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5 Best CRM Systems in 2020 That are Worth Your Attention

Managing a business is undoubtedly a tough task as it involves a lot of things apart from just checking the profit and loss levels. Due to this reason, it is best to opt for software that is capable enough to deal with all the business-related daily work. CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is an essential tool that helps to handle almost everything from one location.

This kind of system assists in creating efficiency for your daily operations just by tracking customer interaction, task management, and also by making important data accessible. Here are the five best CRM systems that need attention this year.


If you are looking for a start to end featured marketing suite, then HubSpot is one such popular CRM system that comes with all the latest offerings. Sales professionals are going to be highly benefitted from the system due to its modern features along with the advanced tools, which are highly professional that help in saving time.

Marketing teams can opt for this system as it has a capturing ability as well as tracking. HubSpot comes with CRM implementation along with lead nurturing as well as email feature where you will be able to send personalized emails for free along with other exciting features.


It is yet another one of the most popular names in the list of the CRM system and a lot of marketing companies use the system. The reason behind its widespread popularity is because it efficiently meets various business needs such as sales, marketing, analytics as well as services.

Some of the important features of the system are opportunity management where it will be easy for you to confirm deals just by spotting the right opportunities using the opportunity management module. Next comes the contact management through which you will be able to keep a record of different parameters like communications, customer history, etc.

Zoho CRM

It is a deliberate system that will give you one hundred percent support to your business. Zoho CRM helps in giving all-round support and it even keeps a record of sales as well as marketing opportunities. The system is quite popular globally among the big and small corporate companies and tops the CRM system list for featuring some outstanding tools.

It comes with key features such as advanced CRM analytics that helps in data integration as well as derives all the actionable insights. The advanced AI-powered sales assistant helps the sales team to take necessary decisions regarding customer profiles and easy detecting the anomalies.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is quite a useful CRM system that works with Google account and various other applications. Using this system, you will get familiar with G-suite as well as all the other CRM functionalities. NetHunt CRM has gained huge popularity among some of the popular companies due to the exclusive features it comes with.

Some of the features include customer relationship management that looks after the managing department and even follows up on various leads. Apart from that, it also takes care of pre-existing customers. Another crucial feature which NetHunt CRM has lead tracking that helps in on-time follow-ups, and it is useful.


It is an excellent yet simple CRM system that works collaboratively with Office 365 as well as G-Suite. With Nimble, you will be able to update all the important contacts, use the contact insights, and even manage all the deals. Apart from that, it comes with other impressive features such as relationship management that help in auto combination and establishes social media collections.

The exclusive live profile feature is quite actionable as it helps in quick location of contact information as well as interaction history. It also comes with the advantage of segmentation, which helps in keeping things organized.

Hence, these are the five best CRM systems in 2020 that can help in managing businesses efficiently.


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