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10 Amazing Real Estate Marketing Apps That Will Improve Your Videos And Images In 2020

The real estate industry has changed the way it used to work. When a buyer decides to invest in or sell a property, the first thing he/she does is use the Internet. Instead of contacting real estate agents, the buyer likes to check out his/her options, trends, prices, read reviews, and so on. And the real estate industry is changing, setting new trends using these apps. These marketing apps are unique and come equipped with ample marketing and photo editing features along with Facebook ad templates, i.e. if you are more of a Facebook person and wish to promote your post there.
Wish to create an engaging real estate video but do not have a budget to spend on professional services? Do not fret. We have compiled the list of 10 amazing apps for real estate that help you get through.

1. Video Shop
It is one of the most preferred apps for real estate professionals and homeowners. Available on Android and iOS. The app has amazing features like edit photos, trim, merge clips together, add text and voice, add music, as well as apply your favorite filters to make it more personalized. The slideshow or the video can be easily shared on various social media platforms directly. The best part about this app is that it lets you adjust the video speed if you are emphasizing a specific slide.

2. Promo
It is a web-only app, exclusively made for real estate videos. You can easily create videos in minutes using customized templates. All you need to do is add your brand logo, text, pictures of the property, and you are all set. This desktop version app lets you upload video directly to any of your social media platforms. Additionally, the app lets you insert high-quality stock images, resize them accordingly to create video covers, and use it for social media marketing.

3. Magisto
Send your sales up; it makes it easy to sell your property with Magisto real estate video maker. Real estate agents and homeowners have witnessed an increase in the leads and inquiries for the property.
It is more than just an app that will help you surpass your marketing goals. The app lets you effortlessly create creative videos and place the listings online in a single click. The features let you transform the property pictures into vibrant storytelling videos to gain a competitive edge. You can demonstrate the video and increase your listing views that, in turn, will motivate the buyers.

4. Clipomatic
It is a smart video editing app that turns all your sayings into live captions. It lets you create videos from a variety of caption styles to match your energy. Record into the full mode or square to fit it into any social media platform. With the right filter, you can give an awesome look. All you have to do is hit the record button and speak clearly so that your words will be captured to form a stylish caption. The app presently supports 40 languages and can be downloaded at a minimum fee.

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5. Animoto
The app has been featured on leading publications for being one of the most popular real estate apps. With hundreds of video styles to choose from, the app lets you create a dynamic, high-quality slide show in minutes. Even a non-techie person can create videos; all you have to do is add photos, select video style, add titles and text, music and captions if you wish to, and you are all set to roll. You can edit and post the video directly to your social media platform through this app.
The app is free and available on both Android and iOS. To enjoy the enhanced video features, you can avail of a paid subscription.

6. Ripl
The app is multi-tasker. It can quickly develop and edit videos of your property to create impressive social media content. All you have to do is upload your photos, along with your brand logo, choose the styles, and fonts and colors combination matching to your brand image. You can use design templates from the library to give a professional look to your videos. Edit it accordingly, and you are ready to share it on multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The app lets you schedule the post. It is available on iOS, Android, and desktop versions.

7. StorySlicer
The app lets you take videos that are lengthy and could not fit on social media stories. It lets you edit down into a shorter version, meeting the requirements of FB and Insta stories. The app does not have watermarks or ads, but it is only available on iOS at a minimum one time fee.

8. Instories
Instories app is a creating and editing video app. The app library offers more than 150 templates and modifications. Additionally, it has more than 20 fonts for adding text to add zing to your videos. The app does not require having an account. It is available only on iOS, and you will need to pay a small monthly/annual subscription.

9. LifeLapse
Now it is easy to shoot a slow-motion video using the LifeLapse app. It simplifies the process of shooting, allowing you to showcase the process of renovating your house or building a home. Choose from the setting, and let the app take it from there. The app lets you shoot the video in different themes and modes, making it easy to post on social media platforms.

10. Quick
Quik can take your videos and photos, identify the most compelling moments, and then create snack-size “stories” from your originals. There are more than 20 themes, each with different graphics and transitions that will be used in the final story video.

Hopefully, this blog post on the amazing real estate marketing apps will help you in creating beautiful videos on your property. The apps will help in increasing leads, getting more inquiries, and have your property deal sealed at a good price.

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