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Perfect Shelter for Outdoor Cats: Heated Cat House with Electric Heat Mat and Plug-in Timer

Are you a cat lover? Are you looking forward to doing something for outdoor cats? If yes, just get a heated cat house with an electric heat mat and plug-in timer now and offer a new residence to your little friends. Reasons for loving cats might be million but the formula for a showing off your love towards them is just one, just care about them. And if you are working on the same formula what else can be better than providing a better shelter to outdoor cats. Cats are independent, quiet and clean pets that can serve as excellent hunters when exploring outdoors.

It really gets quite hard to live in cold and dry weather conditions. So offering some extra care and concern in the bone-chilling winter months would really be a great help for these little friends.

What is Heated Cat House with Electric Heat Mat and Plugin Timer?

It is a premium outdoor cat house for the little munchkins that includes a heated cat bed and a plug-in timer that creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere for a cat to safely live in. this premium product is being designed to help the stray animals living in your neighborhood safely. The cat house keeps the animal safe during rain and snowy season. It is a portable option that hardly requires your few minutes to install. You can easily put it under your porch or balcony or can be easily placed in your garage or barn also. The product comes up with two removable flap doors that protect your pets from wind and cold weather. Entry and exit of the pets are quite easy here.

What’s makes it special?

It is really quite difficult to live safely outdoors in chilling winters. Heated Cat House with Electric Heat Mat and Plugin Timer is a perfect product that is being designed to give your cat and dog a safe and warm outdoor shelter during winter months. It is the best cat house on the block that not only serves as a quality product in the market but is also known for its beauty and innovation also. The product is really a great water-resistant shelter for all the cats and dogs less than 25 pounds. If you are a true cat lover, what would be a better gift than this one? Here are some features that make is a perfect choice for your little friends.

Great humane effort

Thickened fur coats help the cats and dogs to remain warm and insulated, but when it really gets difficult to stay in chilling winter nights. This product serves as a great help in the humane effort where cats and dogs can enjoy a heated bed along with safe entry and exit doors.


The product comes up with two flaps indoors and a water resistance roof option that keeps your pet safe during night hours. They can not only rest here but can save themselves from harsh weather conditions and other animals also.

Warm and dry option

Heated Cat House with Electric Heat Mat and Plugin Timer is a great warm and dry option that comes up with a heated pet map. For safety measures; 1, chew-proof cord and 4 m extension cords are also available with this. The product is perfectly being equipped with a plug-in timer that serves as a great time and money saver option for you. Your pets can enjoy heated shelter to snuggle up during chilly fall and winter months.

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