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Review of Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy

Anyone caring for their pets deep enough is going to want to keep an eye on them when they’re away for work or traveling. The video surveillance system sure gives you the chance to check your pet from time to time, but why not install the best pet camera that does a bit more than that?

A pet camera can allow you to talk and to “listen” your pet talk back at you. Some devices let you throw your pet a treat from time to time, whereas others include functions that keep your pet interested and active throughout the day.

Why take a look at the Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera?

The Petcube Pet Camera is a smart Wi-Fi pet camera that comes with a built-in laser toy. Not only that you’re able to see or talk to your pet, but you can also play and have your pet do its exercises while you’re not home.

Thanks to the app on your phone, you can keep an eye on your cat/dog and enjoy the crisp 1080p HD video, day and night.

The Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera comes with two-way audio and night vision, sending you motion and sound alerts when it’s the case. You can use it with Alexa, which saves you the trouble of communicating with your pet in a complicated way. You can ask Alexa to do it for you, or set the device to auto-play mode.

What are the functions to use?

Truth be told, the Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera isn’t the subtlest pet camera. Not only that it’s a cube (hence, the name), but it also has a black front, which makes it anything but difficult to notice. It has a compact shape and stays in place, which makes up for the overall appearance. It’s an iconic shape, nevertheless.

The Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera is made to sit on a table/bookshelf, but you can also go with the tripod thread on the base for a more exciting display. It’s made with aluminum and hard plastic, taking the use and some scratching for a fair amount of time.

The Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera allows you to monitor your pet when you’re not home. It provides clear 1080p HD video, whereas the angle view is 138-degree wide, covering pretty well your home. You may check your pet even in dim light conditions since the Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera has night vision. In case you need more details, go ahead, and use the zooming functions.

It’s a two-way audio camera so you may speak to your pet, but also hear him bark or meow. It’s a fantastic feature to have on a pet camera, for sure.

One thing that many are going to enjoy is the ability to play with your pet while you’re away. The Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera comes with a built-in pet-safe laser, and you can control the laser movement within the app. You may also set it on auto-mode when you don’t have the time to play. It only makes the Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera more versatile and dependable. The laser is bright, but it’s safe for both human and animal eyes. The laser comes from the front, which may be a bit annoying if you decide to leave the Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera in your bedroom.

Since you power the Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera through USB-C, you may plug it easy and setting it up to the camera through the app (for iOS and Android).

Thanks to the free cloud video storage, you can rewind and replay the last four hours of video history recorded, without you needing a subscription. Don’t forget to get a subscription for multi-day 24/7 video history.

Does the installation run smooth? What about the app and the features?

You need to pair the camera through the Bluetooth and continue with the Wi-Fi details. It doesn’t come with Ethernet, so you need to use a wireless connection (it eases out the placement). Setting it up and connecting it with the app shouldn’ t last more than 10 minutes, though. You can get a notification on essential events at home and replay up to four hours of the activity. You may also download and share the videos at the same time.

The Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera handles both motion and sound detection, pushing notification to your phone when the function is on. It can save a recording to the cloud. If you still want the record but want the notifications to bother you, you may turn it on a quiet mode.

The app doesn’t just provide a platform for controlling your own Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera, but it works as a similar social network of pet cameras. It’s because the Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera lets you open it up to public access. Even if not all strangers may get into your home, you should give it a second thought.

With the Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera, you can also grab a photo and do it manually through the app, saving the images in the gallery.

As for the “play” function, we have mixed feelings. You shouldn’t expect laser-like precision, and you need to drag your finger around the screen and not tap it where you want it to aim. Needless to say, the visibility of the laser light on a bright shiny day isn’t high (make sure you pull down the drapes before you leave home).

Remember that you need 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, iOS 9.3, and higher or Android 5.1 and higher. You can use it with Alexa. You can also connect up to 6 cameras to your account, keeping an eye on your home while you’re away.

What do we like the most about the Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera?

Petcube smart pet Camera


We know that the Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera isn’t all roses and rainbows (no camera is), there are many positive things that we should highlight:

  • It has a compact, durable, and easy to install body
  • It’s made with high-quality materials
  • The images are clear and crisp
  • It’s a two-way sound camera, with good quality for the sound at both ends
  • Installation and use are a breeze
  • The laser is bright, but safe for both human and animal eyes
  • It helps you play with your pet when you’re not home
  • It includes night vision
  • You can get notifications on your phone when something is wrong
  • It’s compatible with Alexa

Should you change your mind over the minor issues?

The parts we like less aren’t deal-breakers, but it’s fair that we list them too:

  • The audio could be improved
  • There may be some connectivity issues
  • It’s not the best looking pet camera

Is it a “yes” or a “no”?

The Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera is a great device to have when you’re not at home with your pet. You can see, talk, and listen to your pet, without worrying too much about installation or setting it up. On top of everything else, it keeps your pet active throughout the day, which is enough of a reason for you to buy it.

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