

In order to close your Amazon account for all intents and purposes, you have to get in touch with Amazon customer support. There are no options available on the website to click and get the job done. To get started, go to the Amazon website in your respective region. Visit the ‘Contact us’ page. You will have to sign in so that the platform can know which account to shut down.

Once here, click on ‘Prime or Something else’ which is available at the top left-hand corner of the page. This will initiate a specific complain process that leads you to a page that says ‘Tell us more about your issue.’ Here, at ‘Select an issue’ go to the drop-down list and pick ‘Account settings.’ Below this, you’ll see the ‘Select issue details’ option. In this box simply go to ‘Close my account’ and proceed to the next page.

Contact customer support

The webpage that opens after this will ask you to contact Amazon customer support. You will be asked about ‘How would you like to contact us?’ There are three options available, i.e. e-mail, phone, and chat. If you are looking for a prompt response then e-mail is the best option.

It may seem like a phone call would be most appropriate but the support agents are unable to close your account immediately while you are on call with them. This is why email is a faster and more preferable choice. The same goes for the online chat too.

Once you click on ‘E-mail’ you will be directed towards a page where you enter details about your issue. Ask that you want to close your account and provide a reason. Once you’ve drafted the email, send it and wait for Amazon representatives to get in touch with you.

The thing you need to know before getting in contact with Amazon about closing your account through any medium, be it call, email or chat, is that the staff will try to pacify your concerns so that they can make you stay. This is why you have to be absolutely sure that you want to close your account before contacting Amazon customer support.

Once you’ve sent the email, the Amazon team will send you a list of warnings about the data and accounts that you’ll lose access to if you close your account. Just follow the instructions in the email and Amazon will delete your account as well as all other data that may be saved on their servers.

What you should know

Amazon has a lot of affiliated websites and there are chances that you may be using your account to access a number of other platforms too. You lose access to as well as international accounts like Any accounts that you have on websites affiliated with Amazon, for example, are also disabled.

Closing the Amazon account also discards any privileges that you had in connection with it. All open order are canceled, your subscription to Amazon Prime is revoked, you won’t be able to return or replace any items that you previously ordered and the balance in any gift cards will be lost. Any reviews or other posts that you did on the website will get taken down too with your account.

All your digital content is also deleted when your account is closed. You won’t be able to download Kindle e-books, software, games, Amazon music, and videos again and you won’t be able to use the device for reading books anymore. It effectively and immediately ends any relationships that you had with Amazon or its affiliates.


Deleting an Amazon account is a lengthy process but rightfully so because there are a lot of other things that go with it. Whatever your reasons for closing the account, you have to consider all these factors before going forward with it.

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