installing a tankless water heater

How Long Does It Take to Install A Tankless Water Heater

Should you finally realize that a tankless water heater is what you need in your home, there are several aspects to think about. Not only that, you need to collect all kinds of information or run some numbers, but you also have to think about installing.

Even if tankless water heaters don’t take much space and are relatively easy to mount, you should still give the installation aspect a good thought.

Why do we all think about switching to tankless water heater systems?

Capable of providing hot water endlessly on-demand, tankless water heaters are energy-efficient, durable, and reliable in many domestic and commercial applications. Most of them should last for more than a decade, which is why you should never undermine the importance of proper installation.

Using energy only when you need hot water and presenting a lower risk for corrosion, tankless water heaters eliminate the problem of installation. There is no cumbersome tank to worry about, and even the large units for whole-house use still require less space than traditional water heaters with tanks.

On top of everything else, tankless water heaters come with features that ease out the installation and the use. Having said that, be aware that not having a professional plumber installing the heater may void the warranty.

How long does a plumber need to install a tankless water heater?

Briefly put, a licensed plumber should need around 2-3hours for installing a tankless water heater. Unless the plumber isn’t going to have to deal with some unpredictable complications, he should be done after 3 hours.

It may sound a breeze, but the plumber has to go through concrete steps when installing a tankless water heater:

  • He has to remove the old water heater, which will take him around an hour. It’s more complicated than it sounds, with steps that are mandatory for safe removal:
  • Disconnect the power source
  • Drain the current tank
  • Disconnect the water supply lines
  • Remove the tank per se
  • Placing the new tankless water heater shouldn’t last more than half an hour. The plumber has to bring the new unit, take it out of the box and handle it for the later mount.
  • Connecting the system may take somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes. Once the unit is mounted, the plumber needs to connect it to the power sources and the waterline. When you go with a gas-fired water heater, the plumber may need more than one hour to be done with it.
  • The plumber also has to check the water heater, testing it, and adjusting the setting.

One last piece of advice

Once the plumber is done, don’t forget to ask him about the fundamental basic system or the necessary adjustments you can make all alone. If the water in your area is really hard, flushing the unit once a year and installing a water softener is essential. More often than not, the plumber will already be aware of the problem and take care of water hardness for you.

As for the plumbing company you decide to hire, keep in mind that a reputable one will get there in time and decide on the hours together with you. It will also work at a constant pace, leaving everything behind nice and clean.

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