Outdoor Speakers With Bass Reviews

Best Outdoor Speakers With Good Bass

Installing an outdoor TV becomes useless if you’re not using the right set of outdoor speakers. The first thing to pay attention to before even thinking about buying some outdoor speakers is the level of noise in your backyard. Do you have loud neighbors? Are there any pets or kids making plenty of noise all day long? The minute you make an idea about the level of noise outside your home, you may continue. And this doesn’t mean buying but doing a bit of research about the features and qualities that good outdoor speakers should come with.

What to look for in outdoor speakers?

Even though some features are rather intuitive, let’s be meticulous about it and highlight the most important ones:

  • The build

No matter if you’re planning to get outdoor speakers with or without bass, it’s mandatory that they have a “bullet-proof” build. The outdoor speakers have to take all sorts of environmental conditions (dust, wind, heat, rain, erosion and frost) therefore you should get the ones made for that kind of weather. Play it safe and place them under sheltered areas even if they’re all-weather conditions as moist may leak into the speakers, damaging them.

what to look for in outdoor speakers

  • The sound environment and space

Where you’re going to install the speakers is really important for their performance. For instance, single-point outdoor speakers go great in a large outdoor environment. For a smaller outdoor space, some ceiling or floor standing speakers are going to work a lot better. you should always choose the type of outdoor speakers according to the size of your outdoor space.

  • Don’t forget about the wiring

There are plenty of options when it comes to wiring: silver, stranded, copper, burial wire, flat, oxygen-free copper. Each of the types comes with good and bad things so do due diligence on this matter as well. Just to give you a hint, copper is very cheap, whereas the silver one sits on the pricey area for wiring.

  • The design

No matter how functional an outdoor speaker is, you should still get one that you fancy. No matter if you go with subtle or attractive models, they should also fit great into your décor, without sacrificing the sound performance.

  • The type of music

The type of music you like to hear also counts when choosing your outdoor speakers. If the music is rather concentrated on the bass effects, you’re going to want to select an outdoor speaker that brings out the best of your music.

One last tip to keep in mind

Finding the right spot for your outdoor speaker is going to be fundamental for its performance. You really need to analyze all the possibilities and even have a talk with a professional. No matter how great your outdoor speaker with bass sounds in store, it may disappoint you at home simply because it’s placed in a lousy spot.

Reviews of the Top 9 Outdoor Speakers for Bass

 1. Yamaha NS-AW150WH 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Just because you’re going shopping on a tight budget, doesn’t mean you should come back home empty-handed. As a matter of fact, the market is so generous that you may find reliable and good quality speakers for even less money than you’d think. The Yamaha NS-AW150WH 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers perfectly fits the bill as they’re dependable and affordable altogether.

For just one price, you get one pair of 2-way indoor/outdoor speakers that allow both vertical and horizontal mounting.

The speakers present an acoustic-suspension design which is going to provide clear sound and taut, with controlled bass response. They come with 120 watts’ maximum power capacity and 35 watts nominal.

Each of the speakers uses a 5-in high-compliance, polypropylene, mica-filled woofer and .5in PEI dome tweeter. The drivers are optimized, giving more rigidity but low mass, which explains the high sensitivity. The acoustic-suspension cabinets are sealed, preventing undue resonance or tuneless bass (typically caused by the low-cost ported designs).

You may take the speakers inside your home in which case you should improve their performance with a subwoofer for deeper and stronger bass. The treble is clean and the speakers can get very loud.

The speakers are magnetically shielded so you may place them on or near a video monitor/TV without stressing over the picture degradation from the magnetic fields. They’re also water-resistant and able to take the various weather conditions due to the sealed enclosure and tough metal grilles.

Coming with mounting bases and brackets, the speakers are truly a nice surprise for the money.

  • They are 2-way indoor/outdoor speakers
  • The bass is strong and the treble is clean
  • They present an acoustic-suspension design which explains the clean sound
  • They have a good build and are magnetically shielded
  • They’re a bit big and clunky
  • You’re going to need a subwoofer for loud bass inside your home

Be that as it may, the speakers are a great addition for any outdoor area and keep in mind that beggars can’t be choosers so expect some minor flaws as well.

 2. Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers (Pair)

Don’t let the size and appearance of the Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers mislead you as the speakers are a solid choice for the outdoor.

The Atrium Series Speakers stand out with their performance and build. The anodized aluminum tweeter domes feature rubber surrounds, handling the elements pretty well. They’re very easy to mount and the tweeter phase cap provides frequency response from 12Khz to 20KHz. The broad coverage baffle design helps the speakers cover a big outdoor space, whereas the steeply-angled baffle improves critical mid and high-frequency dispersion over a big area, with no loss of the detail.

