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Best Thermostat for American Standard

No home will be comfortable to live in unless it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With a good thermostat, your home can provide you with the pleasant temperature you prefer, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

Additionally, a good thermostat can save s $50 a year on your energy bill. Some thermostats can save you even more than $100. Even if you go with a non-connected thermostat, you can reduce your energy bill.

What is the best thermostat for American Standard?

Acculink™ Platinum 1050 Control

Acculink Platinum 1050The American Standard Acculink Platinum 1050 is made to work with Nexia smart home system to ensure the benefits of a smart home. The thermostat comes with Voice Control, so you can easily adjust the temperature, lights, and small appliances. You will do it by voice commands with Amazon Echo.

The thermostat connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and has simplified scheduling. You may connect several devices to the thermostat’s built-in bridge (Built-in Z-Wave Bridge) to thoroughly enjoy the benefits of Nexia smart home systems with automation. The automation will help your smart devices run automatically, according to the specified conditions or time of the day. You will also be able to create and control more than 200 z-wave home automation devices. You may use it with third-party home automation controllers: Savant, Control4, AMX, and Crestron.

The versatility of the thermostat is excellent as you can use it with AccuLink Communicating and AccuComfort Variable Speed Systems.

The thermostat is zoning capable and offers 5-day weather forecasts, alerts, and radar. You can create up to4 daily cooling and heating schedules. Since it has a built-in humidity sensor, the thermostat will help you have nice warm air without getting too dry or humid.

Maintenance is effortless as the thermostat comes with maintenance and filter service reminder alerts and upgradeable software. It has a user-friendly 7″ color touchscreen and it’s easy to install. Many customers like it for its subtle profile as well.

We know the price may throw off some budget-oriented customers, but the thermostat is an excellent investment. Some say it’s a tad slow when booting up, but AccuLink Platinum 1050 Control is one of your home’s best American Standard models.

Gold 824 Control

The Gold 824 Control is another excellent thermostat from American Standard. The thermostat is compatible with traditional 24V central HVAC, dual fuel systems, and heat pumps. With this thermostat, you can decrease your heating and cooling system’s energy consumption. You can control the comfort in your home from miles away, from any internet-enabled device: smartphone, tablet, or computer. Additionally, you can remotely control the thermostat and more than 200 Z-wave products in your home as Gold 824 Control has a built-in Z-Wave Bridge (Nexia Home Intelligence Bridge).

Gold 824 ControlWith the Gold 824 Control, you can plan to detail up to four daily heating and cooling periods. Don’t worry about the air getting too humid or dry because the thermostat has an indoor relative humidity display. Make sure you check it from time to time and make the necessary adjustments for comfortable heat.

Another excellent function of the Gold 824 is the 5-day weather forecast and weather radar. You can schedule the indoor temperature according to the weather forecast.

The thermostat comes with upgradable software, so you don’t need to worry about the system being outdated. The 4.3″ color touchscreen is easy to read and use. If you have inquiries about using the Gold 824 Control, the American Standard customer service technicians will be more than happy to help.

Some customers initially reported a learning curve in using the thermostat, but that also happens because Gold 824 has many features and functions. The thermostat is Energy Star Certified and an excellent addition to your heating and cooling system at home.

Silver 402 Control

Silver 402 Control is a dependable model to consider if you’re looking for a traditional thermostat. It’s a pinpoint control with a push-button operation to save energy in your home.

Silver 402 ControlThe thermostat is a digital non-programmable model for 3Heat/ 2Cool/Heat Pump/ Heat-Cool low voltage (24VAC. It has a backlit LCD and easy to use keypad. You will be able to control the operation of heating, cooling, heat pump, and dual fuel systems. The thermostat has a straightforward configuration for heat pump or cooling only and gas or electric or dual heat projects through the Installer Setup menu.

Some of the Silver 402 Control’s features are independent heating and cooling setpoints, adjustable energy-saving mode, manual or auto changeover, outdoor temperature sensing, flexible filter reminder, and remote humidistat input. Your setup selections and diagnostics will be indefinitely stored in the thermostat memory, so battery backup is not needed.

