Creative Home Automation

Creative Home Automation Using Electric Actuators   

Automation has confidently moved from industrial applications to our homes. Home automation is a relatively new concept that has become possible thanks to 12v actuators. This actuator type is most frequently used for the purposes of home automation.

Linear 12v actuators are used everywhere in a smart home:

  • They activate security systems;
  • They are used in recliner chairs;
  • They move automated TV lifts;
  • They made an automated kitchen spices rack possible;
  • They are widely used for all types of automated doors, and many more things.

It seems that you can find an electric actuator everywhere, in every automatic system in your home. Let us have a look at some home automation systems and check whether this impression is correct.

A Recliner Seat

A recliner seat is something that you will not see in any household. These chairs are used to assist people to get up and sit down. Normally, those are people that have some movement-related health issues or pain in the back, and similar. Such a chair can be brought into the needed position by a single button push.

You can buy any chair and automate it. For that, install an actuator system into the chair footrest. Make sure you choose an actuator that can lift the chair weight and the weight of the person and keep the entire construction in the needed position reliably. It is unacceptable if somebody falls when using the chair.

Make sure the electric actuator moves with the top accuracy level. Every millimeter matter, thus, check the movement and positioning accuracy of the item.

TV Lifts

These items are growing in popularity. This item is convenient, stylish, and now, it is possible to build it with the application of a linear actuator.

There are two types of TV lifts:

  • A popup;
  • A dropdown.

A popup one is usually installed in a drawer or a desk or any other piece of furniture. It can be moved out and then back in with an actuator. Such TV lifts are also called motorized TV lifts.

Dropdown lifts lower the TV from the ceiling and move it up. This type of TV lifts is more complicated than pop up one.

To build any of the systems, you need to have some skills and knowledge in the technical field. When choosing an actuator system for your TV lifts, consider such important factors as TV weight and the distance at which the actuator will move your TV.  As an option, you can use a pre-build lifts system. such an option is still cheaper as the ready one, and installing it is much easier than building everything from scratch.

Kitchen Rack for Spices

An automated kitchen rack is a dream of every housewife. A spice rack is one of the most creative inventions for the kitchen. It is usually mounted on a counter. It pops up from a cutout section on the counter surface.

Automated kitchen rackYou can use the same principle to make an automated rack for a kitchen TV, cutlery, or any other kitchen appliances. Install it where you find it convenient and vary its size depending on what you will use it for.

Such a rack has an opening in its center. There, you fix an electric actuator. A switch and a power source (in this case, it is common to use a battery) are hidden somewhere behind the door. The main thing is that they are not seen.

Automation of Garage Doors

A garage must have automated doors. Everybody who has a car knows this experience: you need to take a car during heavy rain or a snowstorm. And then, you need to close and lock the garage door. If you have an automated garage door, things are much easier.

Needless to mention that an automated door is safer than a common one. It is especially important if your garage is not a part of your home.

Garage doors have very varied designs, sizes, shapes. But the variety of linear actuators allows us to automate any door. It is complicated to do it on your own if you are not a specialist. Thus, you might need to hire somebody to ensure its proper operation in the future.

Automated Windows

Automating windows is a relatively simple task. All you need to do is to buy a suitable actuator system and to install it. The system type is determined depending on the type of your window. However, the standard requirements shall be considered such as:

  • Weight of the window;
  • Location of the actuator;
  • Stroke length.
  • For outdoor applications, you need a waterproof actuator.

You might want to ass sensors to complement the actuator system. Then, your window will open and close depending on the weather: sunshine, rain, snow.

Height-Adjustable Desks

Even though standing desks have been known for centuries, they are becoming increasingly accepted again just now. Height-adjustable desks are an improvement of traditional standing desks.

As you can guess from the name, a height-adjustable desk allows you to adjust its height. You can use it as a normal desk or as a standing desk. This desk type is known to bring a lot of benefits to health.

Making an adjustable desk is not complicated. There are many actuator systems developed especially for adjustable desks. You can choose either your own desktop or buy one in a set with the actuator system.

Final Thoughts

Electric actuators are used in every automated system in your home. They do not produce noise which is very convenient. Electric actuators are safe, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-operate. These features allow them to be used widely in all walks of our lives.

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