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Review of KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera

Anyone owning a pet knows that one of the biggest challenges is having to leave for work every single morning. As for going on vacation, words cannot describe the struggle one has when having to leave their pets behind.

Luckily for humans and animals alike, the surveillance cameras are there for the rescue. Go with a simple camera when you want to see your pet while you’re away. If you also want to talk/listen to your pet,  check the more sophisticated models.  Either way, there’s plenty of fish in the water!

One may think that a fixed budget can limit your possibility, but you couldn’t be further than the truth. Nowadays, you may find dependable models for less than $50, so keep reading for the details.

Why does KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera stand out from the crowd?

People these days are looking for dependable surveillance cameras, cover an extensive-angle (the 360-degree panoramic view is ideal), and require little to no effort for installation or setting it up. If a reasonable price comes in the picture too, you need to get down and seal the deal asap.

The KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera manages to tick most boxes in terms of functions, performance, ease of installation, and reliability. It’s why so many people are taking a leap of faith with it.

Here are the technical specifications!

Kamtron hd camera technical specifications

The camera has a good build and seems to be well made, leaving a durability feel. You can get in black or white, according to your décor.

The KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera is a Full HD model with horizontal and 100degre vertical rotation, covering all corners of your home. It comes with super IR LED night vision so that you can see what’s happening to your pet even in dim light conditions. The 360 degrees HD panoramic view is going to help you check as much as you can in your home.

The camera includes Smart Motion Detection alerts and includes two-way audio communication. It can perform snapshots and record to your chosen mobile device when motion is identified. It pushes live feed of the activities and allows you to have a “chat” with your furry friend any now and then.

You may save your data in Cloud and watch/download/share according to your likings. It’s a wireless camera that also takes local storage of record and identifies motion/sound with SD card (not more significant than 128GB).

There’s no need to worry about the safety of your data since the KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera adopts financial encryption. It makes sure that all the info between you and the site/servers isn’t going to be forged by a third party. All of your videos are going to be encrypted and only afterward uploaded to the Cloud. Therefore, the risk for any data to be tampered/lost is rather minimal.

Is the installation effortless? How is it when using the camera?

Kamtron different views camera

The KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera is easy to install and to set it up. Keep in mind that you need to connect the phone to the Wi-Fi network, through the 2.4Ghz (the camera doesn’t support 5Ghz band). You continue with running the MIPC app on the phone/device, following the prompts of the app. You may need to do the set-up a couple of time, hitting the reset button on the camera every single time, until you get it right.

It’s also vital that you put your phone speaker to the mic of the camera. On the side note, the moment you know how to set up a specific brand of camera, it’s better that you stick with it.

You need to scan QR code for downloading the map view on app Store or Google play, connecting with the Wi-Fi. You can also do it with the Ethernet cable connection with the router since it’s a wireless camera. You may also set different preset position for every camera and add multiple cameras in various terminals.

When it comes to the functions, you may tilt/pan/zoom and capture all the action from various points remotely thanks to the MIPC app.

The night vision function is dependable, allowing visibility in low light up to 20ft. Besides, Led isn’t going to disturb your pet at night.

The camera sends activity alerts and lets you control information in real-time, without ever missing a moment. The built-in microphone ensures smooth and crisp conversation, with excellent sound on both ends.

The image quality doesn’t disappoint, and the camera lets you change direction from your phone when you’re away. It comes with SD card so that you can store your favorite videos and pictures, with the web service being free.

What do we like most about the camera?

In all fairness, the price may be the only reason for which some are going to buy the camera. However, the KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera is loaded with useful features so here’s the list of the most important ones:

  • It has a subtle profile
  • Installation and connection run smoothly
  • The quality of the image is good
  • You can change the direction of the camera straight from your phone
  • It includes two-way sound communication with crisp sound and volume at both ends
  • You may store the images to the Cloud
  • You can also save the videos and pictures to the SD card
  • It has a good build and seems durable
  • The night vision allows visibility at night
  • It has a 360-degree covering angle
  • It’s excellent value for the price

Should you back down on the cause of flaws?

We’re not saying that the camera isn’t perfect, we’re just mentioning the inherent flaws so that you have a complete image of the camera.

Here’s what we like less on the camera:

  • There is a delay
  • Accessing your saved footage goes rather slowly
  • The connection isn’t instant
  • The motion detection could use improvement

Is it a keeper or not?

More often than not, the camera is dependable, user-friendly, dependable, and great to have in a home with pets. Even if it may use some improvement, it’s not disappointing when it comes to video storage, video quality, customization, or night vision. It’s a great bang for your buck, and you should always consider it when buying.

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