Bryant Plus 80 Furnace troubleshooting

Bryant Plus 80 Furnace Troubleshooting

Bryant Plus 80 gas furnaces come with various features for best comfort throughout the winter. Some of these furnaces have two heating stages and the capacity to adjust to changing conditions. The Perfect Heat technology with adaptive control will do that. The function will let the furnace run on low-heat quietly, consistently, and efficiently, maintaining the desired temperature setting.

When the condition changes, the furnace will automatically know to switch to high-heat for superior comfort. The furnace will adjust to the conditions and provide two heating stages, to the temperature inside the house doesn’t fluctuate much.
Should anything go wrong with your furnace, you should call the technician for investigation and repairs. Regular maintenance and servicing will make the furnace run properly for a longer time, reducing the risk of issues.

How should you troubleshoot a Bryant Plus 80 furnace?

Several steps should be taken when troubleshooting a Bryant Plus 80:

Step 1

Go and examine the thermostat if your furnace doesn’t generate any heat. Various models present different thermostat locations; they can also differ in size and appearance between models. Make sure that the thermostat heat setting position is in the On position.

Step 2

You have to make sure that the thermostat’s set temperature is higher than the temperature inside the house when the furnace doesn’t create heat. You will be able to see both the ambient temperature and the set temperature on the thermostat. Again, the control panel looks different between models.

Step 3

Examine the home circuit breaker panel when the furnace doesn’t come on. You have to switch the circuit back on when the switch is tripped because of an overload. Should the furnace doesn’t stop overload the circuit breaker, you will have to unplug or deactivate it from the circuit.

Step 4

When the furnace overheats and turns off regularly, you will have to replace the furnace filter. Begin with turning off the power to your furnace. Put aside the filter cabinet door on the side of the unit. A single thumbscrew will be useful for the job. Continue with removing the air filter, maintaining the dirty side up not to cause a mess.

Examine the filter to see if you notice any holes or tears, replacing the broken filter with another filter. If it’s a disposable filter on your filter, you will have to replace it. Some filters require cleaning, so use a mild detergent for cleaning. You will need to rinse the filter very well, allowing it to air dry. Once it’s entirely dry, you can put it back in place.

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