The design is smart and the Speed-Lock mounting system ensures easy and safe one-handed mounting even in challenging areas. They come with aluminum grilles and bracket, stainless steel and brass hardware, which never ruts. The 5-way binding posts are gold-plated, providing secure and reliable hookups.

The speakers come with a mineral-filled polypropylene cabinet design which has a durability feel to it.

The outdoor speakers look good and can handle the elements throughout the year just fine.

  • There are anodized aluminum tweeter domes with rubber surrounds
  • They ensure frequency response from 12KHz up to 20KHz
  • The broad coverage baffle design is good for covering large open space
  • They’re easy to mount and handle the elements just fine
  • They may not take the use for a great amount of time
  • Some think they don’t provide enough volume

Easy to install, subtle and reliable for outdoor use, the speakers are a solid option to remember and quite the bang for your buck.

 3. Yamaha NS-AW294WH Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way Speakers

Combining the high sound quality and the weatherproofing, the Yamaha NS-AW294WH Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way Speakers are a nice surprise for the money.

The outdoor speakers are easy to mount and present a two-way bass-reflex design. The strong woofer provides precise mid/low-frequency response, whereas the balanced dome tweeter sustains the clear high-frequency response. They give good bass mid and treble and the sound is crisp clean. There’s no distortion and the volume is impressive considering their size.7

The brackets are sturdy and allow various mounting options. The speakers come with powder-coated grilles with amazing weatherproof abilities.

The cabinets are a drip, water and UV resistant. The speakers don’t fade out from the sun and their simple design fits any décor.

The speakers work for both indoor and outdoor use and provide a nice bass, indoor and outdoor.

  • The speakers are good for indoor and outdoor use
  • They provide a nice bass and no distortion
  • The brackets are sturdy and allow various types of mounting
  • They’re lightweight and fit any décor
  • Some noticed the faceplates rusting sooner than expected
  • They may work better for a small patio area

Beggars can’t be choosers and the outdoor speakers do make it a solid choice for a patio, providing nice bass and everything else.

 4. Bluetooth 5.25 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Patio Speakers

If you’re looking for wireless outdoor speakers for your garden, the Bluetooth 5.25 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Patio Speakers are a solid option to try.

The speakers come with a long-range V3.0 Bluetooth Technology and the 30W high-efficiency Class D Amplifier is going to give nice sound for the outdoor area of your house.

The speaker is just the perfect wireless choice for patio and deck speakers, pool speakers and even Outdoor Home Theater speakers.

They present a weatherproof design and the appealing black cabinet fits any outdoor décor. The highs, mids and bass are great and the speaker provides a clean treble too. The thump is decent and the speaker is a good value for the money.

  • They’re wireless and come with V3.0 Bluetooth technology
  • The highs, mids and bass are good
  • They have a weatherproof design
  • They fit nicely in any outdoor décor
  • The on/off switch is on the back which makes the use a bit weird
  • Some think they’re too heavy

As long as you stay focused on the goods, you should be pretty happy with the speakers you get, especially considering the affordable price.

 5. Definitive Technology AW 5500 Outdoor Speaker

The Definitive Technology AW 5500 Outdoor Speaker is a good investment of your money and it sure brings plenty of good things to the table.

The single outdoor speaker is designed and made to handle all weather conditions. It comes with 5.25-in BDSS cast basket bass/mid driver and 5x8in pressure-driven low-bass radiator. The frequency response ranges between 45Hz and 30Khz.

Equipped with one 1in pure aluminum dome tweeter, the speaker stands out with its fully sealed designed and aluminum grilles. It has tough PolyStone enclosures and may be entirely exposed to the elements. It features built-in galvanized steel brackets and a special shape that provides 360 degrees of rotation. You may actually orient the active drivers toward the listening area. You’re going to enjoy clear mids when you’re pointing the active driver baffle towards you, while the Low-Bass radiator is going to side face the wall/ground.

The highs and lows are great and the bass isn’t bad at all either.

The clear sound with no distortion whatsoever and the nice ergonomics turn this speaker into a valid option any given day.

  • It’s a single all-weather speaker
  • The highs, lows and bass are great
  • It comes with built-in galvanized steel brackets
  • It looks very nice
  • Some note it needs a break-in period
  • One may want even more bass at low volume

In a nutshell, the outdoor speaker isn’t just good looking or water-resistant, but also very reliable in terms of highs, lows and bass.

 6. Klipsch AWR-650-SM Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

Easy to blend in any décor, the Klipsch AWR-650-SM Indoor/Outdoor Speaker are a great choice for any outdoor area. They present a two-way design and come so that you may play both left and right stereo signals with accuracy and clarity. In addition, you may wire the speaker for mono output so that several units are going to cover even and smooth a larger area.