The thermostat is easy to activate just at the touch of the button. The display is backlit and keys will illuminate for effortless nighttime reading. Additionally, the thermostat will automatically switch between heating and cooling to provide you with the comfort you need all year long. Silver 402 will also inform you of the weather conditions without you having to leave the house.

If you’re not tech-savvy or interested in having a smart home any time soon, you can play it safe with a traditional thermostat like American Standard 402 Control.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

A smart thermostat that many customers like having in their homes are Google Nest Learning Thermostat. The device eliminates the need for programming as it comes with Auto-Schedule. The thermostat will learn from you and your lifestyle and program independently.

Google Nest Learning ThermostatThanks to the Home/Away Assist, you won’t need to heat or cool your empty home and you will adjust the temperature every time you leave home. Google Nest Learning thermostat will give you all the information you need about your Energy History. You will see how much energy you use and be able to save more in time. Check out the Nest Leaf when you select a temperature that saves energy.

Needless to say, the thermostat ensures remote control through the Nest App. The thermostat’s versatility is excellent. You can use it with Alexa and Google Assistant and modify the temperature with your voice. The Nest comes with a big-, easy-to-read, bright display and metal finishes to easily match your home’s decorative style.

The thermostat has mobile notifications, so it needs working internet and Wi-Fi. The alerts will inform you of any possible problems with HVAC systems. The alerts are essential but cannot replace troubleshooting and servicing from a certified HVAC technician. Even if Nest can help you more accurately control the heating and cooling in your home, it cannot guarantee energy savings. Energy usage, weather, and various factors will come into place.

Some clients aren’t happy with the plastic plate of Nest, so they have replaced them with better-looking plates. Also, the risk for failure on cold nights isn’t null with a Nest thermostat. Even so, if you have a smart home and want remote control over the heating and cooling in your home, using the Nest thermostat is an excellent decision.

Ecobee smart thermostat with Voice Control

Another smart thermostat to try for your home is Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control. Once you start using this thermostat, you can save up to 26% annually on cooling and heating spending.

Ecobee smart thermostat with Voice ControlThe thermostat has a built-in occupancy sensor, which will automatically modify the temperature when you leave home. Once you return, the thermostat will restore the settings for excellent comfort. The Smart Sensor will significantly improve the comfort of the main rooms in your home. Additionally, the thermostat will automatically pause the heating and cooling every time you leave open a door or a window. However, you will need the Ecobee smart sensor for windows and doors and an intelligent security subscription.

Ecobee smart sensor with voice control is an award-winning thermostat that learns and adjusts to your lifestyle and routine. It balances your home’s temperature and decreases the strain on the electricity grid. It will also change for comfort in low or high humidity.

Even if Ecobee comes with many remote controls, you can also have a lot of manual configurations. The touch screen is full color and highly responsible. The sound is better than with other smart thermostats with voice control.

Some customers reported issues with connection to Amazon Alexa, but most customers are happy with their purchase. With a simple “Hey, Siri,” you can ask about the weather, control the temperature, set alarms, call your family to dinner, set reminders and alarms—all the usual commands you need with a smart home.

How to choose the thermostat in your home?

Most of us want to improve comfort at home and reduce energy spending. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is to install a thermostat, especially programmable models. Modern thermostats come with controls that let you set and adjust temperatures throughout the week to perfectly suit your lifestyle. New models will take comfort at home to a whole new level, improve the efficiency of the heating system, and reduce your energy bills.

What’s the right thermostat for the system?

Before selecting a thermostat, you have to know a bit about how the thermostat works with your HVAC system, as thermostats aren’t universal. For instance, a single-function mechanical thermostat is excellent for a furnace, but it won’t work with an air system with both cooling and heating functions. Here are some recommendations:

Heat pump

You can use the heat pump as an air conditioner or heat. You need a thermostat with B (dark blue) and O (orange) terminals to switch between the two functions.

Heating and cooling

A system with an outdoor compressor means you have a heat pump or a combination furnace and air conditioner. The thermostat has to have terminals to control every function separately. Typically, it’s labeled W (white) for heat and Y (yellow) for cooling.

Two-stage heating and cooling

Many air systems are two-stage heating and cooling to lower energy use. It would help if you had thermostats with W2 and Y2 terminals.

Auxiliary or emergency heating

If you need a thermostat to control auxiliary heating, it has an X, AUX terminal, and one that controls the emergency heat function with an E terminal.

