American standard vs york furnace which is better

American Standard vs York Furnace

If you’re looking for heating solutions for your house, the market gives you several brands. There are many models to choose from, so you need to examine essential aspects when selecting your furnace. Should all your efforts come down to choosing between an American Standard and York furnaces, the following in-depth comparison will come in handy.

How do American Standard furnaces stand out?

American Standard furnaces sit in the high-tier HVAC brands as they’re of excellent value and have an affordable price. Like other top furnaces like Carrier and Trane, American Standard furnaces come in a generous selection of models.

Single-stage and two-stage gas furnaces are available with American Standard, and you can also choose a modulating gas furnace. Many gas furnaces from American Standard operate above 80% energy efficiency, with single-stage gas furnaces ranging from 80 to 95% AFUE. The two-stage gas furnaces range from 80 to 97% AFUES, and the 97% AFUE models have an Energy Star rating.

The modulating gas furnace from American Standard has a 95% efficiency and does come with an Energy Star rating. Even if American Standard has only three gas furnace models with an Energy Star rating, most units will reduce your energy spending.

The features that matter

Hot surface igniter

The American Standard furnaces come with a durable hot surface igniter that permits the burner to electronically and safely start for high efficiency. If a standing pilot light needs fuel to remain lit, the hot surface igniter doesn’t need gas when the furnace doesn’t operate. The hot surface igniter is not only more effective than the standing pilot but also safer. It won’t add useless heat to the furnace during the warm season when it’s lit.


Comfort-R is a feature that decreases humidity and moisture while ensuring efficient heating throughout the house. The Comfort-R setting lets the blower fan speed up slowly as the compressor is loading. Therefore, when it speeds up, the temperature rises, and moisture is efficiently eliminated.

Vertica II Blower

The Vortica II blower is proprietary to Trane, brands under the Trane umbrella-like American Standard. The Vortica II Advanced Air System is made with rigid composite materials with high resistance to corrosion, rust, and cracking, ensuring a long lifespan. The system needs less fan power, so American Standard gas furnaces are highly efficient and don’t use much energy. The Vortica II blower runs quietly, keeping a pleasant temperature without being noisy.

We also need to highlight that American Standard furnaces are compatible with Nexia Home Automation systems.

What’s the warranty?

You need to follow instructions and register your furnace for the American Standard furnace warranty within 60 days of the installation. The warranty will cover most problems, according to the warranty for your unit. Typically, the warranty will cover the furnaces heat exchanger and internal functional parts.

American Standard Average Price Range

Where you live, installation factors, the size of your house, and the model you buy will profoundly impact the final price for your American Standard furnace. Typically, you will pay anywhere between $3,500 and $6,750 with installation. There are seasonal promotions and local contractors’ deals that can impact the price.

We want to remind you that furnace manufacturers typically offer three product tiers: entry-level, mid-range, and top-tier. Where your unit is placed within the three tiers will profoundly affect the price. Needless to say, entry-level models are cheaper and come with standard features and a limited warranty. You will find the priciest models at the other end, with the most impressive features and best warranties. As you will see, American Standards offers a wide variety of models within each category.

Here’s what to expect in terms of prices:

  • Entry-level models: $3,500 to $4,585
  • Mid-range models: $4,585 to $5,670
  • Top-tier models: $5,670 to $6,750

What to expect with a York Furnace?

Like American Standard, York has a long history as a manufacturing company. When it was founded in 1874, the company produced ice machines and soon started to expand its offer.

York offers a wide range of propane and natural gas furnaces, with impressive features to handle any task. It’s not going to be very difficult to find a York furnace that suits your needs, house’s specifications, and budget.

The best features

With such a long history in the HVAC industry, it’s easy to understand why customers entrust York and use their furnaces at home. Here are some of the most impressive strong points for York furnaces:

Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System

It’s an innovative communicating system that ensures excellent comfort and efficiency. It permits you to cool and heat various spaces of your house independently. You may adjust the system from home or from miles away.

The HX3 Communicating Zoning System is an intelligent thermostat that works with zone control. The thermostat comes with voice control and allows pairing with Amazon Alexa.

Climatrak™ Technology

It’s a built-in system that adjusts the furnace’s performance to your specific needs at the moment. Climatrak consists of several settings valid with the blower motor. When the technician installs your furnace, he can set the blower motor to one of the three settings. The climate you live in (dry, temperate, or humid) will impact the setting.

The blower speed will count for the humidity level in your house and improve comfort in the winter. There aren’t many manufacturers that provide such technology. American Standard has a similar feature (Comfort R Technology) that uses fan speed to adjust humidity.

Energy efficiency

York furnaces typically have a 95% AFUE rating (even higher for some models). All the high-efficiency models have Energy Start certification. Additionally, all the furnaces come with a secondary heat exchanger for better efficiency, lower fuel waste, and less heat loss.

What’s the warranty?

The majority of York’s high-efficiency furnaces have:

  • Five to ten-year Complete Assurance warranty (York will replace your unit if the heat exchanger fails)
  • 10-yers parts warranty
  • Five to 10 years for the compressor
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

There’s one exception to the list. The TL9E model has the same warranty terms for parts and Complete Assurance but only a 20-year warranty for the heat exchanger.

We have to remind you that you need to register the new furnace within 90 days of installation to benefit from York’s full warranty terms. If you don’t register the furnace, you will no longer be eligible for the base warranty.

Along with registering the new furnace after installation, you must respect several obligations to maintain the warranty validly. Therefore, only a professional HVAC contractor can install your York furnace. Additionally, only professional HVAC contractors can manage regular annual maintenance.

YORK Average Price Range

As with American Standard furnaces, setting an accurate price is tricky because many manufacturers have deals on specific units throughout the year. The rebates from HVAC distributors, manufacturers, utility companies, and the government can also cut down the spending.

With installation, expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $5,500 for your York furnace. The place where you live, the number of HVAC professionals in your area, the model, the complexity of installation, and the size of your house will deeply reflect in the final price for a York furnace. Let’s not forget the tier where the model of your choice sits.

Having said that, here’s what to expect when planning to buy a York furnace:

  • Entry-level models: $3,000 – $3,835
  • Mid-range models: $3,835 – $4,670
  • Top-tier models: $4,670 – $5,500

Which one to choose?

American Standard is a better option if you’re looking for high-efficiency furnaces. Most York furnaces have only an 80% AFUE rating. The focus of York furnaces is on economy, reliability, and efficiency, not so much on revolutionary technologies. American Standard will be a better fit than York if you look for innovative technologies.

At the end of the day, it’s what you want the most for your home and how you’re willing to pay for it.

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