The speaker also comes with dual voice coil polymer roofer and dual3/4-in polymer dome tweeters. It presents a long-lasting UV-resistant enclosure which makes it able to take the elements for a good amount of time.

The sound is true and crisp and the bass tones don’t disappoint. The speaker gives amazing sound at any volume, with pleasant balance and clarity.

Lightweight and smaller than expected, the speaker comes in granite or sandstone finish and seems very well made.

  • It comes with the two-way design and dual voice coil polymer roofer
  • It features a durable UV-resistant enclosure
  • The sound is crispy clear and the bass is great
  • It comes with a subtle design in granite or sandstone finish
  • Some would like more clarity
  • Not everyone fancies the design

Regardless of the minor issues, as it’s well made and nice looking, the outdoor speaker is definitely going to provide nice bass and sound for many outdoor areas.

 7. Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speaker

There are many things to like at the Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speaker and its balance and nice bass may be the main assets. This doesn’t mean that the speaker doesn’t bring other good things to the table.

By contrary, the speaker is an all-weather model that comes with 6.5in BDSS cast basket bass/mid driver and a 5.5x10in pressure-driven low-bass radiator.  This is going to provide more than double the bass output and the frequency response ranges between 40hz and 30kHz.

The weather-tight seal counts for impressive placement possibilities, reliability and overall performance. The entirely sealed design, aluminum grilles and tough PolyStone enclosure turn the speaker into a good option for outdoor use.

The built-in galvanized steel brackets and shape give the option for the full 360 degrees’ rotation. You may orientate the active drivers toward the current listening area. The mids, highs and bass sound amazing thanks to the active driver and the Low-Bass radiator. It gives plenty of volumes and includes no distortion whatsoever.

Simple, well-made and easy to take down for the winter, the speaker may surpass previous models.

  • The speaker provides nice mids, highs and amazing bass
  • It’s well balanced and there’s no distortion for the volume
  • It’s well made and simple
  • It’s easy to mount and to take down
  • It’s not weatherproof
  • It’s wiser to take it down for the winter

Even if the speaker isn’t all roses and rainbows, the speaker is a definite go when shopping for the outdoor area.

 8. Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers

Versatile and easy to install by the pool or on the workbench, the Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers are simply able to take all sorts of outdoor situations, without compromising in any way the quality of the sound that they provide.

Going further with the details, we notice the 5.25 in woofer in a proprietary multi-chamber enclosure that is going to create full and deep low frequencies, with only minor audio distortion.

It’s not only the build that is reliable but the design too. For instance, the articulated array speaker design ensures clear sounds in areas (basements or workshops). Let’s not forget to highlight that the aforementioned multi-chamber bass enclosure is going to provide very strong sound.

The casing of the speakers is made with water-resistant composite, which is why they’re able to take high heat or very cold weather. As a matter of fact, the speaker is able to take temperatures ranging between -22 to 140 degrees, but also snow and rain.

You may easily mount the speakers on the walls, connecting them to stereo components. Their design is compact and stylish and their weight says a lot about the high quality of the material.

The sound distribution is quite nice and most are going to love the bass as well. One thing is sure: the speakers are going to pass the durability test.

  • They’re easy to mount wherever you need
  • The sound distribution is nice and so is the bass
  • The casing is tough and the speakers have a nice design
  • They’re durable and handle both cold and hot weather
  • Some would like the bass to be deeper
  • One may expect smaller speakers

Be that as it may, the speakers sure don’t disappoint in terms of bass, overall performance or versatility of mounting.

 9. Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers

The more you’re willing to pay for your outdoor speakers, the more you should expect in terms of performance, build and durability. It’s the case of Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers that may put some in a pickle due to their price.

The speakers come with 4-1/4 full-range driver and their innovative radial design is the main reason for the impressive dispersion of sound. This special design ensures a 360degree pattern, whereas the centrally placed port is going to improve the low-frequency performance, for more depth and richness of the music outside your home.

The speaker is able to reproduce low-frequency notes for an amazing experience. The speakers need the power of 10-100watts. They ensure a nice dynamic range and a good bass response.

The build of the speakers definitely impresses. They come with a tough and flexible design, taking temperatures from -40 to 150F degrees. They even pass the salt fog test 66%longer than it is required by the Marine Industry Standard.

Due to their design, you may put the speakers in the ground or mount them to your deck. The base flange comes with mounting holes, easing the installation. The textured green enclosure is both durable and subtle, helping the speakers blend in any décor.

  • The speakers present a radial design for dispersing sound in a 360-degree pattern
  • The depth and richness of music is great and the bass is so nice
  • They come with a tough and flexible design
  • They’re built to take the use for a long time
  • They’re not the cheapest option
  • The base sounds better when the volume is up

Long story short, the speakers are going to provide great sound and bass throughout the seasons, for many years to come. What’s not to like about that?

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