Identify the type of thermostat for your heating and air system

You cannot buy a thermostat without knowing which type suits your heating and cooling system. Once you know the type of heating and air system you have in your home, look for a compatible thermostat. The most widely spread type is the central heating and AC system, but people also use electric baseboards, furnaces, and heat pumps.

The available types of thermostats to choose from are:


The programmable thermostat can be set to modify up and down automatically throughout the day. You will have one worry less as the thermostat will make the changes according to your specific needs and preferences.

Digital non-programmable

Such a thermostat means you must manually change it during the day, according to the fluctuating temperatures.


The manual thermostat resembles the digital non-programmable type but comes with an LCD for effortless operation.


You may connect the thermostat to your home’s internet service through a hub. As a result, you can remotely control it from your smart-enabled device (phone, laptop, or tablet).


It’s the most advanced type of thermostat. It’s a new generation thermostat similar to programmable models, but it eliminates the need for manual programming. As you use the learning thermostat, it learns from your preferences and habits. Such thermostats come with many impressive features, such as turning down automatically when you’re not home and offering energy reports. You can remotely control them and connect them to Wi-Fi.

Select the programming options

If you decide to have a programmable thermostat, you have several aspects to consider. You can customize the thermostat with a wide range of programming possibilities. For example, you can get one with a 7-day programming option so you can set a specific temperature every day. The 5-1-1 programming option is also available. With this option, you can have a one-weekday program and particular programs for Saturday and Sunday. There’s also the 5-2 programming, with one for weekdays and one for the weekend. The 1-week program is also standard and it lets you set the thermostat for an entire week at a time.

Every option comes with specific periods and you may have a particular temperature at different times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, etc.).

Check out the wiring

Many thermostats, innovative models included, require a power source independent from the one controlling the HVAC system to run their functions. Typically, the power is supplied through the standard or C wire—either blue or black. When the new thermostat needs a standard wire, you need to install the new wire or pick another model of the thermostat. Some thermostats come with a power adapter to connect the C wire to a regular power receptacle.

Modern HVAC systems come with variable-speed motors and work with specialty thermostats requiring professional installation. Don’t forget to examine the voltage at which the system will operate. The 24 Volts is the most common voltage, but some systems run on mini volts. If you have a baseboard heating system, the chances are you will need a line-voltage thermostat.

See that it fits on the wall

You want the new thermostat to fit in the exact location, so you don’t need to worry about wiring. If the home is zoned, every zone will have its thermostat and you will need to buy several thermostats.

Hire HVAC technicians for the installation

Hire certified installation technicians to ensure everything goes fine from beginning to end. If you don’t correctly install the thermostat, you risk experiencing various issues:

  • HVAC system malfunctions
  • Decreased comfort (poor wiring can cause cold or warm air)
  • Pricey repairs
  • Useless high monthly energy bills



Are thermostats universal?

Thermostats are not universal. The kind of thermostat you select depends on your HVAC system and when the system was installed. Thermostats vary by the voltage level they run on, the hiring they come with, and the HVAC components they can adjust. Some thermostats will only work with a specific device, whereas others will control several devices and multi-stage heating and cooling.

Are thermostats battery-powered?

Many thermostats run on batteries, whereas others use power from the HVAC system or the home’s electrical system. The traditional thermostats, digital or programmable, with dials, run on AA or AAA alkaline batteries, a 9-volt battery, or a button-style 3V lithium battery.

We recommend you change the thermostat battery yearly on a scheduled date. Many people choose to do it on the first day of fall.

Are thermostats easy to replace?

If you want to replace the thermostat, we advise you to look at the current wiring. If you see only two wires, buying a replacement with a battery-powered display is the easiest method. Some full-featured devices will need power from a third wire, so we recommend you contact an electrical or HVAC contractor.

How long does the thermostat last?

Most thermostats will last for a decade, but the model, type, and brand will impact their lifespan. In time, thermostats will wear out and start malfunctioning due to wiring problems, rusting, and dust accumulation.

Can you use two thermostats to control one zone?

In theory, you can use two thermostats to control one HVAC zone. With proper installation, setting, and usage, you can use two devices for one room. Connecting more than one thermostat to just one HVAC unit is possible.

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