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Review of Pawbo Life Pet Camera Wi-Fi HD Video with 2-Way Audio

Staying connected through gadgets is no surprise to anyone these days. But getting in touch with our human friends isn’t the only thing we can do; we also have the chance now to stay connected with our furry/non-furry friends too.

If you’re a pet owner, you know that leaving your furry friend alone for hours makes both of you sad. No matter how old or trained your pet is, he’s always going to miss you while you’re gone.

A surveillance camera may give you some peace of mind, helping you check your pet from time to time. However, it’s not going to provide you with the chance to talk or hear from your pet, nor help you play with it.

Pet cameras are created so that both human and animal learn about each other, with models including play functions and treat dispensers ruling the market today. They bring you closer to your pet and come with several entertaining apps, taking your relationship with your pet to the next level.

Why is Pawbo Life Pet Camera so special?

Not ever going away from home isn’t an option, even if our pets are going to miss us a lot when we’re away. Thanks to Pawbo Life Pet Camera, you may take a look, talk, play, and even toss a treat to your pet when you’re not home.

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera isn’t just a surveillance camera, is the device that helps you talk and listen back from your pet, give him a treat any now and then and even play with him for a bit. It’s almost like you’re at home since you can control it remotely.

Let’s go over the details!

Pawbo Life Pet Camera details

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera has a white body and looks quite subtle, fitting any décor. It’s compact and rather small, but you can wall-mount it for a better and safer user. The body is made with right quality materials, but it’s wiser that you install it away from your pets- you never know what scratching can do to the device.

It includes a camera that provides 720p HD live video. The 130-degree wide-angle lens gives a good view of the room and your pet, whereas the 4x digital zoom helps you take a perfect look at the details. You may capture and record all sorts of moments of your pet right from your mobile device. You can also take snap photos and share them with your friends and family on social media thanks to the Instant social sharing feature.

It’s a two-way audio device that comes with built-in microphone and speaker. You can talk to your furry buddy and even listen to it when he has something to “say.” The Pawbo Life Pet Camera has a treat dispenser that sounds when throwing treats and your pet learn soon enough how to use it. The built-in laser lets you keep your pet entertained and active when you’re not home. However, you can also control it manually, when you’re in.

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera also comes with ringtone notifications, which are going to attract your pet’s attention. It’s only a matter of time until he learns how to respond.

Is it difficult to set it up or to use?

Apart from the sleek body and the user-friendly appearance, the Pawbo Life Pet Camera is no brainer when it comes to installation and use.

You download the Pawbo Life app (it’s the orange icon) from the iOS or Android platform. You continue by connecting to Pawbo Life through the app. You also need to find home Wi-Fi when installing the device.

The package includes the Pawbo Life pet camera, a 100-240v AC power adapter and a quick guide.

Unlike other pet cameras or apps, you may control several cameras with just one application. It can support eight users online at the same time.

The app supports iOS 8 or later (iPhone, iPad, and iPod), and also Android 4.0.3 or later models. As for the Wi-Fi, you need 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHZ) connectivity with WPA2-AES encryption.

Should you have any difficulties throughout the installation, the Pawbo support team is going to be there for helping you.

Both you and your pets are going to learn to use the Pawbo Life Pet Camera fast. Cats may fall for it almost immediately. You can select various sounds to teach your pet when it’s time for a treat.

The laser game allows both manual and remote control. You can also set the game on automatic mode for when you’re busy at work.

Any pet owner is going to want to record videos of their pet and store them on the mobile device for later viewing. The snap and sharing function is also great, letting you take snapshots of the pets and share them on social media.

As for the two-way sound communication, both owner and pets are going to enjoy here from each other. The sound quality is excellent, improving the talking experience.

What is it that we like the most about the Pawbo Life Pet Camera?

Pawbo Life Pet Camera app

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera brings many good things to the table, which makes the listing challenge. Here’s what we like about it:

  • It’s an interactive device with good audio and video communication
  • The visual experience is good
  • The lens is full, and the zooming functions give you the detail you need
  • The laser game lets you play with your pet manually or automatically
  • You may reward your pet with the treat dispenser
  • The body is sleek and looks good in any room
  • The wall mounting is straightforward
  • The setup is easy
  • There are several sounds to choose from for teaching your pet
  • Even kitties are going to like using it
  • You can take photos and share them on social media
  • You may record and store the video of your pet on your mobile device

Is there any place for improvement?

Finding the best pet camera is mission impossible. However, the Pawbo Life Pet Camera  sure comes close to it and mentioning the downsides is going to help you make a better idea:

  • The treat recipient is easy to open, which is why a wall mount is ideal
  • The app is a tad slow
  • It doesn’t angle towards the floor
  • The camera resolution may be improved

What’s our final take?

Easy to use and to install, the Pawbo Life Pet Camera is a great device to have for your pet. Not only that you can see and talk to him when you’re not home, but you can also keep him active and reward him with treats from time to time. Christmas came early this year for your furry friend.

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